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1,4-Dihydropyrrolo[3,2-b]pyrroles as Anodically Coloring Electrochromes

Valentino Sorto
Ally Kisiel, Kennesaw State University
Julia Mauro, Kennesaw State University
Perry Skiouris, Kennesaw State University
Graham S. Collier, Kennesaw State University

3-Dimensional Data Visualization of a Car Path & Velocity

Jiwoo Min

A Comparative Analysis of SORNA Statutes Across the United States

Faith Powell, Kennesaw State University
Olivia Barnett, Kennesaw State University
Sarah Boutwell, Kennesaw State University

A Low-Cost, low-power, SCADA Testbed Solution for Secure Remote Monitoring

Connor Berger

A review and case study on the use of environmental DNA (eDNA) to detect species in urban streams

Leah T. Rittenburg, Kennesaw State University
Todd W. Pierson, Kennesaw State University

A Review of Intervention Efficacy on Central line Associated Bloodstream Infections

Nisha Amin

A Systematic Review of Postpartum Depression and Mother-Infant Bonding

Anna Sanusi
Grace VanWieren
Yewande Bello
Juan Hernandez
Christopher Heydt
Jacob Krejci

ABCDEF Bundle: Reducing the Incidence of Delirium

Yaisha Palmeros

Actively Guided CanSats for Assisting Localization and Mapping in Unstructured and Unknown Environments

Cary Chun
M. Hassan Tanveer, Kennesaw State University

Advocating for Postpartum Depression

Addie Miller

Air Pollution and its Correlation to Asthma in Georgia

Briley Harrell

Alarm Fatigue

Angela Hyman, Kennesaw State University

Alarm Fatigue in ICU Nurses

Mahek Khimani

Altered Siderophore-production in a Pseudomonas aeruginosa lrp Mutant

Kendra Fick

Alternative Methods for Chronic Constipation

Jisoo Kim, Kennesaw State University

Alternative Precautionary Measures Yielding Lower C. diff Infection Rates in Healthcare Facilities

Matthew Kramer

Analysis of brainwaves using Flanker Paradigm

Kyle Vlahos, Kennesaw State University
Richard McConnel, Kennesaw State University

Analysis of Speech Recordings from a Head and Torso Simulator (HATS) with and without Face Coverings using both Spectrogram and Transcription Tools

Guillermo Brito, Kennesaw State University
Britt Cumbee, Kennesaw State University

Analyzing the past five years of EQUINOX Week* programs focused on Sustainable Development Goals within a collection of local and global initiatives to support a proposal for the publication of a comprehensive book

Abdoulaye Idrissa

Are Basic Care Homeless Shelters Beneficial to The Homeless

Lucy Karanja

Assessing the Use of Nurse-Led Guided Imagery on Patient Pain and Anxiety During Complex Procedures

James Beam, Kennesaw State University

Azomethine-Containing Moieties for Simple and Degradable Conjugated Polymers

Kimberley Bartlett


Grace E Farmer

Barriers to On-Campus Gym Access

Danelis Rivera
Rachel McWilliams

Bedside Shift Report

Victoria Leggett

Best Practice for Confirmation of Nasogastric Tube Placement in Pediatric Patients

Joey Gondhalekar, Kennesaw State University
Hannah Baines, Kennesaw State University
Jacob Barcenas, Kennesaw State University
Kaci Giles, Kennesaw State University
Katie Crocker, Kennesaw State University

Botulism Toxin and its Affects on Spasticity

Paige Nicholas

Brain-to-text communication through a non-invasive BCI

Cesar Lucena Trujillo, Kennesaw State University
Abm. Adnan Azmee, Kennesaw State University
Hafiz Khan, Kennesaw State University
Manohar Murikipudi, Kennesaw State University
Christopher Dargan, Kennesaw State University

Breastfeeding Rates Based on Income Group Globally

Trashauna Franklin

Burnout Among Emergency Room Nurses: Evaluating the Intervention of Scheduled Breaks

Hannah Hastings

Camp Chesterfield: Entertainment as Religion

Ben Holmes

Can more rest decrease stress and fatigue when taking call?

Quanta Bailey

Can Non-Pharmacological Interventions Effectively Reduce Anxiety and Pain in Chronic Pediatric Patients?

Kiara Harvey, Kennesaw State University

Candida species Identification

Jan Strydom
Jessica Fussell

Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infection

Neneh Jallow

CAUTI Education and Reduction in Intensive and Acute Care Settings

Claire Duffy

CAUTI Infection in Acute Care Setting

Kai Zheng
Katherine Waldron, Kennesaw State University
Andrea Medina, Kennesaw State University

CAUTI Prevention in the ICU

Kai Zheng
Christie Emerson, Kennesaw State University
Nerma Redcross, Kennesaw State University

Central line-associated bloodstream infections

Aviaon Navarro

Changing the Perception Towards Postpartum Depression and Willingness to Seek Treatment with Bundled Screening and Education Protocol

Fatima Hernandez

Characterization of a Mycelial Pigment

Mark Sheehan
Blake Harrison Ritter, Kennesaw State University

Characterization of Caenorhabditis Elegans F07A5.4, Human Ortholog of Olfactomedin 1

Sade K. Thomas
Karunambigai Kalichamy
Martin Hudson

Checking the Status of Green Salamanders in the Georgia Blue Ridge

Lexi Bailey

Chlorhexidine Vs. Povidone-Iodine in Reducing Surgical Site Infection Rates

Jessica Mason

Collaborative Emergency Department Crowd Management Framework using Wearable Devices and Data Analytics

victoire metuge

Collision Induced Dissociation to Detect the Amino Acid Sequence of Synthetic Peptide: A Tandem Mass Spectrometry Investigation

Aamna Aijaz
Mohammad Halim

Commercial Airliner Winglet Design Optimization – A Case Study

Anthony Gutierrez

Comparing Infection Prevention Protocols in LVAD Patients

Julianna Mallette

Comparing Interventions for Preventing Central Line-Associated Bloodstream Infections.

