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10 Miles from a Brewery: Spatial Patterns of Demographics and Alcohol Consumption in the United States

Winston Chu, Kennesaw State University

A "Mindful" Approach to Multicultural Education

Morgan L. Tikkanen, Kennesaw State University
Erin L. Campbell, Kennesaw State University
Maria Cabrera Yannotta, Kennesaw State University
Yessica Landaverde, Kennesaw State University
Niccole Marshall, Kennesaw State University
Hayden B. Carter, Kennesaw State University
Desyre D. Langhorne, Kennesaw State University

A 10-year post-analysis of the Maya Health Toolkit for Medical Providers

Lorenna Garcia-Bochas, Kennesaw State University
Evelina W. Sterling, Kennesaw State University

A Numerical Analysis of Biomimetic Swimming of Larval Zebrafish Robot

Graham Quasebarth

A Single-Cell Based Mathematical Model for Mammalian Cell Migration

Christopher Boon

A Story about Chickens

Adrienne Pinkard

A Systematic Review: The Effect of Social Support on Emotional Burden of Alzheimer’s Caregivers

Jessica Monahan, Kennesaw State University
Julia Samuel, Kennesaw State University
Guadalupe Perez, Kennesaw State University
Cristiana Seixas, Kennesaw State University
Adanech Jones, Kennesaw State University

A Systematic Review: The Impact of Social Support Programs on Caregiver Burnout for Caregivers of Children with Cancer

Vanessa Otamendi, Kennesaw State University
Jalaya Graves, Kennesaw State University
Autumn Whitley, Kennesaw State University
Joanna Juarez, Kennesaw State University
Helena Walker, Kennesaw State University

A Systematic Review: The impacts of non-pharmacological therapy interventions, such as exercise, on postpartum depressive symptoms in postpartum women?

Jennifer Rafala
Amanda Kozlowski
Kristin Simons
Madison Rhoad
Courtney Greene

Access to Higher Education: Do schools “grant” success?

Nathaniel Jones

Agent Eve: a look into women in espionage

Léla Calixte

An Empirical Study of Thermal Attacks on Edge Platforms

Tyler Holmes, Kennesaw State University

An Introduction to Haiti

Simonica West

An Investigation on Non-Invasive Brain-Computer Interfaces: Emotiv Epoc+ Neuroheadset and Its Effectiveness

Md Jobair Hossain Faruk

Animal Imagery in Carved Elephant Ivories from the Steckelmann collection

Alexis Lyons

Assessing Positive and Mixed Emotions Related to Racial Experiences on Campus

Christopher Pauyo
Marie Stephens, Kennesaw State University
Grace Bowe, Kennesaw State University

Attitudes of Child Life Specialists Towards Telehealth

Kathryn Bacon
Suma Mallavarapu, Kennesaw State University

Autonomous Vehicle Fleet Communication and Battery Dependency

Hakeem Wilson

Balancing Community Health and Industry Objectives

Lindsay Tudor

Bioanalytical Determination of Glucose Concentration in Sports Drinks using UV/Vis Spectroscopy

Laney Hedgeman, Kennesaw State University
Brianna Bond, Kennesaw State University

Biocontrol of Foodborne Pathogens Using Bacteriophages

Dzhuliya Ignatova, Kennesaw State University
Erion Hogan, Kennesaw State University
Simone Dakare, Kennesaw State University
Jean Lu, Kennesaw State University

Bladeless Piezo-Triboelectric Hybrid Device for Wind Energy Harvesting

Mervin Johns, Kennesaw State University
Aidan Mcdevitt, Kennesaw State University
John Giles, Kennesaw State University
Joshua Streit, Kennesaw State University

Bringing Down Costs with Code: Measuring Snow Depth from Photographs Using R

Brandon Crasto

Broadening the Western Music Theory Canon

Katie Kosowski
Brandon Portalatin

Buckling Analysis of 0pen-Top Bridge Trusses

Ronald Hernandez, Kennesaw State University
Mohammad Jonaidi, Kennesaw State University

Building False Trust During COVID-19: How Health Information is Circulating Differently in the South

Cristy Kennedy

Cardiovascular Health (CVH) Status among KSU Students: Implications for Campus-wide CVH Promotion

Tyler Robertson

Catch Me If You Can!

