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360 Degree Beamsteering into Ground for Wirelessly Charging Underground Sensors

Coleman Alvarez
Hoseon Lee

3D Printed Lab Equipment for Mechanical Vibrations Courses

Galilea Rosas Guzman, Kennesaw State University

3D Visualization of Fresh Water Landscapes at High Spatial Resolution

Tristan Bollenbaugh

A Claw Mechanism Built by Thermally Actuated Muscles

Rihan Mammen
Kyra Maldonado
Bethany White
Christina Wills
James Balbuena

A Comparison of Crash Factors between Georgia and the Southern District

Clarissa Freeman
Sunanda Dissanayake

A Divisive Community Design: Atlanta Public Investments and Residential Displacements

Honiya Jackson

A Little Bit of Love in a World Full of Information: The Discussion of Mental Health Through the Rehearsal Process of Caryl Churchill's Love and Information

Cecillia Delanuez

A major regulator of germline transcription, LSL-1, contributes to developmental defects when histone methylation is inappropriately inherited

Benjamin Nguyen, Kennesaw State University
Sarah Blancher, Kennesaw State University
Brandon Carpenter, Kennesaw State University

A Mass Spectrometry Study to Monitor the Conformation Change of Protein in Deep Eutectic Solvent

Anusha Bhattarai
Mohammad A. Halim

A Method for Evaluating Player Experience with a Game Prototype

Emily Carol Espinoza
Anaiya Tucker
Henrik Warpefelt

A Multicultural Microbial Masque

Klaudya Hernandez
Jaynie Adams
Eithar Mirghani
Rachel Buchli
Sarah Joie Wilson
Ashley Ayala
Ramya Rajagopalan
Faith Arends

Changed "Fatih" to "Faith" (student author name misspelled)

A Non-Invasive Diagnostic Tool : Using Near-infrared Spectroscopy to Assess Microvascular Oxygen Metabolism in Muscles of Older Adults

Saba Mabood, Kennesaw State University
Jaden Causey, Kennesaw State University
Paul Lee, Kennesaw State University

A Performance Comparison Between NASA-TLX and SURG-TLX Workload Measurements

Isabella Duque

A Random Graph Algorithm for Modeling Social Networks

Ryan Parker

A Research on the Criteria for Dividing Regular Fans and Die-hard Fans of Professional Sports


A Smart Illicit Water Discharge Monitoring System

Cole Myers

A Study of IoT-Optimized Low Power Asset Tracking with Cloud-enabled LoRaWAN

Fatima Salman, Kennesaw State University

A Study of Optimal Parameter Selections in LPWAN-enabled IoT Environments.

Ricardo Vazquez

Ab initio Calculations of Vibrational Spectra of Model Peptides

Katheryn Foust
Martina Kaledin

Abolition Disguised as National Interest: Parliamentary Evangelicals and the Abolishment of the British Slave Trade

Carson McCullough

Abstract fo Symposium: Battle of Quiberon Bay

Armando Irizarry-Vazquez

Activity of MKNK2 Isoforms Studied by Phosphorylation with p38a-MAPK

Aamna Aijaz, Kennesaw State University
Irina Padilla, Kennesaw State University
Kacy Smith, Kennesaw State University

Actuation of Corkscrew Swimming Motion in Soft-Millirobots at Varying Frequencies

Dal Hyung Kim
Jordan Scurry
Jessica Trinh
Christophe Bulang

Acute Effect of a Multi-Ingredient Pre-Workout Supplementation on Power Expression Through a High-Intensity Functional Training Workout

Britton Rellinger
Colton Sheetz
Christopher Staples
Jacob Fanno
Ashley Hines
James Henley
Wysmark Chaves
Ian Burks
Holden Young
Jacob Grazer
Tiffany Esmat
John McLester
Gerald Mangine

Acute Effect of a Pre-Workout Supplement on Energy Expenditure During CrossFit® Workouts

Colton Sheetz
Britton Rellinger
Christopher Staples
Jacob Fanno
Jacob Grazer
Tiffany Esmat
John McLester
Gerald Mangine

Acute Effects of a Brisk Walk on Muscle Function and Balance in Females

Melanie Antonio

Addressing Challenges of Cybersecurity Education and Research

Aryan Patel

Advanced Biomedical Laboratory (ABL) Synergy with Communication, Robotics, and IoT

Razvan Cristian Voicu
Steven Steele
Jorge Diaz Rodriguez
Yusun Chang
Chan Ham

Advances in Bounding the Behavior of Neural Networks

Richard Borowski

Agreeability of ActiGraph and activPal 4™ Measures of Vigorous Activity

Hannah Sandstrom
Barry Francis, Kennesaw State University
Alyssa Thomas, Kennesaw State University
Sthefany Diaz Orduz, Kennesaw State University
Bre Mcdonald, Kennesaw State University
Sophia Ramirez, Kennesaw State University

AI for Lighting Tunnels

David Garcia-Ramos

An Analytical Model to Quickly Estimate Battery Capacity and Predict the Remaining Useful Life of Lithium-Ion Batteries

Michael Woodall
Braeden Arnold
Tanya Mudrik
Taylor Shurns
Beibei Jiang

Analysis of Gun Powder Using Principal Component Analysis, Infrared Spectroscopy, External Standard Method, GC/MS

Brandon Carr
Christopher Dockery

Analysis of Honeypots in detecting Tactics, Techniques, and Procedure (TTP) changes in Threat Actors based on Source IP Address

Carson Reynolds
Andy Green

Analysis of Molecules secreted during Myxococcal Predation on Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Rachel Buchli
Ramya Rajagopalan, Kennesaw State University
Mohammad A. Halim, Kennesaw State University

Analysis of Multi-Activation Layers in Neural Network Architectures

Jaskirat Sohal
Braden Stonehill, Kennesaw State University

Analyzing the Effectiveness of Helmet Laws in Reducing Motorcycle Fatalities in the United States: A State-Level Study in 2020

Liz Furlow

Animation and Fantasy in Film & Television: Three Women Writers Who Turned Fairy Tales into Reality

Montes Montes de Oca

Antiviral-Cell Penetrating Peptide Conjugate as Leads for Targeting the Main Protease of SARS-CoV-2

Md Ackas Ali
Mohammad A. Halim

Aphra Behn and Mary Astell: Feminist Icons of Eighteenth-Century Britain

Deiah Brue

Application of an Underwater Drone, Laser Scanner and 3D Printing in Water Research

Keely Gerety

Assaying Stress Related Hormones to Study Emotions

Corene Fuller, Kennesaw State University
Sahil Bardai, Kennesaw State University

Assesing Flight Performance for Gamers and Non-Gamers Using a Flight Rubric

Jeffery Felshaw
Jelan Jose
Asia Douglas

Assessing Student Engagement with an Open Educational Resources in Technical Communication: A Case Study Using Google Analytics