Yewande Osunsanya

Comparison of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Pharmacologic Intervention in Alcohol Use Disorder Treatment

AnaLily Wong, Kennesaw State University
Collin Owen, Kennesaw State University
Meghan Vatave, Kennesaw State University

Comparison of non-pharmacologic pain interventions for NICU infants

Mira Cothran

Comparison of Vaginal Misoprostol and Oral Misoprostol for promoting Cervical Ripening and Inducing labor

Aurelle Ndongo
Julie Vu, Kennesaw State University
Abby Smith, Kennesaw State University
Alice Han, Kennesaw State University
Callie Greathouse, Kennesaw State University

COPD Rehabilitation Benefits

Jena Killian

COVID-19 Contributing Conditions in Georgia

Veronica Wright

Creating presence in the state of absence with students In the Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice

Lance Brown

Crime Rates in the United States 2022

Ross Witherspoon

Cupcake Time Study

ANNE Davis

Death's Door: A Short Film Script

Auriana Hogg

Decreasing Fall Rates in Dementia Patients

Ashton Ensley

Decreasing Postpartum Cesarean Delivery Infection Rates

Emmy Lam, Kennesaw State University

Designing and Synthesizing a Warhead-Fragment Inhibitory Ligand for Ivyp1 through Fragment-Based Drug Discovery

Samuel Moore, Kennesaw State University

Detecting bacterial species from ancient human skeletal samples

Ariel Owens, Kennesaw State University
Daisy McGrath, Kennesaw State University
Tsai-Tien Tseng, Kennesaw State University

Determining the Impact of a Parent Education on Their Children's Income

Matthew McKenzie

Determining the Optimal Compressibility Factor for Ultra HPLC

Angelika Kudratov

Development of Electrochemical Sensors for the Detection of Trace Contaminants

Quang Lam
Ashish Aphale
Duy Pham

Digitization and 3D Printing of KSU Campus Art and Terrain

Satchel Parker

Discharge Teaching for Non-English Speaking Postpartum Patients

Madison Wilkins

Do Automated Reposition and Alert systems reduce the development of Pressure Ulcer?

Adanech Jones, Kennesaw State University

Do Intermittent Pneumatic Compression Devices Reduce the Likelihood of Deep Vein Thrombosis?

Christen Collier

Does the enhanced recovery after surgery protocol decrease length of stay in cardiac valvular patients?

Justyse Williams, Kennesaw State University

Does the Urban Heat Island Effect Provide a Competitive Edge for Invasive Species? Exploring Differences in Plant Stress Responses in Rural and Urban Environments

Rebecca Senft

Does the use of machine learning algorithms help reduce mortality rates in patients with sepsis

Jacqueline Easter

Does triage education reduce classification errors in the ED?

Rachel Abukhdeir, Kennesaw State University

Do​es Chronic Illness Diagnosis Alter Sense of Purpose in Older Adults?

Semper Habib, Kennesaw State University
Emily Mroz
Tyler Collette
Shubam Sharma

Dynamic Perimeter Movement Using UAVs and Robotic Systems

Nayeli Barrett
John Lawson, Kennesaw State University
Billy Kihei, Kennesaw State University

Early Mobility in Intensive Care Burn Patients

Sarah Hendrick

Early Stage or Curable Cancer Diagnoses in Minorities: A Journey of Survivors

Lora Asberry

Educating Parents on Infant Safe Sleep to Reduce Sleep-Related Deaths

Marleni Cervantes

EEG classification using Neural Network – An Application of Machine Learning in Classification of attention deficiency, to measure the effect of ChakaMarkaKosha Meditation-II

Sreekanth Gopi, Kennesaw State University
Nasrin Dehbozorgi

EEG-MI Training Elimination

Mohammad Naser

Effect of Non-pharmacological Interventions on Sleep Quality within Medical-Surgical Units

Rebecca Stammen

Effectiveness of distraction techniques in reducing pain and anxiety during pediatric venipuncture

Gina Hernandez

Effectiveness of Handwashing in Healthcare Facilities

Erin Pailthorpe

Effectiveness of Non-pharmacological Interventions When Treating Postpartum Depression in First-Time Mothers

Rudy Trujillo, Kennesaw State University
Tamantha Minton-Damm, Kennesaw State University
Ashley Muntean, Kennesaw State University
Natalia Lack, Kennesaw State University

Effects of Breast Milk Feedings versus Formula Feedings on Health and Developmental Outcomes in Preterm Infants: Systematic Literature Review

Blaine Atkisson
Ansley Goodwin
Sarah Holaway
Miranda Larson
Caroline Ogle

Effects of Dietary Changes in Childhood Obesity

Kathia Acosta, Kennesaw State University

Effects Of Educational Weight Loss Interventions On Knee Arthroplasty For Obese Patients

