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Joseph Reynolds


UC-523: IT 4983 Server Hardening
Manuel Chico, Gilbert Vuong, Harrison Jones, and George Barber


Preparing UK students for the workplace: The Acceptability of a Gamified Cybersecurity Training
Oliver J. Mason, Siobhan Collman, Stella Kazamia, and Ioana Boureanu


Assessing Cognitive Load and User Experience in Virtual-Reality Enhanced Blood Donations
Isabel Acklen, Tiffany Ramirez, Luz Corral Parra, Lin Li, Joy Li, Maria Valero, and Robert Keyser


Data Quality Checks: Implementation With Popular Data Collection Crowdsourcing Platforms
James Down, Gregory Balkcom, Kristine Duncan, Ngan (An) Truong, and Andrew Lewis


Synthesis of Layered Conducting Polymer Electrode for Superior Ultracapacitor Performance
Duy Pham, Jake Irvin, Jacob Dileonardi, Mason Cox, and Ben McKinney

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