Jonathan Arnett
Rory Weldon

Auto-ethnography as a Tool for Community Engaged Research with Immigrant Populations

Jair Robles, Kennesaw State University

Automated Thought-to-Text Conversion Through Automated Brainwave Signal Annotation

Christopher Dargan, Kennesaw State University
Md Abdullah Al Hafiz Khan, Kennesaw State University

Avoiding Re-Traumatization and Healthcare Avoidance in Women with MRKH Syndrome

Danielle Podolin

Awareness and Utilization of Food Resources in KSU Students

Jenna Doran

Behavior Analysis of Cement Concrete with Combination of Waste Plastic and Glass

Mohamad Alamayreh

Behavior Analysis of Cement Concrete with Combination of Waste Rubber and Glass

Abdulaziz Alebra

Behavior Imaging System of Fruit Flies (Drosophila melanogaster) in a Standard Food Vial

Oluwatobi Sanni
Matthew Ackerman

Bioethics and African American Men: Lessons Learned

Maygui Jean
Evelina W. Sterling
Tyler Collette

Biomedical Sensing - A Sensor Fusion Approach for Improved Medical Detection and Monitoring

Ammy Ovando
Ricardo Ramirez
Steven Steele
Amir Ali Amiri Moghadam
Yusun Chang
Razvan Voicu

Biomimetic Locomotion of a Hexapod Robot based on fire ant’s gait motion

Kalev Martinson, Kennesaw State University
William Marks, Kennesaw State University
Erick Yu, Kennesaw State University

Bis(difluoroborylamidinates) with Flexible Ethylene Bridges as Bifunctional Aggregation-Induced Emitters

Connor Welch

Blockchain and Ethereum

Daniel Chen, Kennesaw State University
Parker Arneson, Kennesaw State University
Mathew Uliasz, Kennesaw State University
Noah Dillard, Kennesaw State University

Building Capacity through Training for Nursing Curriculum Evolution in Vietnam

Diya Patel

But What is Troy: Art in Queer Mourning

Ian Lamasney

Camera-based Hand Tracking as Unrestrained Input System

Jessica Susanto, Kennesaw State University
Timothy Walter Rush Jr, Kennesaw State University

Cardiovascular Disease in the Active Service: Incidence Rates and Implications for Intervention

Sophie R. Vincent

Case Study: Emma Chamberlain

victoria vega

Censorship in Early Childhood: Analyzing Banned Latinx Picture Books

Jennifer Perez-Castellanos, Kennesaw State University
Grace Soto, Kennesaw State University

Changing Norms of Masculinity In England

Corey Handley

Chemical Synthesis of Enamelin Peptide For Tooth Enamel Mimetics and Repair

Amal Samih
Mohammad Halim

Chemical Synthesis of Proline-rich and Glutamine-rich Peptides from Amelogenin for Biomimetic Tooth Repair

Amnah Alchalabi
Mohammad Halim

Choices for Family Growth: Infertility to Adoption

Daezha Jackson
Meghan Salain

Classification and Comparative Analysis of In-Hospital Suicidal Behaviors of Patients Using Neural Networks And NLP Techniques

Manohar Murikipudi, Kennesaw State University
Abm. Adnan Azmee, Kennesaw State University
Md Abdullah Al Hafiz Khan, Kennesaw State University

Classifying Variable Stars from Stellar Light Curve Data

Ryan Parker

Community Resilience: Conducting A Tornado Risk Assessment for Oklahoma City, Oklahoma​

Chanice Brown

Comparative Analysis between Vaccine Hesitancy and Rural vs Non-Rural Counties in the South-East Region

Shelsea Ruiz
Lucy Lansdowne

Comparing Brain Waves Before and After a Simple Task

Lamar LaTella
Alexis Newman, Kennesaw State University

Comparing the Self-Efficacy of Weight Management in Young Adults

Tamara Sutherland

Comparison of MKNK2 Isoform Levels in Normal and Cancer Cells

Vanessa Phan
Alexander Silva

Conducting a Program Evaluation for a Community-Engaged Scholar Network

Alexis McCray

Confocal Imaging of Cell-to-Cell Interactions Between Myxococcus xanthus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1

Sarah Joie Beauvais
Ramya Rajagopalan, Kennesaw State University

Connecting Food Through Social Media: A Case Study of Joshua Weissman

Delena Phan

Counting Arithmetic Progressions Among Perfect Squares

Travis Dunn
Tsz Chan, Kennesaw State University

Creating Sustainability Within Prosthetics Using Hemp and Recyclable Materials

Wisdom Tonge

Crime in Los Angeles

Cierra Hughley

Crime, Class, and Society in Eighteenth-Century England

William Vaughn

Damage to Nanoscale Semiconductor Wires from Ultrashort Laser Pulses

Younos Hashem
Jeremy R. Gulley

Data Analysis and Visualization in COVID-19 Worldwide Variants Study

Gary Xue
Abhimanyu Malik

Daylighting in Buildings: Investigating the Relationship between Daylight Levels and Building Compactness in House Types

Logan Smith

Daylighting in Buildings: Sustainable Design Strategies for Building Floorplates

Joah Massey
Ermal Shpuza PhD, Kennesaw State University

Daylighting in Buildings: Sustainable Design Strategies for Building Floorplates

Andrew Welch

Death Coping: Effects of Computer Mediated Communication in Final Conversations

Laura Flores Sanchez

“Defining a Woman”: The Impact Galatea Served for Early Modern Period Women

Brisa Mendez

Design and Development of a Solar Module Health Monitoring Device

Elijah Madaris
Christopher Baden
Sandip Das

Design and Development of Remote Operated and Soft Biomimetic Amphibious Mud Skipper (A.R.O.M.S.)

Rafel Juarez
Sungchan Cho
Ulysses Lupercio
Kevin Tran
Lucas Schwenck
Connor Talley

Design and Fabrication of an Infrared Imaging Setup for Solar Cell Defect Detection

Mason Valles

Design and Synthesis of Indolicidin and Temporin Peptide Analogues to inhibit the Main Protease of SARS-CoV-2

Jack Corcoran
Hunter Hambrick
Mohammad A. Halim

Design and Synthesis of Peptides Based Sunscreen

W. Nolan Hale
Mohammad Halim

Design of a High Vacuum Chamber and Microwave Fabry-Perot Cavity Resonator Using Torispherical Cap Mirror

Varunkrishnan Raghuraman
Siam Sarower

Design of a Soft Hand Prosthesis For Amputees With a Deep Learning Vision-Based Manipulation System

Noah Clark

Designing a Virtual Reality Prototype for Designers: A Model for Accessibility Testing

Vignesh Mullaguru
Laura Palmer

Designing Small Peptide Analogues to inhibit the Spike Protein of SARS-CoV-2

Grace Kurniawan
Ryan Faddis
Mohammad Halim

Detecting Bacterial and Viral Pneumonia in Chest X-Ray Images Using Deep Learning