Ashley Tomasetto, Kennesaw State University
Emily Anderson, Kennesaw State University
Grace Hodgson, Kennesaw State University
Annabelle Hudgins, Kennesaw State University
Katelin Hartley, Kennesaw State University

Effects of External Distraction on Driver Take-Over Performance

Kaylee E. Polk
Alexa N. Brown
Cameron Neilson
Amber E. Jenkins
Sarah Williams

Effects of Oral Care and Positioning on the Incidence of Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia

Nneka Uwaekwe

Effects of Passenger Distraction on the Operation of an Automated Vehicle

Miracle O. Elonu
Andrew P. Brandenburg
Keonte Tutt
Mercy Oliva
Conor J. Glancy

Elucidating the use of Green Solvents in Suzuki Polymerization Reactions

Julien Layton

Emergency Department Wait Time Interventions Impacts on Patient Outcome and Hospital Stay

Natalie Vondra

Erich Korngold and the Soundtracks that Shaped Hollywood Film Music

Dylan Chastain, Kennesaw State University

Evaluating the Application of Online Healthcare Technology Solutions in Public Health Departments

Caitlin McCarthy

Evaluating the efficacy of nurse-led Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) administration

Tyler Brown, Kennesaw State University

Evaluation of differences in testosterone concentration among species, sexes, and reproductive tactics in two-lined salamanders

Zaynab Massenburg, Kennesaw State University

Evidence-Based Practice: Nurse-to-Patient Ratios in the Hospital

Kennesaw State University – Wellstar School of Nursing

Examining correlation of Wright-Fisher Model and Coalescent Theory based on Fractional Calculus

Fatemeh Ghasemi


Alexis Myers

Factors influencing mental health issues among undergraduate nursing students

Michael Giordano

Food insecurity rates among Black and white Georgians

Jenna Doran, Kennesaw State University

For Bedside Nurses in Acute Care, Can Additional Education Contribute to Adequate Performance of Prevention and Treatment for Hospital-Acquired Pressure Injuries?

Hannah Ly

For pediatric patients with sickle cell disease, does receiving an educational pamphlet about L-glutamine improve proper use, and thus, reduce the risk of hospitalization caused by vaso-occlusive pain crises?

Maggie Peterson

Forest Fires in Idaho

Matt Hellerstedt

Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopic Analysis of Acrylic Nails as a Forensic Evidence

Mary Smith
Mohammad Halim

Frog Skin Peptides as Potential Therapeutics for Covid-19 Treatment

Makayla Daniels
Mohammad Halim

Getting Plastered: A Technological Analysis of Daub Recovered from a Mississippian Period House in Bartow County, GA

Joey Case

Guano among bat species from two regions shows influence of geography and diet on bacterial community

Rahma Ahmed
Thomas McElroy, Kennesaw State Universtiy
Shannon Whitney, Kennesaw State University
Lydia Moore

Hanging High for Entertainment; A Popular Performance in Tyburn, London

Natalie Peters

Hate Crime

Rachael Kimani


Sawyer Rodriguez

Hide and Shriek: Short Film Script

Kaylin Clarke

High Anxiety in Pediatric Oncology Patients? What about Art Therapy?

Rebekah Love

HIPAAChecker: A Web Based Application on HIPAA Technical Safeguards Assessment of Android mHealth Applications

Bilash Saha

Hollywood Cries for Diversity but What Happens Behind the Scenes

Kikelomo Sanni

How an Educational Program Can Reduce Intravenous Related Adverse Events

Blake Jakubiszak

How are health, burnout, and satisfactory levels affected by the use of mindfulness therapies among the nursing population?

Khushali Patel, Kennesaw State University

How can nurses use non pharmacological interventions to help prevent delirium for patients in a hospital setting?

kristen jakrali

How does sleep effect hospitalized patients

Luke Stewart

How Frequent Oral Care can Decrease the Incidence of Aspiration Pneumonia Within the Critical Care Setting

Patrick Subers

How Kudzu Affects Biodiversity in Southeast USA​

Chase Miller

How to Run with a Big Head

Sedona Griffith-Tesch

Human Trafficking Victims and the ED

Sami Johnson

Hydrogen bonding in small model peptides; The DFT and MP2 study

Gracie Smith
Martina Kaledin, Kennesaw State University

Impact of Alarm Fatigue in Critical Care Nurses on Patient Outcomes

Addie McTyre

Impact of Alarm Management Classes in Reducing Alarm Fatigue

Elizabeth Laegen

Impact of morphology, reflectance, and hairs on the physiological limits of bees and their response to climate warming

Theresa Wolff

Impact of Socio-Determinants of Health in Pregnant Women

Ni'Quinta Swayne, Kennesaw State University
Kiyani Woods, Kennesaw State University
Gabrielle Walker, Kennesaw State University

Impact of the Maternity Care Changes of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Pregnant Women and Their Birth Partners: An Integrative Literature Review

Rebekah Kemp

Impacts of Food and Exercise on Blood Glucose: A study for predicting glucose concentration in non-invasive monitoring.

Sumaiya Mishu
Maria Valero, Kennesaw State University

Impacts of Thermally Conductive Coating on Super Coiled Polymers

Lakshay Battu, Kennesaw State University
Siddharth i Sanghav, Kennesaw State University
Mitchell Karwisch, Kennesaw State University
Brandon Yang, Kennesaw State University
Charles Brubaker


Kayla-Anne Van Rengen

Implementation of a Nurse Led Bereavement Committee to Show the Effects on Increased Nursing Confidence in Providing Care and Increased Patient Satisfaction in a Women’s Services Department.