Joshua Lummus
Juan Vasquez

Chasing the American Dream: Making _The_Nutcracker_ a Christmas Tradition in the United States

Alexandra E. Walsh

Chemical Industrial Safety and Environmental Considerations

James Stewart

Classifying Highway Traffic Patterns with Neural Networks

Jordyn Burman

Classroom Room Acoustics and Effect on Speech with and without Face Coverings in Direct and Reverberant Sound Fields

Danny Hernandez-Borjas

cnd-1/NeuroD is required for RME head neuron cell fate specification in the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans.

Genevieve Doxakis

Cognitive decline in a social context: Have we done it to ourselves?

David Posada

College Students' Mental Health Help Seeking Behaviors

Rachel Johnson

College Students’ Use of GroupMe and Narcissism

Aviana Parades, Kennesaw State University
Claudia Heigl, Kennesaw State University

Comparative Education Understanding Why the United States Underperforms in International Test Scores: Learning From China, Japan, Canada, and the United Kingdom

Mama Aye-Addo

Computational characterization of carotid bifurcation hemodynamics under microgravity

Graham Quasebarth

Connected Autonomous RC Maritime Vehicles (Boats)

Tyler Davison

Connecting aboveground and underground effects of temperature on bumble bee colonies (Bombus impatiens)

Francis Mullan
Clint Penick, Kennesaw State University

Cooperative localization between robots using vision and path planning algorithm

Charles Koduru, Kennesaw State University

Covid-19 Impact on the Healthcare Industry

Jayden Ayash

Creating a protein chimera to study regulation of muscle diversity

Shannon Scarboro

Crystallizations of Nanoceria Extracted From a Soluble Borate Glass

Rebecca Anderson

Cuticle Structure Variation in Pogonomyrmex

Rebecca Senft
Katy Chon, Kennesaw State University
John Paul Hellenbrand

Data Analysis Methods for Health Monitoring Sensors

Shahriar Sobhan

Design and development of a Novel Soft Gripper Manipulated by a Robotic Arm

Derek Price, Kennesaw State University

Design and Fabrication of a Stair Climbing Soft Robotic Chair for Disabled and Senior People

Axle Wiley

Design and Implementation of a Microservices Web-based Architecture for Code Deployment and Testing

soin Abdoul Kassif Traore

Design of CF-MOF@AgNPs Composite Materials to Detect Microplastic: SERS Detection

Elohor Okoko

Detecting and predicting malicious attacks on Internet of Things devices using deep neural networks

Rafael Valter

Detecting Bacterial Species from Ancient Human Skeletal Samples

Ariel Owens
Daisy McGrath, Kennesaw State University
Tsai-Tien Tseng, Kennesaw State University

Determining Utility of CPP Delivery Systems in Microorganisms

Arie Henderson, Kennesaw State University
Melanie Griffin

Did Ishmael Know the Raven?: Publisher Evert Duyckinck and the Connection Between Edgar Allan Poe and Herman Melville

Danny Wilson

Differences in Thermal and Physiological Properties of Organically and Conventionally Grown Tomato Plants

Hannah Elliott

Do I Have Your Attention ? Predicting Users' Engagement During Interviews with Biofeedback, Voice, and Supervised Machine Learning

Thaide Huichapa

Does urbanization affect female and male guarding behavior in European Starlings?

Nikita Jain
Sarah Guindre-Parker, Kennesaw State University

Domestic Migration in The United States: A study of Patterns within Place and Space

joshua kanger

Double Crescent Moon Reflection in Coffee Mugs

Daniel Reyes

Double Helix

Katie Patrick

Effective Strategies for Organizing and Implementing an Advisory Board Operating Within a Larger System of Advisory Boards

Joseph Loch

Effects of Insulin Delivery Pumps on Diabetic Adherence to Treatment in Children and Adolescents

Bailey Brott
Aubrey Crawford
Kynley Swain
Ally Williams
Virattana Phravorachit

Effects of Pregnancy on Women’s Mental Health and Wellbeing

Sarah Muh

Efficiency of Pharmaceutical Production

Sammy King

Electrochemical and spectroscopic characterization of cerium salts and nanoceria material