Burak Kure

Detecting Early Stage Knee Osteoarthritis Using Deep Transfer Learning

Lokesh Meesala
Md Abdullah Al Hafiz Khan

Development of a Fish Robot Equipped with Novel 3D-Printed Soft Bending Actuators

Steven Steele
Jorge Diaz Rodriguez
Sharun Sripathy
Turaj Ashuri
Saleh Gharaie, Deakin University, Australia
Yusun Chang
Amir Ali Amiri Moghadam

Development of a Post-Adoption Survey to Improve Dog Adoption Success

Hailey Fussell
Madison Martin
Meighan Rueden
Suma Mallavarapu
Allison Martin

Development of a Wi-Fi Enabled Low-Cost Radiation Detection Device

Nicholas DeSpain
Jack Avant
Nathan Kirkwood
Dylan Webb
Davyn Armas
Arin Phadke
Alejandro Hidalgo
Anna Zharikov
Akinbanji Ladipo
Sandip Das

Development of Robotic Hand with Novel Soft 3D Printed Actuators

Kyra Magee
Mingxuan Yu

Digital Picture to Minecraft Mural

Branden Chen

Distribution of Micropredators in the Longleaf Pine Soil Microbiome

Faith Arends
Eithar Mirghani

Does a Brisk Six Minute Walk Cause Upper Body Fatigue in Females

Kaden Buford, Kennesaw State University

Does End-of-Life Communication With Parents Impact Self-Esteem and Relational Satisfaction?

Ella Smith

Drivers' Decision Making and Behaviors in Self- Driving Cars

Katie Miller
Jimena Flores
Anna Lindsey
Brockton Miller
Lilee Atkins
Sara Maduro
Sarah Weeks

Early Stage or Curable Cancer Diagnoses in Minorities: A Journey of Survivors

Lora Asberry

Effect of Proteasome Inhibitors on the African Trypanosome

Portia Smith

Effect of removing Pityopsis Nervosa on the Soil Bacterial Microbiome of a Longleaf Pine Ecosystem

Olivia Walker
Rylee Shaw
Isabella Vahle
Van Par
Dylan Bennet

Effect of Substance Abuse on Evoked Response Potentials

Alexis Newman
Lamar LaTella

Effect of Virtual Dementia Tour on Prelicensure Student Nurses’ Attitudes Towards Dementia Care: A Quantitative Study Protocol

Kevin Alton

Effective Adsorption of Radioactive Iodine by Fabrication of Porous Composite Materials

Kaylee Funk, Kennesaw State University
Bharat Baruah, Kennesaw State University

Effects of Background Music on Episodic Memory in Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Savannah Cato
Beth Suranie
Michelle Khandadash
Sidni Justus

Elucidating Raman Spectra of Molecules Through Ab Initio Classical Molecular Dynamics Simulations

Oluwaseun Omodemi
Martina Kaledin

Embark on a "Journey": A Case Study of Recruiting and Retaining Honors Students in Teacher Education Majors

Mary Watts
Misaki Onohara

EMP National Threat Profile

Micah Holston, Kennesaw State University

Employee Attrition: Analyzing Factors Influencing Job Satisfaction of IBM Data Scientists

Graham Nash

Encrypted Malicious Network Traffic Detection Using Machine Learning

Ishitha Vallurupalli

Encrypted Malicious Network Traffic Detection Using Machine Learning

Khoa Nguyen
Liang Zhao

Encrypted Malicious Network Traffic Detection Using Machine Learning

Niklas Knipschild

Endogenous levels of MKNK2 Isoforms in Normal and Cancer Cell Lines

Anthony Stefanie
Michele Diaz

Energy Storage Systems Using 2D Carbon Based Nanocomposites as Electrodes

Jake Irvin
Ava Giffen
Jacob DiLeonardi

Energy, Compute, and Communication optimized system of dynamic V2X enabled mobile robot swarm for work zone safety

Kaleb Key

Enhancing Prelicensure Nursing Students' Knowledge of Dementia Care through the Virtual Dementia Tour: A Quantitative Study Protocol

Allisa George

Environmental and Biotic Drivers of Disease Presence in Floridian and Puerto Rican Coral Reefs

Brianna Casement, Kennesaw State University
Nicholas S. Green, Kennesaw State University

Environmental Drivers of Stream Invertebrate Communities in Georgia, USA

Victoria Garcia-Belman, Kennesaw State University
Benjamin Ducre, Kennesaw State University
Nicholas Green, Kennesaw State University

ESKAPing Antimicrobial Resistance

Tatiana Sidorova, Kennesaw State University

Estimating Blue Carbon Stocks in Native and Non-Native Seagrass Beds of Jobos Bay, PR

Michael Chapman
Raven Winant
Kayla Gonzalez-Boy
Mark McCarthy
Ángel Dieppa-Ayala, Jobos Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve

Evaluating Low Student Attendance At KSU Sporting Events

Ethan Key

Evaluation of Biomimetic Antimicrobial Peptides Targeting the Main Protease of Sars-CoV-2

Ryan Faddis

Evaluation of Variation in Salamander Body Condition Across Different Land-Use Histories

Allison Vessell

Evaluation of Wild-Isolated and Commercial Strains of Lion’s Mane Mushrooms for Spawn Production

Mark Sheehan
Christopher Cornelison
Kyle T. Gabriel

Examination of Cement Concrete Mixed with Sewage Sludge Ash

Vu Nguyen

Examination of how inappropriate inheritance of histone methylation affects muscle function

Samari Simmons, Kennesaw State University
Lauren Stiles, Kennesaw State University
Anna Strobel, Kennesaw State University
Jeff Wang, Kennesaw State University

Examination of how inappropriate inheritance of histone methylation affects muscle function

Tatiana Maya, Kennesaw State University
Andrew Milholland, Kennesaw State University
Rosemond Ofori, Kennesaw State University
Gaby Pompa, Kennesaw State University

Examination of how inappropriate inheritance of histone methylation affects muscle function

Kone Fatoumata, Kennesaw State University
Anya Kurup, Kennesaw State University
Alex Lopez, Kennesaw State University
Holly Mason, Kennesaw State University

Examination of how inappropriate inheritance of histone methylation affects muscle function

Halle Gary, Kennesaw State University
Sundas Hassan, Kennesaw State University
Soraya Hill, Kennesaw State University
Angel Jaimes, Kennesaw State University

Examination of how inappropriate inheritance of histone methylation affects muscle function

Destiny Crump, Kennesaw State University
Laura Eblen, Kennesaw State University
Apasha Frazier, Kennesaw State University
Estefany Garduno, Kennesaw State University

Examination of How Inappropriate Inheritance of Histone Methylation Affects Muscle Function

Jennifer Aguilar-Maldonado
Sahil Bardai
Chelsea Beebe
Natalie Buck

Examining Differences in Psychological Capital, Burnout, and Work Engagement Among Women in Leadership Positions

Edwin Trejo-Rivera

Examining the Effects of Non-Native Seagrass Species on Sediment Chemistry in Jobos Bay, PR.