Payton Ethridge

Implementation of Educational Programs to Reduce the Incidence of Workplace Violence Among Emergency Room Nurses

camilla byrd


Ling Yang

Implementing Group Prenatal Care to Improve Patient Experience & Reduce Complications in High-Risk Pregnant Women

Halie OBrien

Improved Sleep in Acute Care Settings

Bryce Lyons

Improvement of Trauma-Informed Care for Women with MRKH

Danielle Podolin

Improving Discharge Planning In the NICU

Jessica Fleming

Improving Labor and Delivery Through the Increased use of Wireless Electronic Fetal Monitoring Systems

Autumn Farah

In adult ICU patients with central lines, does improved staff adherence to the CLABSI prevention clinical practice guidelines reduce the incidence of CLABSIs?

Job Waihiga

In Full-Term Pregnant Women with Gestational Diabetes, does Induction of Labor Increase the Risk of the Patient Requiring an Emergency C-section when Compared to Spontaneous Labor?

Melissa Hernandez, Kennesaw State University

In long term care facilities, for patients with spinal cord injuries, does turning a patient using turn teams on two hour intervals decrease the presence of pressure injuries prior to discharge?

Mary Kate Eaton

In-Source and Collision Induced Dissociation of Herbicides: A Mass Spectrometry Study

Jade Zuniga
Mohammad Halim

Increasing Translation Services In Labor and Delivery

Victoria Morales

Infrared and Raman Spectroscopic Characterization of Hair Samples as a Forensic Evidence

Mary Arthen
Mohammad Halim

Insect availability and Parental Care Behavior in a Common Bird

Cole Bourque

Intensive Care Unit (ICU) delirium

McKenna Redmond

Intermittent auscultation versus continuous fetal monitoring in low-risk pregnancies and deliveries

Heather Wood

Intermolecular Forces Effect on Candy Dissolution

Norhan Eid

Interventions for Pressure Injury Prevention in ICU Patients

Brianna Becerra

Interventions to Combat Burnout in Intensive Care Unit Nurses

Emily C. Randall, Kennesaw State University
Amber T. Mcclarty, Kennesaw State University
Omotoyosi Ogedengbe, Kennesaw State University

Interventions to Decrease Readmission Rates in LVAD Patients

Karolina Jackson

Interventions to Prevent Hospital Acquired Pressure Injuries

Astrid Geronimo

Interventions to Prevent the Incidence of Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia

Taylor Arnett

Investigating Driver Evasive Maneuvers of Takeover Responses in Automated Vehicles

Tammy Trinh
Rory C. Bailey, Kennesaw State University
Alex A. Garcia, Kennesaw State University
Christian D. Disclafani, Kennesaw State University

Investigating Eating Disorder Characteristics Across Male Athletes

Caitlin Callahan, Kennesaw State University
Abby Doster, Kennesaw State University

Investigating the Electrochemical Behavior of Dihydropyrrolopyroles for Use as Anodically Coloring Electrochromes

Perry Skiouris, Kennesaw State University
Ally Kisiel, Kennesaw State University
Valentino Sorto, Kennesaw State University
Julia Mauro, Kennesaw State University
Graham Collier, Kennesaw State University

Investigating winter activity of Perimyotis subflavus in subterranean and transportation-based hibernacula as it relates to susceptibility to white-nose syndrome

Jordyn R. Upton, Kennesaw State University

Is there a high prevalence of catheter related bloodstream infections related to care, cleaning, and monitoring in hospital settings?

bresha bryant

Isolation and Selection of Wild Yeasts for Beer Fermentation

Sarah Muncy
Hailey Locklear
Kaiti Craven

“It’s getting hot in here”: Climate Change and Tensions Surrounding Environmental Injustice for Minority and Low-Income Communities

Symone Gaskin

IV Pump Phone Alert System for Medical Surgical Nurses Improving Patient Satisfaction

Autumn Whitley, Kennesaw State University

Jaws and Effect: A Preliminary Archaeological Analysis on Shark and Ray Remains from the Coastal Florida Site of Marineland

Isabella Rosinko

Lack of Gynecological Education for Adolescent Girls

nina dinh
Brianna Hernandez
Michayla Grey
Sabbi Uddin

Lack of Knowledge Surrounding Breastfeeding

cameron Jakubiszak

Latinx Children and Culturally Relevant Fractions Lesson

Brittany Aguilar, Kennesaw State University
Paula Guerra, Kennesaw State University

Learning from Public Spaces in Historic Cities

Cody Josh Kucharski

LiDAR Field Data Collection for 3D Cartography

Danny Jang

Life and Perception, and the Decisions of a Parent

Evan Christensen, Kennesaw State University
Alex Garcia, Kennesaw State University
Nicole Rivera, Kennesaw State University

Life of an Institutionalized Sub-Citizen

Wendy Argueta

Lordy-Skaina Brisson Synchronize Bridge to CSHSE Standards

Lordy-Monica Brisson

Lowering UTIs in SCI

Jennifer Walter

Making Strides to Improve Quality Nursing Care

Arielle Holland

Mapping Bigfoot Across the United States

William Tyson

Mapping Microfibers in Lake Allatoona Water

Katheryn Foust, Kennesaw State University

Maternal and Child health research

Delaney Harris

Mental Health of College Students

Sydney R. Bolden, Kennesaw State University
Tamara Sutherland, Kennesaw State University

Mesoporous Activated Carbon as a Novel Substrate for MnO2

Max Thompson
Bharat Baruah, Kennesaw State University

Metagenome Assembled Genome of a Novel Phage from the Nunu Microbiome

Daisy McGrath, Kennesaw State University
Tsai-Tien Tseng, Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology, Kennesaw State University, Kennesaw, Georgia, USA.