Emily Velarde
Wei Zhou, Kennesaw State University

Elucidating the Effects of Sustainable Solvents on Polymerizations of Conjugated Monomers

Ally Kisiel, Kennesaw State University

Elucidation of Optoelectronic Properties of Pyrrolo[3,2-b]pyrrole Chromophores

Ryan Faddis

Energy Requirements for Abiotic Production of Phosphorous Compounds at the Ice-Schreibersite Interface

Lindsay M. Hicks, Kennesaw State University

English Ivy Removal and Restoration of Biodiversity in a Piedmont Forest

Collin Anderson

Environmental impact on competition in ecological communities

Isabel Ouko

Examining Feedback Practices in the Dance Classroom

Emily G. Pollack, Kennesaw State University

Examining Student Well-Being: The Development and Initial Validation of the Psychological Vulnerability and Hardiness Scale

Kimberly D. Gomes, Kennesaw State University

Exercise Level during Pregnancy, Gestational Diabetes and Baby Birthweight: A Quantitative Retrospective Study

Haley Wright

Exploring Cellulose In Drug Compounding

Maria Vu

Exploring Green Chemistry Polymerizations for Sustainably Derived Building Blocks

Graham Collier Bettis

Exploring Queer Theory in “The Balcony”

Brooklyn Norrington

Exploring the Current Gaps in Service Provision for Victims of Human Trafficking

Brianna Zambo

Exploring the Microbiome of Korean Industrial Kimchi Fermentation Products

Cynney Walters

Exploring the Role of Schools in Mandatory Fitness Assessments of Students in Georgia

Catherine Akins

Expression and Purification of Proteins for a Structural Determination: Orf8, PaIVY1, PaIVY2

Sarah Fashinasi
Avery Moss

Fabrication of biomimetic swimming soft-robot

Bryan Pantoja-Villagomez

Fashion as Freedom: The Bustle and Women of the Late Victorian Era

Sydney Everett

Fault analysis of partially shaded photovoltaic systems

Harrison Iles

Fine Tuning the Electronic Properties of Conjugated Mono-Azo-Chromophores Incorporated Azaborine

Samuel Moore, Kennesaw State University
Lyric Gordan, Kennesaw State University
Temitope Folorunsho, Kennesaw State University
Albert Campbell, Kennesaw State University
Peter Gobran, Kennesaw State University
Robert Hughley, Kennesaw State University
Carl Jacky Saint-Louis, Kennesaw State University

Fine Tuning the Electronic Properties of Non-Conjugated Mono-Azo-Chromophores Incorporated Azaborine

Albert Campbell, Kennesaw State University
Peter Gobran, Kennesaw State University
Samuel Moore, Kennesaw State University
Lyric Gordon, Kennesaw State University
Temitope Folorunsho, Kennesaw State University
Robert Hughley, Kennesaw State University
Carl Jacky Saint-Louis, Kennesaw State University

Framework for collecting data from IoT Device

Md Saiful Islam, Kennesaw State University

Friend or Foe?: Blame-Taking and Informant Behavior Among Friends and Strangers

Erika Rodriguez Rivera
Alex Goldstein, Kennesaw State University
Andrew Manocchio, Kennesaw State University
Naomi Katz, Kennesaw State University
Jennifer Willard, Kennesaw State University

Functional Morphology of Ant Cuticle Sculpturing

John Paul Hellenbrand
Katy Chon, Kennesaw State University
Rebbeca Sneft, Kennesaw State University
Clint Penick, Kennesaw State University

Gender Differences in Like Skills Among Foster Children

Hannah Sexton, Kennesaw State University

Getting a GRIP on Jail Reentry Programs

Claire Ctibor

Goddesses' Breaking Waves

Meggan Collins
Haley Cain, Kennesaw State University

GroupMe or GroupCheat? Student Perceptions and Reactions to Violations of Academic Integrity

Andrew Manocchio, Kennesaw State University
Jennifer Willard, Kennesaw State University

High Speed Impact on Graphene Composites

Giovanny A. Espitia

Home Sweet Home: An Architectural Analysis of Houses During the Middle Mississippian Period in the Etowah River Valley

Jordan Farkas

Honey Wine: Understanding how the fermentation process was improved through modern methods

Douglas Allyson

How AWC neuron defects affect volatile chemotaxis in C. elegans

Barrett Upton

How Can Volunteers Best Be Utilized During Disaster Relief Efforts?