Raven Winant, Kennesaw State University

Exercise Science and Sport Management: Air Quality and Soccer Players’ Well-Being near MARTA Stations

Lily Conroy

Experiences of Latinx Pre-Service Teachers in the State of Georgia

Libna Amaro
Brittany Aguilar
Rosa Diaz-Jarquin

Experimental Study of Cement Concrete Mixed with Combined Rubber and Plastic Waste Materials

Venkata Naga Sai Sravani Ambadapudi
Ibrahim Alamayreh

Exploring New Reservoirs for Novel Bacteriophages with Therapeutic Potential Against ESKAPE Pathogens

Ross Wood
Melanie Griffin

Exploring Non-Player Character Types in Games: Enemies

Stephen E. Pangilinan, Kennesaw State University
Joshua Whorton, Kennesaw State University

Exploring the Interactions Between Cognitive Impairment, Depression, and Growth Mindset Among African Americans in the COVID-19 Era

Roger Otway

Expression of MKNK2 Isoforms in Cancer Cell Lines

Nicole Vaughan
Adyia Collier
Josh Harrell
Avery Clark

Fabrication of Biodegradable Modified Wood for Future Application

Ridham Raval
Bharat Baruah, Kennesaw State University

Face Mask Detection in Images Through Deep Learning

Andrew Hutchison, Kennesaw State University
Aaron Cummings, Kennesaw State University
Alex Ingram

Factors that Affect Perceptions of Gig-Workers

Zed Carroll
Lea Mobers
Dianhan Zheng

Fashion Fiasco Strikes England: An In Depth Look at The Industrial Revolution's Impact on Rural Women's Fashion

Riley Doyens

Flouride Varnish Time Studies

Emily Rodriguez-Jacobo
Tyler Mason

Forgotten Victims: The Euthanasia of the Disabled Under the Third Reich

Courtney Chester

Formal Expression of Lytic Transglycosylases SLBT and MLTG of Gram-negative Bacteria Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Benita Okafor
Portia Simpson

Formally Incorporating Family and Friends Medical Network in Treatment Protocols– A Conceptual Framework

Oghoreye Obazee

French Revolutionary Fervor and Its Manifestation In England and Ireland, 1790-1799

Jose Chirinos

From Benford's Law to Scientific Explanation

Eli Shlomo

GA Department of Public Health: FY 2023 Adolescent Health and Youth Development Strategic Evaluation Plan

Shaina Bester, Kennesaw State University

Gender in Gina Prince-Bythewood's Love & Basketball

MaKayla Tappin

Generation of Clathrin(CLH) RNAi in T. brucei

Kyron Wicker

Good News or Bad News?: Being Diagnosed with Early Stage or Curable Cancer

Naya Phillips
Evelina W. Sterling
Tyler Collette
Lora Asberry

GPS Effect on a Take-Over Response from a Level-2 Automated Vehicle

Michal Rhodes
Sarah Shields
Dan Sulhoff
Leo Molina
Nick Williams

Graphene Oxide-Based Supercapacitor for High-Performance

Ben McKinney
Beth Woldesus
Sonnett Kowalski
Ashish Aphale

Grappling with Our Grief: An Exploration of the Impact of COVID-19 on the Experiences of First-Year College Students

Sarah Hampton
Chinasa A. Elue Ph.D
Zoe Brown
Cristen Canavino
Christopher Gardner
DeCarlos Mckinney

Green Peptide Synthesis Using Environmentally Sustainable Deep Eutectic Solvents

Mahdi Ghasemi
Mohammad A. Halim

Home in Intersectional Contexts: Content Analysis of Children's Picture Books

Rachel Abrams

Host Selection in Harper's Dodder

Benjamin Campbell

How Levels of Resilience Inform Help-Seeking Behaviors in Firefighters

Michael W. Paul, Kennesaw State University

Identification of Novel Genetic Variants in Bonobo Genes Associated with Communication

Alek Hansen, Kennesaw State University

Identification of Parasites in Freshwater Fish

Angel Uchendu
Jamie Hungerbuhler

Identification of Suicidal Despair using Convolutional Long-Short-Term-Memory Network and Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques

Jaterien Walker, Kennesaw State University
Kyle Hillhouse, Kennesaw State University
Manohar Murikipudi, Kennesaw State University
Md Abdullah Al Hafiz Khan, Kennesaw State University

Identifying Candida Species Using Machine Learning

Christopher Boon
Jessica Fussell

Identifying Mental Health Conditions from Social Media using Deep Learning

Bryce Wishart, Kennesaw State University
Ibrahima Gueye, Kennesaw State University
Abm. Adnan Azmee, Kennesaw State University
Abdullah Al Hafiz Khan, Kennesaw State University

Identifying the Mineral Source of Phosphorus-Containing Molecules in Space

Gabrielle O'Brien, Kennesaw State University
Tyler Davis, Kennesaw State University
Heather Abbott-Lyon, Kennesaw State University

Impact of Air pollution Exposure in Latino Communities: An Equity-based framework for Environmental Engineering

Finn Vital

Impact of Co-solvents on Deep Eutectic Solvents: A Combined Spectroscopic and PCA Investigation

William Bryant
Candy Kelly
Mohammad Halim

Impact of Hormonal Contraceptives and Childhood Trauma on Fear Conditioning

Abby Doster

Impact of Substitution Position on the Photophysical Properties of Pyrrolidinone-Fused 1,2-Azaborines Chromophores

Adeline Boswell, Kennesaw State University
Ra'Nya Malone, Kennesaw State University
Carl Jacky Saint-Louis, Kennesaw State University

Implementation of Sustainable Lean Practices in Preventive Maintenance through Root Cause Analysis

Ryan Lee Waltman, Kennesaw State University
Parisa Pooyan, Kennesaw State University

Improving Quality of Life Using ICT, IoT and AI (HONET)

Charles Koduru, Kennesaw State University

Improving Student Success: How Student Success is Impacted by their Participation In Class and Online

Margaret Lokey

Industrial Decarbonization through Efficiency Improvement in Steam Systems

Christopher Spencer

Inhibition Binding Mechanism Simulation of Horseshoe Crab Peptides for Sars-Cov-2 Main Protease

Ryan McCall
Trinity Alamutu

Inhibition of the 3CL Protease of SARS-CoV-2 as a Promising Target for Antiviral Drug Treatment

Ta'Nyia Heard
Vy Dao

Intracellular Zinc Trafficking in Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells During Noxious Injury

Ahsen Choudhary

Investigating Conditioned Threat Responses and Alcohol Use Among College Students