Military Bases in the Mainland US vs Population Density of the State they are Located in

Andrew Stefan

Minimizing Fear of Needle Procedures in Pediatric Patients

Kimani Effs

Modelling Traffic in Cobb County With a Degree Based Network and SIR Model

Theresa Washington
Ian Salamone-Lent

Motor Imagery Detection Toward Non-Invasive Brainwave Based Typing

Abm. Adnan Azmee, Kennesaw State University
Manohar Murikipudi, Kennesaw State University
Cesar Lucena
Ibrahima Gueye, Kennesaw State University
Bryce Wishart, Keneesaw State University
Yuliana Pacheco, Kennesaw State University
Md Abdullah Al Hafiz Khan, Kennesaw State University

Mrs. Packard: How Misogyny and Ableism Intersect Historically and in the Present

Macy Cardwell

Multimodal Intervention Program and Hand Hygiene Compliance on the Mother/Baby Unit

Kayla Stephenson

Nanocomposites for Applications in Ultracapacitors based Energy Storage Systems

Duy Pham
Jake Ivirn
Jacob Dileonardi
Ben McKinney
Ashish Aphale

New Mobility Devices to Assist the Bedbound Patient

Kaylin Sellers, Kennesaw State University

New Year's Day: A Short Film Script

Elizabeth Bergwall

Noise Reduction in the Intensive Care Unit

Carolina Gomez, Kennesaw State University

Non-Opioid Pain Modalities: Reducing Opioid Dependency and Improving Pain Management

Akosua Agyemang, Kennesaw State University

Number of Asthma Hospitalizations vs. Particulate Matter Density within the U.S.

Joshua Khaleghi

Nurse Assessment Workshop

Santiago Beltran

Nurse Role in Preventing Substance Abuse

Catherine Williams

Nurse to Patient Ratio and Patient Outcomes: Proposal

Hamilton Nguyen

Nurse Use of Coping Strategies and the Effect on Reported Stress

Johana Figueroa Morales, Kennesaw State University
Fransely Rivera, Kennesaw State University
Abby Guerrero, Kennesaw State University
Erick Infante, Kennesaw State University
Sosa Edomwande, Kennesaw State University
Berenice Lucio, Kennesaw State University

Nurse-Driven Protocol Tool to Reduce Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infections

madison boger

Nurse-initiated Protocols leading to Improved Patient Flow

Shanyne Douglas, Kennesaw State University

Nurse-Patient Ratio, Safety, and Quality of Care

Hannah Neal

Nurses Assisting with Breastfeeding

Sofia Robles-Gonzalez

Nurses Eat Their Young

Abigale Spragle

Nursing Education and Identification of Sex and Human Trafficking Victims

Kirstie Mayes
Jenn Lum
Jess Griggs

Nutritional Knowledge of NCAA Division 1 and 2 Males and Females Tennis Athletes

Valentina Taddia

Object Detection and Tracking: Deep Learning-based Framework with Euclidean Distance, IoU, and Hungarian Algorithm

Md Jobair Hossain Faruk, Kennesaw State University

On Death's Door

Amarih Matthews

One Versus Two Handedness: Directional Preference in a Silent-Failure Scenario

Rocky Norris-Rocaberte
Isabella M. Frank, Kennesaw State University
Joshua Rodriguez, Kennesaw State University
Emily J. Madigan, Kennesaw State University
Cameron S. Alexander
Lauren S. Stolarski, Kennesaw State University
Rebecca D. Changnon, Kennesaw State University

Opioid Use Disorder in the Active Service: Incidence Rates and Behavioral Health Considerations

Brian A. Moore
Sophie Vincent
Michael Schlenk
Anne White

Optical Study of Gd doped GaN by Raman Scattering

Ikram Talukder

Optimization of Metallic Interconnectors for Clean Energy Power Systems

Mason Cox

Optimizing Spray, Capillary Tube Voltage, Temperature and Gas Parameters for Electrospray Protein Ionization in Mass Spectrometry

Isabella Navia
Mohammad Halim

Pediatric Spinal Cord Injury Spasticity Interventions

Zola Lopeman

Perkins is Perfect: A Short Film Script

Maura May

Pickleball in Cobb County

Adam Piejak

Plans to Prosper, Not to Hurt; A New Narrative

Erica Bolding

Point-of-Care Devices to Reduce Iatrogenic Anemia Among Preterm Infants

Jenna Craven

Pollution Issues of Lake Lanier

Christopher DeLisle

Population Density Vs Suicide Rates

Mason McClellan

Post-Disaster Population Sustainment in Cherokee County, Georgia

Ethan Manigbas

Post-Restraint Debriefing Effects on the Therapeutic Relationship: A Mixed Methods Research Study