Kylie Burns

How Do the Gender and Race/Ethnicity of Healthcare Providers Impact Quality of Care and Health Disparities?

Maygui Jean

How do veterans with limb amputation perceive health-related quality of life?

Alyssa Bedenbaugh, Kennesaw State University
Kaylin Woodring, Kennesaw State University
Aynur Asgarova, Kennesaw State University

How Has Mental Health Changed for Gender and Sexual Minorities Due to COVID-19?


How Has Social Media Use Impacted Anxiety and Loneliness During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Lauren Deaver, Kennesaw State University

How the Environment of Design Studio Education Has Changed at Kennesaw State University Due to COVID-19

Sara Clement, Kennesaw State University
Cole Curry, Kennesaw State University
Javier Molina, Kennesaw State University

How Various Exercise Modalities Impact Quality of Life, Physical Activity, and Program Adherence in Patients with COPD

Hannah Brookshire
Sarah Barnes
Natalie Cagle
Nancy Starnes
Elia Schaefer

How We Fail US Foreign-Born Veterans: A Scoping Study of the Literature

Eric Manley

Identification and Characterization of Microbiota from the Gastrointestinal Tract of the Drosophila Fruit Fly

Stephanie Sam, Kennesaw State University
Melanie Griffin

Identification and Comparison of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi and Soil Microbiomes Between American Chestnuts and Surrounding Hardwoods

Sarah Andrews, Kennesaw State University
Geoffrey Eger, Kennesaw State University
Isabella Vahle, Kennesaw State University

Identification of ngn-1/Neurogenin Transcriptional Controllers

Claire Simms, Kennesaw State University
Samantha Goss, Kennesaw State University

Impact of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder among Veterans: A Systematic Review

Madison Armstrong

Improving Endosomal Escape and Cytosolic Delivery of Macromolecules by Employing Calcium Dependent Cell Penetrating Peptide

Will Clark, Kennesaw State University

Improving Social Responsibility in a Young Adult with Bipolar Disorder through Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Medication Compliance

Dashawna Anderson, Kennesaw State University
KaTerra Johnson, Kennesaw State University
Katherine Moore, Kennesaw State University

In our own image: Do images of endangered apes with humans, and human artifacts, negatively impact perception regarding their conservation status?

Ayomikun Akin-David

Indus Civilization Archaeology Research

Jarred Benjamin

Interdependent Self-Construal and Student Academic Dishonesty via GroupMe

Abi Jenkins, Kennesaw State University
Taikayla Ramsey, Kennesaw State University

Internships and the Job Market: How Remote Work Affects College Student’s Careers.

Francisco Orozco

Investigating the Proton Transfer Dynamics and Vibrational Spectrum of Hydrogen Oxalate using Driven Molecular Dynamics Simulations

Martina Kaledin, Kennesaw State University
Dominick Pierre-Jacques, Kennesaw State University
Olivia Cochran, Kennesaw State University
Dayana Salazar, Kennesaw State University
Dalton Boutwell, Kennesaw.State University
Martina Kaledin, Kennesaw State University

Investigating the SARS-CoV-2 ORF 8 Accessory Protein: Expression, Purification, and Structural Determination

Laney Hedgeman
Caroline Salha, Kennesaw State University

Investigation of Chemistry at Ice-Mineral Interfaces of Phosphorus-Containing Meteorites Analogues

Kimberly Meyberg

Ironing out the Data: A Review of Chronometric Hygiene for Iron Age Sites in Southern India

Kady Yeomans

Is Hockey Still Canada's Game?

