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An Augmented Reality Endoscope System for Ureter Position Detection
Feng Yu, Enmin Song, Hong Liu, and Chih-Cheng Hung


Validity of BMI-Based Body Fat Equations in Men and Women: A 4-Compartment Model Comparison
Brett S. Nickerson, Michael R. Esco, Phillip A. Bishop, and Brian M. Kliszczewicz


Reduction of interferences in the analysis of Children's Dimetapp using ultraviolet spectroscopy data and target factor analysis
Huggins Z. Msimanga, Truong Thach Ho Lam, Nathaniel Latinwo, and Mihyang Kristy Song


Central Hemodynamics Measured During 5 Repetition Maximum Free Weight Resistance Exercise
Jonathan S. Howard, Cherilyn N. McLester, Thomas W. Evans, and John R. McLester


Family Firm Goals and their Effects on Strategy, Family and Organization Behavior: A Review and Research Agenda
Ralph I. Williams Jr., Torsten M. Pieper, Franz W. Kellermans, and Joseph H. Astrachan


Influence of Baseline Muscle Strength and Size Measures on Training Adaptations in Resistance-trained Men
Gerald T. Mangine, Adam M. Gonzalez, Jeremy R. Townsend, and Adam J. Wells


Effect of cluster set warm-up configurations on sprint performance in collegiate male soccer players
Brett S. Nickerson, Gerald T. Mangine, Tyler D. Williams, and Ismael A. Martinez


Autonomic response to a short and long bout of high-intensity functional training
Brian Kliszczewicz, Cassie Williamson, Emily Bechke, and Wade Hoffstetter


Biomimicry of volatile‐based microbial control for managing emerging fungal pathogens
Kyle T. Gabriel, D. Joseph Sexton, and Christopher T. Cornelison


Red Spinach Extract Supplementation Improves Cycle Time Trial Performance in Recreationally Active Men and Women
Adam M. Gonzalez, Matthew R. Accetta, Robert W. Spitz, and Gerald T. Mangine


Parity-time symmetry in optical microcavity systems
Jianming Wen, Xiaoshun Jiang, Liang Jiang, and Min Xiao


The Impact of pH and Ion Exchange on 133Cs Adsorption on Vermiculite
Daniel R. Ferreira, James A. Thornhill, E. I.N. Roderick, and Yi Li


Mega-meander paleochannels of the southeastern Atlantic Coastal Plain, USA
Bradley E. Suther, David S. Leigh, George A. Brook, and LinHai Yang


The accumulation of stereotype-based self-fulfilling prophecies
Stephanie Madon, Lee Jussim, Max Guyll, and Jennifer Willard

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