Alisha Gobin

Post-stroke patients’ rehabilitation exercise assessment from Vicon-based skeletal angle displacement using Convolutional Neural Network

Manohar Murikipudi, Kennesaw State University
Kyle Hillhouse, Kennesaw State University
Cesar Lucena, Kennesaw State University
Christopher Dargan, Kennesaw State University
Ibrahima Gueye, Kennesaw State University
Jaterien Walker, Kennesaw State University
Md Abdullah Al Hafiz Khan, Kennesaw State University

Postpartum Depression for Mothers with Early Fetal Death or Stillbirths

Callie Goldman

Precautionary Positioning to Reduce VAP

Benedetto Cocchiere

Predicting the Spread of Urbanization in Georgia using Spatial Analysis

Jarrett Arogeti

Preliminary survey of the mosquitoes of Kennesaw, Georgia, USA

Ashley Belinfante

Prenatal care: Access for all?

Jasmin Stewart

Pressure Injury Bundles vs Routine Pressure Injury Care, Which Will Reduce More Pressure?

Kristina Bennett

Pressure Ulcer Prevention in Immobile Patients

Weslande Frederic

Pressure Ulcer Prevention in the Post- Anesthesia Care Unit

Kelly Trinh

Preventing Catheter Related Blood Stream Infections in the NICU

Michaela Morrison

Preventing CLABSI in Bedside Nursing


Preventing Non-ventilator Hospital Acquired Pneumonia with Oral Hygiene Protocols

Pamela Agedah, Kennesaw State University
Akosua Agyemang, Kennesaw State University
Esther Akinsinmide, Kennesaw State University
Katherine Tatnall-Arias, Kennesaw State University
Claire Belew, Kennesaw State University

Prevention and management of ICU Delirium

Bolu Omolayo

Prevention of Pressure Ulcers Interventions

Halle Borgel

Probiotics to Alleviate the Onset of Antibiotic Associated Diarrhea

Musonda Shakalima, Kennesaw State University
Merilyn Tran, Kennesaw State University
Kit Watson, Kennesaw State University

Project Proposal Abstract For Bedside Nurses in Acute Care, Can Additional Education Contribute to Adequate Performance of Prevention and Treatment for Hospital-Acquired Pressure Injuries?

Hannah Ly

Promoting The Use of Updated Technology to Increase Effective Communication and Care in Inpatient Hospitals

Karmalita Crenshaw

Proposal to Reduce Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia through a Standardized Nursing Interventions and Education Program

Faith Ralston

Protocol Implementation for Standardized Handoff from Emergency Department

Marina Conaway

Protocols for Postpartum Hemorrhage

Jackleen Chambers

Psychiatric Medications: Does Education Affect Medication Prescriptions?

Surina M. Narine, Kennesaw State University
Mary D. Ramos, Kennesaw State University
Sarah Chu, Kennesaw State University

Pyrrolo[3,2-b]pyrrole-based Anodically Coloring Molecules

Julia Mauro, Kennesaw State University
Ally Kisiel, Kennesaw State University
Perry Skiouris, Kennesaw State University
Valentino Sorto, Kennesaw State University
Graham S. Collier, Kennesaw State University

Pyrrolopyrrole-Based Materials for High Contrast Electrochromics

Ally Kisiel, Kennesaw State University

Racial Disparities in Maternal Mortality Rates

Lauranne McMillan, Kennesaw State University
Lauren Plakiotis, Kennesaw State University
Alondra Scarbough, Kennesaw State University

Raising a Trilingual Family in a Monolingual Society

Cassie Childress
Lexi White

Raman Scattering Measurements and Analyses of GaN Thin Films Grown on ZnO Substrates by Metalorganic Chemical Vapor Deposition

Zane McDaniel
Zhe Chuan Feng, Kennesaw State University
Kevin Stokes, Kennesaw State University

Raman Scattering Measurements and Analyses of ZnO Thin Films Grown on Sapphire Substrates by Metalorganic Chemical Vapor Deposition

Ujjwal Purimetla

Reducing Delays in Cardiac Treatment in the CDU: Advocating for RN Initiation of Vasoactive Drips

Meridian Rampey

Reducing Diaper Dermatitis in the NICU

Yesenia Alvira

Reducing Emergency Department Nurse to Patient Ratios to Reduce Preventable Deaths

Mojahme Brown, Kennesaw State University
Fernando Gonzalez, Kennesaw State University
Kayln N. Estes, Kennesaw State University
Mikki Dixon, Kennesaw State University
William Fried, Kennesaw State University

Reducing Emergency Department Violence

Karena Spratt

Reducing Noise Levels in Intensive Care Units Using Noise Monitoring Technology

Kayla Kloes, Kennesaw State University

Reducing Readmission (and Mortality) for Older Patients & Survivors of Life-Threatening Conditions: A Study Using the STAARR Protocol

Akhenaten Amun, Kennesaw State University

Reducing Skin Injury and Breakdown in Neonatal Patients

Emily Herring

Reducing the Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Nursing Staff

Haley Huckaby

Reducing the Risk of Chemotherapy Exposure

Miranda Susman


Michala Le

Reduction of Analgesia Delivery Time Based on PCA Data

Jonathan Lynch

Relation between emotions and students’ code quality using IoT

Lisero Mugula

Repositioning Patients to Prevent Pressure Ulcers

janeth covarrubias

Risk Assessments in the Reduction of Medication Errors in Older Adults with Polypharmacy