Jon-Paul Faix

Joking, Juries, and Jurisprudence: Informal Communication in a Formal Workplace Setting

Mireya L. Garcia-Cortez

KSU Mapping Project

Bailey Walton

Life after the trauma: CBT for Female Rape Survivors

Jessica Trotter

Literary Genres as Civil Rights Catalysts

Sydni Zackery

Lrp plays a role in diverse behavior-response systems in the opportunistic human pathogen, Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Sheereen Abdulkabir, Kennesaw State University

Magnetic Properties of polar oxide HoFeWO6

Taha Keen
Duy Pham
Chetan Dhital, Kennesaw State University

Manipulation of the Microbiome in the gut of the fruit fly to Alleviate Cadmium Bioaccumulation

Natasya Tamba

Measuring German Vocabulary Learning

Katrina Clark, Kennesaw State University
Shane Peterson, Kennesaw State University

Meta-Analysis on the Effects of Temperature and Precipitation on American Chestnut Hybrids

Austin Flippo

Metal Phosphite Reactivity by Phosphonylation with Glycerol

Ta'Nyia Heard

Methods leading to best outcomes for elderly patients presenting with chest pain in emergency departments.

Philip Choo
Seth Bristol
Jacob Sharer
Hannah Wilson

Microplastics in Water Treatment Plants

Isabella Seeton

Modeling Functions: Modified Falling Ladder Task

Nakia Salam

Molecular Vibrations of Symmetric Molecules: Raman Scattering Driven Molecular Dynamics Method

Martina Kaledin, Kennesaw State University
Dominick Pierre-Jacques, Kennesaw State University
Ciara Tyler, Kennesaw State University
Jason Dyke, Kennesaw State University

Monitoring ADL Activities with Raspberry Pis Using WiFi Channel State Information

Chris Hunt

Monolithic Design Of A Compliant Knee Joint

Bryan Curtin
Sahil Pitre
Emma Joseph

My CarPal

Andrew Bluhm
John Herring

Narcissistic Personality Traits and the Use of GroupMe among College Students

Boobi Ayres, Kennesaw State University

Natural and Anthropogenic Drivers of Stream Macroinvertebrate Diversity over time in Georgia, USA

Precious Slade, Kennesaw State University

Negative Emotions Connected to Racial Experiences

Alondra Guerrero
Avery Britt, Kennesaw State University
Isabella Layton, Kennesaw State University

Neurological gene jus is associated with aging-related muscle loss in the fly model of sarcopenia.

Soobin An

Nigerian Educational System And What Influences It Has On Young Children

Alexandria Alexander

Obstacles Encountered by Rural Communities in Healthcare

Lordy-Monica Brisson
Mackenzie Harris

Onboard Wave Energy Harvesting for Sustainable Boats and Ships

Marceline Lewis, Kennesaw State University
Lynna Johnson, Kennesaw State University
Shane Bonifacious, Kennesaw State University
Travis Hall, Kennesaw State University

One Furnace To Rule Them All

Emily Keenan

Optimization of the Synthesis of 1, 3-Dimethyl-4-Nitro-1H-Benzimidazolium Iodide; Under Basic Conditions

Cameron Wulfsohn

Pain Management During Chest Tube Removal in Cardiac Post-op Patients

Megan Kersh Koblitz
Caitlin Cooney, Kennesaw State University
Isa Keller, Kennesaw State University
Kayla Mezosi, Kennesaw State University

Perceived Productivity and Mental Health Amongst Students During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Matthew Fenner, Kennesaw State University
Marsalis Byrd, Kennesaw State University
Madison Garvin, Kennesaw State University
Ryan Allen, Kennesaw State University

Perceptions of COVID-19 Among Religious Leaders

Anna Anderson

Perfectionism and Using GroupMe to Engage in Academic Dishonesty

Madison Martin, Kennesaw State University
Addie Cook, Kennesaw State University


Vlad Mandzyuk

Political Identity, Racial Attitudes, and Physiological Fear of Outgroup Races

Cymone Parker

Positive and Negative Coping Mechanisms due to High-Stress of COVID-19

Stephanie O'Kon
Uchemdi Nduka, Kennesaw State University
Precious Slade, Kennesaw State University

Preeclampsia in African America Women

Breanna Shoultz
Qweita Eastman, Kennesaw State University
Taylor Maynor, Kennesaw State University
Konstanz Ewing, Kennesaw State University

Princesses Have a Choice Too: A Look into Female Autonomy in Theatre for Young Audiences

Ra'Mya Aikens

Protection of Intellectual Properties in the Modern Age

Selena LaMay

Racial and Socioeconomic Differences Influencing Obesity Amongst Middle Aged Women

Morgan Woods, Kennesaw State University

Reaching Multilingual Learners Through Translanguaging Pedagogy

Audra Thompson

Recovery of Peak Torque after Fatiguing Explosive and Slow Maximal Muscle Contractions: Preliminary Findings