Erin Batarseh

Investigating Risky Behaviors Associated with Bat Handling on Social Media

Ta'Nyia Heard, Kennesaw State University

Investigating Social Media Engagement Patterns Associated with Wildlife Handling

Dianna Lopez
Allen Abby
Ashley Belinfante
Ta'Nyia Heard

Investigating the Expression and Purification of Protein TTHA0508 in the Foundational Organism Thermus thermophilus HB8

Sara Hunihan
Michael Van Dyke

Investigating the Impact of the Removal of Andropogon Virginicus on the Soil Bacterial Microbiome of the Longleaf Pine

Van Par
Dylan Bennett
Isabella Vahle
Olivia Walker
Rylee Shaw

Investigating the Impact of Water and Methanol on Deep Eutectic Solvents by Raman Spectroscopy and Principal Component Analysis

Candy Kelly
William Bryant
Mohammad Halim

Investigating the Phosphorylation of Mnk2 Isoforms by p38 MAPK as a Potential Cancer Therapy Target

Monica Clayton
Liliana Ortiz
Suzanne Nguyen

Investigating the Risk Factors for the Reestablishment of Malaria in Georgia

Victoria L. Claps, Kennesaw State University

Investigating the Role of Nutrients in Pseudomonas aeruginosa Responses to Predation from Myxococcus xanthus

Jaynie Adams
Sarah Beauvais
Ramya Rajagopalan

Investigating the Role of Quorum Sensing in the Flight Response of Pseudomonas aeruginosa during Myxococcal Predation

Klaudya Hernandez
Ashley Ayala
Josh Lummus
Ramya Rajagopalan

Investigating the Severity and Rate of Occurrence of Motorcycle Crashes Across Different Land Uses in Georgia

Robert Edwards

Investigation of Cement Concrete Mixed with Recycled Waste Slags

Matthew Henry

IoT Consumer Labeling on Cybersecurity

Mamatha Gorantla
Liang Zhao, Kennesaw State University

IoT Sensor Nodes

Luis Rivera, Kennesaw State University
Anthony Lopez, Kennesaw State University
Juwan English, Kennesaw State University

Korean Dual Language Immersion Programs: Perspectives of Parents, Students and Teachers as Stakeholders

Bridgett Stafford, Kennesaw State University
Nicole Rivera, Kennesaw State University

KWAD (KSU all Weather Aerial Drone)

Logan Westra, Kennesaw State University

Law and Legislation: Women Communication Challenges in Masculine Professions

Ariana Mitchell

Law and Legislation: Women Communication Challenges in Masculine Professions

Madelyn Pollien

Live Imaging of Heart Function in Akirin and Simj Mutant Embryos

Belle Lea, Kennesaw State University
Armeta Hadjimirzaei, Kennesaw State University
Scott J. Nowak, Kennesaw State University

Lupus and Social Media Discourse: Exploring Organizational Priorities and Messaging

Jenny Loveland

Major Hurricanes with Landfall in Southwestern Florida: A Comparative Analysis in the Florida Keys

Hanna Kozma

Measuring and Optimizing the Effectiveness of Radiocesium Remediation from Fukushima Soil

Brandi Lofton, Kennesaw State University
Simran Patel, Kennesaw State University

Measuring Perceptions of Creativity Through Collaborative Experience

Logan Mossor

Mental Health and Self-Concept: Comparison of U.S. and Peruvian Students

Katherine Burgess
Tasi Levao

Mental Health Survey Analysis & Prediction Using Deep Learning Algorithms

Suresh Madineni

Microbial Commensal of Tri-colored Bats in Georgia and their Relationship to WNS Susceptibility

Jordyn Upton

Microplastic Fate and Transport at Drinking Water Treatment Plants

Emily Glenn, Kennesaw State University
Amy Borello Gruss Ph.D, Kennesaw State University
Marina Koether Ph.D, Kennesaw State University

Modeling and Simulation of Compliant Mechanisms in MATLAB Simscape

Matthew Woodbine
Ethan Kessie
Spencer Cline

Modeling the Effect of Education on E-Cigarette Use Behavior From Youth to Young Adult

Sydney Chittarath, Kennesaw State University
Nick Vincent, Kennesaw State University

Modelling, Synthesis and Mass Spectrometry Characterization of Fusion Peptides to Inhibit the Spike Protein of SARS-CoV-2

Evelyn Kakarlamudi
Mohammad A. Halim

Molecular Dynamics Study for Tritium Adsorption on Novel Materials

Jason Viscardi
Benjamin Robinson
Asher Flanagan

More than Censorship: How Banning Books Reinforces Fear in our Society

Chasidy Harris

Motherhood and Law: Challenges Female Attorneys Face Regarding Maternity Leave

Andy Clark-Arhart

Motion Analysis of Closed-Chain Soft Robots in MATLAB Simscape

Anthony Delaughter
Parker Wood
Majazz Allah
Nathan Jones
Richard Woods
Connor Talley
Vijay Shah

Motivations, Intentions, and Beliefs among Active and Non-Active Blood Donors

Jadesola Bamidele, Kennesaw State University

Music and Memories

Meghan Salain
Daezha Jackson

Natural vs Synthetic Rooting Hormone's Effect on Mulberry Cuttings

Christian Thomas

Net Hourly Electrical Power Output Prediction in a Combined Cycle Power Plant (CCPP)

Krishna Gopi Reminisetty

Novel Collective Prey Evasion Response of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa PAO1 to Soil Micropredator Myxococcus Xanthus DK1622

Joshua Lummus

Observation of Brain Wave Frequencies During Human Attention Through Use of EPOX Flex EEG Brain Scanner

Alexander T. Hunt
Christina Martello

Observation of Time on Alpha and Theta Brain Waves Implicated in Memory Recall Using Emotiv-14 EPOC X EEG Headgear

Raphael Freiberger
Daron Pracharn

Octoprint Server at Kennesaw State University

Blair Dilbeck, Kennesaw State University
Natalie Ajemian, Kennesaw State University
Shota Yasuda, Kennesaw State University
Rushana Rakhman, Kennesaw State University
Beau Wilkins, Kennesaw State University
Rohit Gibson, Kennesaw State University

On or Off? Using Protein Chimeras to Study Muscle Diversification

Angel Jaimes
Anton Bryantsev

On the Reputation of Robert Clive

Alex Gaskins

OPERATION ENDURING FREEDOM: Improving Mission Effectiveness by Identifying Trends in Successful Terrorism

Dalton Shaver

Optimal Mobile-IoT Monitoring Solutions in LPWAN Technologies

Mahimna Patel

Optimization of Metallic Interconnectors for Clean Energy Power Systems

Mason Cox

Optimization of the Extraction of Microplastics from Beach Sand

Victoria L. Claps
Marina Koether

Painting With Microbes

Sydni Ladd

Passenger Presence and Turning Direction

Hyun D. Chung
Vanna L. Beach
Rafaella L. Abbud
Lauren K. Culbreath
Bobbi C. Ayres