Jacquelyn Blackwell

Secure Cloud-based IoT Water Quality Gathering for Analysis and Visualization

Soin Abdoul Kassif Baba M Traore, Kennesaw State University

Secure Decentralized Blockchain Based Web Application for Medical Records

Sri Harshini Popuri
Liang Zhao

Semi-Private versus Private Rooms - Cancer Patients

Daniel Petruccelli

Sepsis Prevention in the Emergency Department: Optimizing Line Access Cleaning Compliance

Emily Woodward

Shortening Wait-Times in the Emergency Department

Laura Clark

Small-Separation Speckle Contrast Optical Spectroscopy for Intraoperative Assessment of Parathyroid Glands Viability during Thyroid Surgery

Connor Berger

Smoke but No Fire: Convicting the Innocent of Crimes that Never Happened

Autumn Huber

Software Supply Chain Security Attacks and Analysis of Defense

Juanjose Rodriguez-Cardenas, Kennesaw State University
Jobair Hossain Faruk, Kennesaw State University
Masura Tansim, Kennesaw State University
Asia Shavers, Kennesaw State University
Corey Brookins, Kennesaw State University
Shamar Lake, Kennesaw State University
Ava Norouzi, Kennesaw State University
Marie Nassif, Kennesaw State University
Kenneth Burke, Kennesaw State University
Miranda Dominguez

Software Supply Chain Vulnerabilities Detection in Source Code: Performance Comparison between Traditional and Quantum Machine Learning Algorithms

Mst Shapna Akter

Soil and Human Health

Maggie Davis
Christian Thomas

Solid State Synthesis and Characterization of Chiral Magnetic Oxides

Brady Wilson

Solutions for Call Light/Alarm Fatigue

Spero Psareas

SPR-5; MET-2 maternal reprogramming cooperates with the Dream Complex to regulate developmental cell fates

Sandra Nguyen, Kennesaw State University
Brandon Carpenter, KSU

SPR-5; MET-2 maternal reprogramming cooperates with the Dream Complex to regulate developmental cell fates

Jazmin Dozier, Kennesaw State University
Brandon Carpenter, Kennesaw State University

Stretching to Reduce Chronic Back Pain in Nurses & Care Partners

Jennifer Monyhan, Kennesaw State University


Ashween Dedani

Supply Shortage Effect on Patients Length of Stay

Jamiee Pouncey

Synthesis and Spectroscopic Characterization of Deep Eutectic Solvents Produced from Ionic and Non-Ionic Compounds

Eli Briggs
Mohammad Halim

Synthesis, Characterization, and In-Vitro Analysis of Antiviral Peptides Targeting the Spike Protein of Sars-CoV-2 and Angiotensin Converting Enzyme 2

Ryan Faddis

Synthesis, Spectroscopic and Calorimetric Characterization of Amino Acid Based Deep Eutectic Solvents

Matthew Frias
Oluseyi Olawuyi
Mohammad Halim

Tackling the Nursing Shortage Conditions in American Hospitals: A Literature Review Research Study

Ryan Duncan

Testing the Efficacy of Methylobacterium oryzae Bacterial Inoculation to Improve the Quality of Hydroponic, Salt-Stressed Tomatoes

Collin Dice

The Dangers of Long Shifts in Mines

Phillip Beeslaar, Kennesaw State University
Michael W. Paul, Kennesaw State University

The Deconstruction of Cultural Barriers through Education among Healthcare Personnel

Mary Chabbouh

The Effect of daily Use of Probioticsin Adults Experiencing Antibiotic-Associated Diarrhea

gabija narbutaite


Caitlin Kelley

The Effect of Gaming on Novice Pilots

Asia Douglas
Tristan McMichael

The Effect of Patient to Nurse Ratios on Nurse Burn Out, Resignation, and the Quality of Patient Care

Alyssa Bedenbaugh

The Effect of Uninterrupted Breaks on Quality of Care Delivered by Bedside Nurses

Bryce Farmer, Kennesaw State University

The Effectiveness of Mindfulness in Reducing Social Anxiety

Christine Landers, Kennesaw State University


Emily C. Gilliland, Kennesaw State University

The Effectiveness of Silicone Foam Dressings in Preventing Pressure Ulcers

Rosaura De Jesus, Kennesaw State University
Arianna Grant, Kennesaw State University
Anna Brewer, Kennesaw State University
Natalya Carter, Kennesaw State University

The effectiveness of standardized handoff reports compared with regular reports

Zhuwei Liu

The Effects of Delirium Prevention on Fall Risks

Shadrick Nix

The Effects of Hospital Policy and Procedure on CAUTI Occurrence

Kevin Kaga
Michaela Morrison
Daniel John

The Effects of Prenatal Patient Education Regarding Epidural Anesthesia

Auburn Merritt

The efficacy of self-management of type 1 diabetes in the inpatient setting.