Michael Cooper

Reporting of Eating Disorder Deaths

Katherine Mobley
Amy Hord, Kennesaw State University

Reporting on the Newsroom

Lauren Nye

Rethinking the Basic Needs of the Invisible Society

Jada Ross

Review of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) of Concrete Reinforced Materials

George Williams, Kennesaw State University
Mohammad Jonaidi, Kennesaw State University

Rollover V2X Soft Antenna for Vehicular Safety

JiWoo Park, Kennesaw State University
Devansh Singh, Kennesaw State University

Rural and Urban Influence on Intragroup Microaggressions of Southeastern Filipino-Americans

Gabey Ramos

Sampling bee diversity at floral resources across KSU properties

Francis Mullan, Kennesaw State University
Clint Penick, Kennesaw State University
Myranda Hernandez, Kennesaw State University
Christelle Price, Kennesaw State University
Audrey Quenneh, Kennesaw State University

Scaling properties of honeycomb across social bees and wasps

Grace Cope
Derek Goss, Arizona State University
Nikhilesh Chawla, Purdue University
Alex Grishin, PADT, Inc.
Dhruv Bhate, Arizona State University
Clint Penick, Kennesaw State University

Scan of the advantage of using biofuels, ethanol

Ana Carla Bueno

Secure Traffic Cabinets

Michael Young
Hannon Shepard

Sexual Dimorphism in Head Shape Among Spelerpine Plethodontid Salamanders

Kelly-Ann McDonald, Kennesaw State University
Tyshiona Brandon, Kennesaw State University

Significance of Donor Retention

Quinley Whitley

Simulating Vesicle Deformations Under Fluid Flow

Dylan Stacy

Simulations of Design and Function of Cosmic Ray Muon Detector for Muography,

Kenzi waddell

Smart Shoe Performing Real Time Motion Classification using Machine Learning for External Motion Alerts in Vehicles.

Kaleb Key

Solid state synthesis of Polar Magnetic Oxides

Duy Pham

Sound, Material and Strength Correlation

Ryan McBride

Spatial and Temporal Variation in the Physiological Profile of the Longleaf Pine Microbiome

Gavin Treadaway
Jon Levesque, Kennesaw State University

STEM-PASS Program with Marietta Schools Using the TI-RSLK as a Tool

Bryanna Willis, Kennesaw State University
Zoe Crisp, Kennesaw State University

Still a Forgotten War? Investigation of College Students' Understanding of the Korean War.

Symphony Williams

Stress Reaction System Modeling

Vanessa Phan

Substance misuse prevention among School Aged students

Adam Meacham

Sustainable Building Materials of the Future: Architectural Forms and Structural Design

Sean Sadler
Moritz Meditz

Synthesis and characterization of a novel family of bis-NHC metal complexes

Simon Young, Kennesaw State University
Cameron Wulfsohn, Kennesaw State University

Synthesis and Characterization of Azaborine-Boronic Acid Photoinduced Electron Transfer (PET) Fluorescence Sensor for Monosaccharides

Robert Hughley, Kennesaw State University
Carl Jacky Saint-Louis, Kennesaw State University

Teenage Pregnancy in the United Kingdom, Sweden and the USA

erica mullis

Tensile Testing of 3D Printed Materials

Blair Cunningham, Kennesaw State University
Brian Koch, Kennesaw State University

The Chemistry of Fermentation as it Relates to the Art of Winemaking

Olivia Cochran, Kennesaw State University

The Correlation between Urban Sprawl and Air Pollution: How Seattle and Orlando Combat Urban Sprawl’s Negative Effects

Kylie Anderson

The effect of alternative and personalized therapy in the treatment of depression in older adults living in long-term care facilities

Amber Davis
Olivia Gilbert
Kayla Kelley
Mitch Elliot
Deanna Hebert

The Future is Female: An Examination of Officer-Client Communication of Risk Using a Sample of Justice-Involved Women

Darian Hailes

The i-mode (almost) went global. A case study in product export failure.