Peptide Therapeutics Targeting the Estrogen Receptor Alpha in Breast Cancer

Kaylee Stone
Mohammad A. Halim

Peptide-Based Antibiotics to Inhibit Pathogenic and Clinically Relevant Bacteria Strains

Fatemeh Ghasemi
Melanie Griffin
Mohammad A. Halim

Perceptions of Substance Use as a Motivator to Use Substances

Chloe Carr
Erica Holliday
Leah Weingast

Personal Interview with a Person Living in Poverty in Cherokee County

Kennedy Duff

Pioneering Woman Screenwriters from the Silent to Early Studio Era

Jane Ramirez

Planned Behavior and Blood Donation Intention Study

Teba Al Karwe

Portable Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy for Non-invasive and Quantitative Assessment of the Parathyroid Glands Viability During Surgery

Mark Romine, Kennesaw State University
Linh Luong, Kennesaw State University
Alex Moazzen, Kennesaw State University
Katie Cho, Kennesaw State University
Paul Lee, Kennesaw State University

Postpartum Health and Wellbeing

Tamara Black

Potential Inhibitors for SARS-CoV-2 Main Protease

Valentino S. Sorto
Maria Snyder

Pre-Code Versus Contemporary Female Screenwriters: Working Towards More Authentic Depictions of Women on Screen

Isabel Alford

Predicting Malware Attacks with The Help of Machine Learning

Ibrahima Gueye, Kennesaw State University
Abm. Adnan Azmee
Bryce Wishart
Md Abdullah Al Hafiz Khan

Preliminary Results and Optimization Efforts of Water Sampling of the Year Two Analysis for Microfibers in Lake Allatoona Water and Beach Sand

Abby Moen
Marina Koether

Preliminary Results on the Optical Contact Angle of Plastics

Dhimani Still
Kelsey Starkey
Marina Koether

Probing the Effect of Nitrogen and Boron Doping on Structures, Properties, and Stability of C20 Clusters

Ramsay Revennaugh
Martina Kaledin

Profiles of Resilience: Examining the Stories of First Responder and Military Families

Kimberly Gomes

Promoting Bilingualism in Ethnolinguistically Minoritized Children: Perspectives from Two Vietnamese Bilingual Coaches in South Korea

Seongyo Gwon

Promoting Future Orientation Among Youth Exposed to Violence

Amari Cody, Kennesaw State University
Giselle Vazquez, Kennesaw State University
Paige Giddens, Kennesaw State University
Chanler Hilley, Kennesaw State University

Quaker Reception of Benjamin Lay

Linda Ugoagwu

Quantitative Evaluation of African American Men with Chronic Illnesses Using a Latent Profile Analysis

Anicia Stewart

Queen Anne's Favorites

Izzabella Barrett

Raman Scattering and X-Ray Diffraction Measurements and Analyses of Zn O Thin Films Grown on Sapphire Substrates by Metal-organic Chemical Vapor Deposition

Ujjwal Purimetla

Raman Scattering Data Fitting using MATLAB for GaN Samples

Rachel Cooper

Raman Spectroscopy and X-ray Diffraction of a Gadolinium doped Gallium Nitride Sample

Ikram Talukder

Ransomware Attacks in the Software Supply Chain: A Review of Attack Vectors, Defenses and Gaps

Corey Brookins, Kennesaw State University
Ava Norouzinia, Kennesaw State University
Asia Shavers, Kennesaw State University
Miranda Dominguez, Kennesaw State University
Marie Nassif, Kennesaw State University
Kenneth Burke, Kennesaw State University
Shamar Lake, Kennesaw State University

Ransomware: Evaluation of Mitigation and Prevention Techniques

Juanjose Rodriguez-Cardenas, Kennesaw State University

Recommendation Systems: Fairness Matters

Bao Tran Ho
Xinyue Zhang

Reforming Concrete: Mechanical Innovation in Sustainability

Blair Cunningham

Russian Soldiers Exposed to Radiation at Chernobyl

Ava Giffen

Scan and 3D Print Outdoor Works of Art around the KSU Kennesaw Campus

Rory Jones

Scan and 3D Print Outdoor Works of Art Around the KSU Kennesaw Campus

Amber Solana

SCM 2000 - Course based undergraduate research experience: Determining the kinetic properties of lactase from generic and brand name supplements

AbdelFattah Abusarrar, Kennesaw State University
Jessica Argueta, Kennesaw State University
Bryce Armand, Kennesaw State University
Adeola Batiste, Kennesaw State University
Jensen Boyette, Kennesaw State University
Irianna Brathwaite, Kennesaw State University
Camille Brown, Kennesaw State University
Karien Cannizzo, Kennesaw State University
Stephany Chavez-Hernandez, Kennesaw State University
Bracey Courchaine, Kennesaw State University
Isaac Crane, Kennesaw State University
Courchaine Garland, Kennesaw State University
Brooke George, Kennesaw State University
Ally Gomez, Kennesaw State University
Feven Gudeta, Kennesaw State University
Heavyn Hughley, Kennesaw State University
Miriam King, Kennesaw State University
Patrick Kinsella, Kennesaw State University
Mackenzie Lett, Kennesaw State University
Sanaya March, Kennesaw State University
Tori Mcduffie, Kennesaw State University
Emily Miranda, Kennesaw State University
Phoebe Offenberg, Kennesaw State University
Ashley Thomas, Kennesaw State University
Jade Valeris, Kennesaw State University
Toni Pearle Williams, Kennesaw State University

Scorpion Venom-Based Peptides as Potential Therapeutics Against Bacterial Infections

Noam Lewit
Melanie Griffin
Mohammad Halim

Screening Bacteria for Antagonism with Pseudogymnoascus destructans, the Causative Agent of White-Nose Syndrome

Elbin Jacob
Melis Akkan
Jordyn R. Upton
Christopher Cornelison

Screening Jathinobacterium lividum for Antagonism with Psueudogymnoascus destructans.

Melis Akkan
Elbin Jacob
Jordyn R. Upton
Christopher Cornelison

Self-Esteem Stability’s Impact as an Anxiety Buffer on Post Traumatic

Quinn McKeever

She’s Just Like Me! Women Role Models in Children’s Books.