Bryan Chappell

The Evaluation of Prevention Measures Against Hospital-Acquired C. Difficile

Lauryn Glover

The Impact of Abiotic Stream Factors on Larval Salamander Growth Rates

Devan H. Faddis, Kennesaw State University

The Importance of Creation: Lessons from the Collision and Performing Justice Projects

Mariah Johnson

The Inhibition of Acetylcholinesterase by Spider Venom Peptides to Treat Alzheimer's Disease

Wesley Dieudonne
Mohammad Halim

The Novel Game Design Lab

Justin Graham, Kennesaw State University
Joel Metukmebong, Kennesaw State University
Donovan McGregor, Kennesaw State University
Stephen Pangilinan, Kennesaw State University
TJ Rush, Kennesaw State University
Jessica Susanto, Kennesaw State University

The Outcomes of Using an Assistive Device Pad to Turn and Reposition Patients on the Number of Work-Related Injuries and Level of Task Efficiency

Vanessa Sabbagh

The Reduction of Aggressive Patient Behaviors through Early Screenings and De-escalation Techniques

Phillip Knight

The Relationship of Cholesterol and Heart Disease Status

Katherine Hernandez

The Relationships Between Sustainability and Economy as Seen in Angola and Brazil

Rebecca Pearson

The Role of Akirin/NuRD Interactions During Heart Development

Mia Jones

The Role of Graduating Engineering Students’ Core Self-Evaluation in Job Search

David Nwadike, Kennesaw State University

The role of long non-coding RNA (lncRNA) in the organization of nuclear bodies

SooBin An, Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology, Kennesaw State University, Kennesaw, GA, United States.

The Role of Purpose in Navigating Health and Social Barriers in Marginalized Older Adults

Ameesha Narine

The Use of Evidence-Based Prevention Guidelines in Ventilator Associated Pneumonia

Kevin Kaga

Therapeutic Deep Eutectic Systems: Synthesis and Spectroscopic Characterization

Miriam Kennel
Miriam Kennel

Touch Therapy: a complementary treatment for ICU delirium?

Andrea Howell, Kennesaw State University

Towards Bounding the Behavior of Deep Neural Networks

Richard Borowski

Training in the Use of Interpretive Services for Patients With Limited English Proficiency

Kristina Wooten

Trilingualism in the United States: A case study of an Arabic and Greek household

Seongyo Gwon
David E. Posada
Milly Romo

Trying to Look For God

Nancy Gutierrez

Uncovering the Benefits of Naturalistic Blue-Depleted Lighting in Hospitals: A Qualitative Study

Sam P. Cotton, Kennesaw State University

Understanding the Contributions of Hormonal Contraceptives and Cortisol Levels to Fear Learning in Women

Sahil Bardai

understanding the effect of VARYING LIGHT AND NOISE LEVELS throughout the day in CRITICALLY ILL PATIENTS hospitalized in the intensive care unit

Kamrin Burdell, Kennesaw State University

Unmanned Aerial System Design for Civil Engineering Operations – A VIP Study

Ezra Robles, Kennesaw State University
Harrison Vicknair, Kennesaw State University
Derek Price, Kennesaw State University
Logan Westra, Kennesaw State University
George Pitcock, Kennesaw State University
Joshua Diamond, Kennesaw State University
Bhuvan Saraswat, Kennesaw State University
Jeremiah Prayor, Kennesaw State University
Fon Saliki, Kennesaw State University

Unmasking the Leading Injuries in Hospitals and a Promising Change

Taylor Karisny

USA Air Quality

Teja S

Use of the Brøset Violence Checklist and Reduction of Workplace Violence in Emergency Departments

Hannah Garland

Using Nurse-Led Pain Management Seminar as Intervention to Reduce Pain in Orthopedic Patients

Nadia Khan

Using Trust to Support Children and Youth in Care

Sage Belcher

UV/Vis and GC-MS Analysis of Kavalactones Extracted from Various Consumptive Kava Samples.

Stephanie O'Kon
Andrew Kokinda, Kennesaw State University
Wei Zhou, Kennesaw State University

Vascular Plant Inventory of the Sheffield Wildlife Management Area

Heather Sutton, Kennesaw State University
Katherine Dobson, KSU
Sebastian Hagan, KSU
WIll Freyberger, KSU
Aliya Donnell Davenport, Reinhardt University

Venous Thromboembolism Prevention Techniques

Jessica DeGroff

Veteran Suicide In The United States

Carson Merritt

Voice Assistant for Improving Patient's Lives: The Implementation and Case Study

Anh Duong, Kennesaw State University

Waveform Analysis of the Stop Task

Bryant Giles, Kennesaw State University
Makayla Mcginnis, Kennesaw State University

Wavelet Analysis of Behavior Inhibition

Makayla Mcginnis, Kennesaw State University
Bryant Giles, Kennesaw State University

What effect does a wearable patient sensor have on the prevention of pressure injuries

Stephanie Morgan

What interventions are effective in reducing the prevalence of Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infections?

Katherine Waldron

What is the asscoiacted risk for neglect, unethical treatment, and/or labor and delivery complications in non-English speaking obstetric patients due to a language barrier compared to primarily English speaking patients?

Tejah Robinson


Rick Watkins

Wireless Networked Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) in Smart Factories

Fadi Hantouli

Wireless, hand-held diffuse reflectance spectroscopy for intraoperative assessment of the parathyroid glands viability

Jacob Womack
Linh Luong, Kennesaw State University
Connor Berger, Kennesaw State University
Paul Lee, Kennesaw State University

Women Writers of Film & Television

Haley Hunt

You Said This Would Be Easier!

Bridget Kayser

Zygotic modulation of inappropriate inherited histone methylation partially rescues developmental phenotypes

Madison Yearwood
Sydney Morgan, Kennesaw State University
Brandon Carpenter, Kennesaw State University