Paola Rattu

The Impact of Fungal Melanin Production on the Susceptibility to Volatile Organic Compounds

Angel Jaimes, KSU

The Importance of Safety Practices in the Petroleum Industry

Michaela Crowe

The Importance of Sulfuric Acid Production and Its Implications

Ally Kisiel, Kennesaw State University
Zoe Gurney, Kennesaw State University

The Phoenix Sign: Is it due to vasodilation? Blinded prospective comparing the effects of papaverine to lidocaine without epinephrine

Julia Aguirre

The Psychological and Mental Health Effects of COVID-19 on Students and Faculty

Destyni M. Herbert, Kennesaw State University
Briana M. Burnett, Kennesaw State University
Tangela L. Allen, Kennesaw State University

The Reactivity of Metal Phosphites: Oxidative Rate Analysis

Jamie Kitchens

The Relationship Between Big Five Personality Traits and COVID-19 Guideline Compliance

Patrick Kielly
Ty Nelson, Kennesaw State University
Shannon Hayes, Kennesaw State University
Christopher Woolford, Kennesaw State University

The Relationship Between Self-Reported Exercise Prior to Pregnancy, GDM, and Neonatal Birth Weight

Maria Johnson

The Relationship Between Self-Reported Exercise Prior to Pregnancy, GDM, and Neonatal Birth Weight

Maria Johnson

The role of Biofilm formation in Candida auris Anti-fungal Susceptibility

kameron downs

The Role of Extraversion and Conscientiousness in GroupMe Activity

Remy Wetzel, Kennesaw State University
Jamie Broome, Kennesaw State University
Hannah Dalton, Kennesaw State University

The Stamp of the Swift Creek Culture: An Analysis of Middle Woodland Pottery at the Traversent Site in Georgia

Juliana Damico

The Uses of the Aluminum Extraction By-Product Red Mud (Bauxite Residue)

Max Thompson
Armando Rodriguez Campos

The Veiled Lady Fungus

Nick Parbhoo

Therapeautic Cerium Oxide Nanoparticles

Angel E. Vasquez, Kennesaw State University

Thermal Properties of Clove Seeds

Sathish Gurupatham, Kennesaw State University
Navid Esfahani
Omar Figueroa

Top Ten Literary Myths

Jackson Call

Transmission IR of phosphorus in water-ice

Kerrigan Greene

Trauma in the Media: A Thematic Analysis of Trauma Representations in The Umbrella Academy

Macy Dykes

Understanding Early 20th Century Tenant Farming in Bartow County, Georgia

Joshua Reed

Understanding how Temperature influences European Starling’s Reproductive Success

Grace Fatoyinbo, Kennesaw State University
Sarah Guindre-Parker, Kennesaw State University

Understanding Mental Health Diagnosis in Youth and Recognizing Alternative Frameworks and Treatments

Angel Patterson


Magdalene Boadu

Urbanization and insects: A contrast in trends between latitudinal temperature gradients and the urban heat island effect in cities along the eastern United States

Zach Peagler
Layne Buttram

Use of Long Term Weight Loss Programs in Conjunction with the Diabetes Prevention Program

Martha Nimmo

Using Art to Express Life Stories of Those With Disabilities

Emily Belinski

Using Eye-Tracking Data to Determine What Biochemistry Students Attend to When Completing a Revised Three-Dimensional Modeling Activity

Hailey Knoeferl

Utilizing a Smartphone Application to Improve Health & Wellness within Young Adults

Lee McClellan-Karp
James Cooke
Kihana Velia

Voltage-Gated Sodium Channel Auxiliary Subunits

Prem Patel

Walking the Line: Planned Trajectory of Autonomous Cars on Driver Takeover Behavior

Water Purification and the Industries It Supports

Zeljka Zec, Kennesaw State University
KJ Bell, Kennesaw State University

Where Are We with Education About Mental Health and Illness: a Survey Research

Symphony Williams

Why Does an Ex-Offender Reoffend?

Jacob Rybak

Why Should You Care?

shandia sinclair

Women Genre Writers in Television and Film

Gabrielle Jones

Workplace Health Promotion (WHP) and Retirement Readiness: A Programming Possibility?

Havan Temesghen

You are what you eat: A biodiversity study of fast food

Amjad Alkawam
Clint Penick
Thomason Gilchrist

You Were Born in the Middle of a Pandemic

Caryn Bowles