Hannah Robertson

Small Peptides Synthesis and Characterization to Target the 3-Chymotrypsin-like Protease of SARS-CoV-2

Jada Iseghohi
Mohammad Halim

Social Media and Self-Perception: A Study on How Social Media Perceptions Affect the Self-Esteem of Black Women Aged 27-47 Living in South Fulton County, Ga

Tesia McCullar

Social Media Use May Normalize Unsafe Handling of Wildlife

Abby Allen

Soft Robotics For NASA Space Exploration

Jenn Price

Soft Robotics in NASA Space Exploration

Hunter Harkins

Soft Robots for NASA

Johnston Ejoga

Soft Robots for NASA Space Exploration

Monish Patil

Soft Robots for NASA Space Exploration

Jelan Womack

Soft Robots for NASA Space Explorations

Chebet Ngeny

Solar Energy Onsite Generation Potentials for Industrial Decarbonization

Maya Muammar

Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis of Same Amino Acid Based Sequence

Mohammad Halim
Aria Mokhtari

Speckle Contrast Optical Spectroscopy to Assess Muscle Blood Flow for Monitoring Muscle Health in Older Adults

Jaden Causey, Kennesaw State University
Linh Luong, Kennesaw State University
Saba Mabood, Kennesaw State University
Paul Lee, Kennesaw State University

Spirituality as a Buffer Between Traumatic Experience and Post-traumatic Stress

Treasure Evans
Emelyn Martinez

SPR-5; MET-2 Maternal Reprogramming Cooperates with the Dream Complex to Regulate Developmental Cell Fates

Sandra Nguyen, Kennesaw State University
Jazmin Dozier
Brandon Carpenter, Kennesaw State University

Statistical Analysis of the Relationship Between Protected Bird Species and National Parks

Katherine Harmon

Stay-in-Place Formwork in Reinforced Concrete Applications

Jacob Gonzalez
Allen Yun

Stroad Efficiency and Walkability: An Intersection of Economy, Community Wellbeing, and Public Safety

Andres Villanueva

Structural and Optical Studies of GaN Grown on Si by MOCVD

Manika Tun Nafisa, Kennesaw State University

Study into Postpartum Stress

Kaitlyn Coleman
Afekwo Mary Ukuku Ph.D., Kennesaw State University

Supercomputer Architecture Exploration for Zettascale Computing

Gabe Livengood, Kennesaw State University
Josh Jones, Kennesaw State University
Meghana Gotety, Kennesaw State University
Bobin Deng, Kennesaw State University

Supply Versus Demand in the Cherokee County Homelessness Needs Assessment

Jada Brown

Survey on Sustainable Computing

Viswa Narendra Reddy Panati

Surviving the Rapids: An Exploration in Personal Narrative Solo Performance

Jess Maillet

Sustainable Food Systems in Community Development: Integrating Urban Food Security into a Growing Population

Opal Giulianelli

Sustainable Sensor Node for Smart Farming

Dashan Richards
Vandy Oudomsine
Rodrigo Corral

Sustainable Use of Waste and Byproduct

Jordan Blevins
Anna Santmier

Synthesis and Characterization of GHK Peptides and their Interactions with Copper Investigated by Mass Spectrometry

Sydney Carvalho
Mohammad A. Halim

Synthesis and Characterization of Snails Venom Peptide as a Potential Inhibitor of NMDA Receptors in Alzheimer’s Disease

Caleb Griffith
Mohammad A. Halim

Synthesis and Mass Spectrometry Characterization of Anticancer Peptides to inhibit the Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor

Emily Brown
Mohammad Halim

Synthesis of Anticancer Peptide targeting the Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor

Muhammad Behzad
Mohammad Halim

Synthesis of Linear and Cyclic Peptides to Inhibit the Aggregation of Alpha-Synuclein in Parkinson’s Disease

Mya Chaari
Mohammad Halim

Synthesis of Peptides to Inhibit the Amyloid‑β Peptide Aggregation in Alzheimer Diseases

Roger Brown
Mohammad A. Halim

Tea Tables and the Domestic World: The Feminization of Tea in 18th Century Britain

Jay Bernal

Temporal Patterns in Tooth Morphology in Secondarily Aquatic Tetrapods

Evan Johnson
Elise Arias
T'keyia Daniels
Nicholas Greene

Testing the Structural Properties of Ganoderma Mycelium

Kit Thompson, Kennesaw State University
Caylin Nunez, Kennesaw State University

The Architectural History of Marietta, Georgia's No. 1 Engine House

Rocky Insinga

The Big Five and Informant Behavior: Can Personality Predict when Students Snitch?

Jennifer Willard
Cortney Calligan

The Decline of Marriage in Eighteenth Century Britain

Sara Peterson

The Effect of COVID-19 on African American Men

Kirsten Davis

The Effect of Fire on Soil Respiration in Simulated Forests and Savannas of Northwest Georgia

Collin Anderson
Rebecca Senft
Kenadi Morgan
Ash Chapman

The Effect of Gaming on Novice Pilot’s Gaze Patterns

Tristan McMichael
Danae Benefield
Aidan Archuleta

The Effect of Mental Demand on Body Postures

Rodrick Adams
Valentina Niño

The Effect of Urbanization on Starling Egg Size and Parental Investment

Amberlee Cook
Sarah Guindre-Parker

The Effects of Personality on Post-Traumatic Growth

Alexa Brown
Ayanna Butler

The Effects of Physical Activity, Motivation, and Feeling Connected to Campus on Nontraditional and Veteran Students' Academic Performance

Phillip Beeslaar

The Effects of Targeted Discharge Education Provided by Pre-licensure Nursing Students and the Impact of Readmission Rates, and Surgical Site Infections for Selected Post-operative Patients

Zamion Robinson

The Feasibility of Using 3D Motion Analysis in a Prosthetic and Orthotic Clinical Setting

Ansley Coyle

The Homeobox Gene ceh-27 is Required for C. elegans Embryonic Development

Enrique Rodriguez
Martin L. Hudson, Kennesaw State University
Kristie Mercer, Kennesaw State University

The Impact of Chemical Pesticides on Protein Structure and Dynamics: A Mass Spectrometry Investigation

Mubassarah Munjirin Sazmi,
Mohammad A. Halim

The Impact of Discrimination, Community Support, and Class Modalities on Burnout in College Students

Caitlin Callahan
Adriana Williams
Kevin Toler
Sarah Weeks
Audrey Harris
Maya Maqousi

The Impact of Sustainable Textile Education on the Behaviors and Attitudes of College Students

Minh Clark

The Impact of Team Size on the Leadership Style and Psychological Capital of Women Leaders

Jennifer Garcia Arreguin
Israel Sánchez-Cardona, Kennesaw State University

The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Maternal Health Outcomes

Jaiden Outten, Kennesaw State University
Afekwo Mary Ukuku Ph.D., Kennesaw State University

The Impacts of Distance Learning due to the Pandemic on the Mental and Physical Health in Burmese American Parents of students enrolled in k-12

Ngun M. Tial

The Influence of Environmental Feedback on Ecological Competition.

Isabel Ouko
Glenn Young Ph.D.

The Influence of Surgical Stress and Inflammatory Biomarkers on the Occurrence of Postoperative Delirium

Kirsten Davis, Kennesaw State University
Yulisa Flores, Kennesaw State University

The Levellers and the Folly of Consolidated Power

Benjamin Malik

The Male Memory of Myth: Rewriting History in Greek Girls

Mercy Mondt

The ManhattAnt: Identification and Dietary Ecology of a Recently Introduced Urban Ant in New York City, Lasius emarginatus

Samantha M. Kennett
Bernhard Seifert, Senckenberg Museum of Natural History
Todd W. Pierson
Clint A. Penick

The Novel Game Design Lab

Joshua Whorton, Kennesaw State University
Joel Metukmebong, Kennesaw State University
Donovan McGregor, Kennesaw State University
Stephen Pangilinan, Kennesaw State University
TJ Rush, Kennesaw State University
Jessica Susanto, Kennesaw State University
Anaiya Tucker, Kennesaw State University
Emily Espinoza, Kennesaw State University

The Phosphorus Puzzle: Why Metal Phosphites Could Be the Missing Piece

Eleanor Boyle
Thomas J. Leyden III

The Relationship Amongst Sleep, Gestational Weight Gain, and Insulin Resistance During Pregnancy

Ami Eho

The Role of Christian Morality in the Abolition of the British Slave Trade

John Neal

The Symbiotic Relationship of Screenplay and Storyboard: Arguing For the Crucial Role of Screenplay in Animation

Aaron Bell

Three Dimensional Black Characters: Women Genere Writers of Film and Television

Gabrielle Jones

Toward a Quantitative Understanding of Infant Crawling Development

Isabel Linares
Jeremy Hamson
Maneet Bains

Trailblazing Women Screenwriters of Color

Nyla Allen

Transnational Proximity and Influences of K-Pop Culture on the Western World

Sofia Aguilar

Trusting Your Audience: Turning Children’s Movies into Fiction for All Ages

Haley Hunt

Tryptophan Zippers Peptides: Synthesis and Mass Spectrometry Investigation

Jaden Means
Mohammad Halim

Turning Behavior of Human Drivers with Right Hand Placement on Steering Wheel

Hannah J. Goodchild
Bayley D. Enlow
Tania M. Hubbard
Caroline F. Hutcheson
Morghan A. Lard
Billy A. Lewis
A.J. Needham
Kyung Hun Jung

Ultrasonic Assisted Emulsification Microextraction Analysis of the Gunshot Residue Diphenylamine

Alyssa Hampton

Un-Masking Hidden Phenotypes for PA14 IVYp1 and IVYp2 Knockout Strains by Observation of Tetracycline Sensitivity and Restoration of Resistance

Aamna Aijaz
Irina Padilla, Kennesaw State University

Uncovering Trilingual Development and Multilingual Literacy Practices in the United States: A Review

David Posada

Understanding How Transcription Factors with Metallic Cofactors Contribute to Regulation of Gene Expression

Mya Stubbs

Understanding the Needs of Georgia’s Hispanic/Latino Population with Regard to Adolescent Health

Aylin Diaz
Evelina W. Sterling

Universities in the United States Providing Different Clothing-Based Resources to the Student Body

Lilly Colantuono

Unstable Politics, Empty Stomachs: Investigating the Relationship Between Political Instability and Food Insecurity

Andrew Lewis

Using Corpus Analysis in Korean Popular Culture & Media for Autonomous Language Learning

Gabrielle Punzalan, Kennesaw State University
Ciana Ruggiero, Kennesaw State University

Using Hands-on Engineering Models as a tool for K-12 Outreach Events

Audrey Yewo

Using Low-Cost Hands-On Equipment and Virtual Lab for Teaching and Learning Mechanical Vibrations

Kevin Tran
Britt Walker

Using Mindfulness Training as an Intervention Tool to Reduce the Essentialist Bias

Treasure Evans
Shamitha John

Using NLP-based RCNN to Detect Suicide Indicators in Social Media Posts: A Proactive Approach to Lowering Suicide Rates

Kyle Hillhouse, Kennesaw State University
Jaterien Walker, Kennesaw State University
Manohar Murikipudi, Kennesaw State University
Md Abdullah Al Hafiz Khan, Kennesaw State University

Various Techniques on Electrochemical Polymerization of Polypyrrole (PPy) to Enhances Energy Storage Capacity

Duy Pham

Visual Sensor Fusion for Robotic Intelligence on Edge.

Edward Sadler, Kennesaw State University
Justin Lukose, Kennesaw State University
Olasubomi Rufai, Kennesaw State University

Voices of Resilience: Women in Law Enforcement Navigating Communication Barriers

Emma Smalley

Wavelength and Intensity Dependence of Laser-Induced Damage in Semiconductors

Hannah Pinnock

Wavelet Analysis of Three Behavior Inhibition Tasks

Makayla Mcginnis

Wearable ECG Device for Arrhythmia Detection

Grant Burke

Wearable Near Infrared Spectroscopy for Noninvasive Assessment of Cerebral Oxygenation in Pediatric Sickle Cell Disease

Alex Moazzen, Kennesaw State University
Mark Romine, Kennesaw State University
Saba Mabood, Kennesaw State University
Andrew Boateng, Kennesaw State University
Paul Lee, Kennesaw State University

What's in a Fish? A Survey of Parasitic Fauna of Some Ictuluridae and Catostomidae Species in Georgia

Kaleigh Jones
Sarah Tumey

What’s in a Fish? A Survey of the Parasitic Fauna of Four Cottus Species in Georgia

Arabella Reddish, Kennesaw State University
Ester Shimon, Kennesaw State University

What’s in a Fish? A Survey of the Parasitic Fauna of Some Etheostoma Species in Georgia

Anna Whitley, Kennesaw State University
Emma Garcia, Kennesaw State University
Whitney Preisser, Kennesaw State University

White Blood Cell Make Up in Kellback Snake Offspring of Varying Maternal Size

Angelica McCoy

Why Are Restaurant Firms Going Private?

Benjamin Buxton
Matt Hammer
Juan Gonzalez
Celina Duong
Lauren Pederson

William Hogarth's Political Bias in the Print Series Humors of an Election

Brittney English

Wireless, Handheld Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy to Quantify Tissue Microvascular Hemodynamics

Linh Luong, Kennesaw State University
Alex Moazzen, Kennesaw State University
Mark Romine, Kennesaw State University
Katie Cho, Kennesaw State University
Paul Lee, Kennesaw State University

Women in Law and Legislation

Kortney Martin

Women Suffragist in Elementary Education

Emily Polaski

Wrist Intent Recginiton System for Advanced Robotic-Assisted Stroke Rehabilitation

Paige Andrews, Kennesaw State University
Sulav Bastola, Kennesaw State University
Inusha Aryal, Kennesaw State University

“You Ain’t my Mother! Yes, I am!”: an Analysis of the Term “Mother” in the Queer Community

Connor Maguire

Zygotic modulation of inappropriate inherited histone methylation partially rescues developmental phenotypes

Madison Yearwood, Kennesaw State University
Sydney Morgan-Benitez, Kennesaw State University
Brandon Carpenter