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African Social Science Review

ISSN 1521-6667

African Social Science Review is a publication co-sponsored by the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Kennesaw State University and Barbara Jordan-Mickey Leland School of Public Affairs at Texas Southern University. ASSR publishes refereed articles from all areas of social science.

This collection only features issues published between 2000 and 2013. For more current issues, please visit: Texas Southern University's Digital Scholarship site.

Publisher Information

DigitalCommons@Kennesaw State University
College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Kennesaw State University
1000 Chastain Road
Kennesaw GA 30144

ISSN: 1521-6667


ATL aims to engage scholarly voices from all strata of academia. Undergraduate students, graduate students, junior faculty, tenured faculty, and community leaders are all welcome to submit work for consideration. Articles in ATL are peer-reviewed and embody our vision of creating intersectional analyses of social relationships.

Atlantic Marketing Journal

ISSN ISSN: 2165-3879 (print), 2165-3887(electronic)

Atlantic Marketing Journal is sponsored by the Atlantic Marketing Association.

The purpose of the Atlantic Marketing Journal is to publish double blind reviewed scholarly articles in the general area of marketing, logistics and closely related areas.

Our audience is intended to be Marketing Educators, Marketing Scholars and Marketing Practitioners. Manuscripts for submission should appeal to one or more of these audiences. Manuscripts addressing empirical research, pedagogical research, theoretical development, extensions and application are all received on an equal footing.

The review process will entail a double blind peer review. The journal is listed in the Cabell Directory.

Georgia Journal of Public Policy

From seat belt laws to economic recovery plans, public policy in Georgia is not only about legislating and program funding, but also about issues such as implementation, regulation and impact.

See the Aims and Scope for a complete coverage of the journal.

The editors believe the Journal will offer readers a deeper understanding of the complexity involved with forming and executing public policy in Georgia and beyond. We also want to hear from you, so please email your manuscripts and submission ideas to and help us further the conversation.

Georgia Library Quarterly

ISSN 2157-0396

Welcome to the Georgia Library Quarterly, the official journal of the Georgia Library Association.

ISSN: 2157-0396



Welcome to the new webpage for Groundings. Please join us, and help us by sharing with your friends and networks.

Groundings is the voice of the Walter Rodney Foundation and serves as the source of Foundation related news, inquiry, and activism.

Articles are published to engage both the public and the scholarly community.

See the About Page for a complete coverage of the journal.

Journal of Cybersecurity Education, Research and Practice

ISSN 2472-2707

The Journal of Cybersecurity Education Research and Practice (JCERP) is a peer-reviewed scholarly online journal dedicated to promoting scholarship among faculty teaching and researching Cybersecurity topics. JCERP seeks to collect and publish high-quality research, perspective, and best practice articles on the understanding, investigation, conduct and instruction of security related topics written specifically for an academic audience. JCERP is published twice annually, typically in June (Spring Edition) and December (Fall Edition).

See the Aims and Scope for a complete coverage of the journal.

Journal of Emerging Knowledge on Emerging Markets

ISSN 1946-651X

Welcome to the India, China & America Institute's Working Papers Journal of Emerging Knowledge on Emerging Markets. This journal provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and shared learning experiences among policy makers, scholars and practitioners on the global economic impact of emerging markets.

Several academic institutions across both hemispheres provide our content through their libraries and websites. Our articles also appear in searches of popular academic databases, including Google Scholar, EBSCO, the Directory of Open Access Journals, EconLit, and Cabell's Directory.

ISSN 1946-651X

Journal of Executive Education

ISSN 1535-1777

The Journal of Executive Education (JEE) is an interdisciplinary double-blind peer-reviewed journal with a mission to advance the quality of executive education and invites you to submit original manuscripts of your work on the scholarship of teaching, administration, and curriculum development issues, as well as essays and book reviews. Submissions are no longer accepted.

The JEE is currently and indefinitely on hold.

All the archived issues have been added.

Journal of Global Initiatives: Policy, Pedagogy, Perspective

ISSN 1930-3009

Journal of Global Initiatives: Policy, Pedagogy, Perspective is the publication of the Division of Global Affairs (DGA) at Kennesaw State University. JGI publishes refereed works of research and theory focusing on global issues, as well as reviews of books with similar scope.

For more information, see our Aims and Scope page.

Navigations: A First-Year College Composite

ISSN 2574-1489

Welcome to Navigations: A First-Year College Composite, a publication of creative and critical scholarship by first-year college students.

See the Aims and Scope for a complete coverage of the journal.

Oglethorpe Journal of Undergraduate Research

ISSN 2573-7058

Oglethorpe Journal of Undergraduate Research (OJUR) is a scholarly journal promoting undergraduate research, and it seeks to preserve and makes available the creative and academic invention of the campus constituency.

The journal serves as both a digital repository of scholarly output and a platform for publishing works of the campus community that promote inventive and original works.

We are now accepting submissions. Please view our Aims & Scopes page to see what we are interested in.


Writing and working at the intersections of difference and underrepresentation, oppression and resistance, alterity and struggles for social justice.

Provenance, Journal of the Society of Georgia Archivists

ISSN 0739-4241

Provenance's primary focus concerns the theory and practice of the archival profession. Recent issues included such topics as archival education; electronic records; automation; imaging; appraisal of university records; moving archives; management of audiovisual, photograph, oral history, and map materials; military archives; documentary editing; research use of archives; case studies in appraising congressional papers; ethics; and descriptive standards.

Siegel Institute Ethics Research Scholars

ISSN 2573-4237

The Siegel Institute Ethics Research Scholars program recruits budding and established scholars from across the Kennesaw State University community to come together in creating independent research projects under a common umbrella topic. Each Spring and Fall semester a new cohort begins a calendar-year-long commitment to see their unique research endeavors from development to publication. This journal houses the completed projects of each cohort in the SIERS program. For more information about the SIERS program and the scholars published here, please visit our website:


Welcome to the home of our new academic journal, which will focus on bringing into dialogue the many critical voices of the Global South, variously understood and constituted. We have simply named the project South to call into mind a number of interpretations of the word within the context of power dynamics in both the Global South and the Global North, as well as in the form of new and emerging forms of political subjectivity.

We appreciate your patience as we develop the first issue and put the finishing touches on this webpage. We expect to have Calls for Papers uploaded shortly as well, so please check back soon. If you are interested in discussing the project with the editors, please e-mail

Thank you.

Please click on "Submit Article" to the left to submit your abstract for the issue "Kurdish Culture, Identity and Geopolitics: Toward Decolonization." You do not have to upload your full paper at this time, but you can come back and upload it when it is ready.

The African Journal of Information Systems

ISSN 1936-0282

The African Journal of Information Systems, a journal of information systems focusing on the African continent.

AJIS Hardcopy Subscription

Authors wishing to submit to the journal should review:
* Submission Guidelines, Focus and Scope
* Template for Paper Submission

The Crambo

The Crambo

cram·bo ˈkrambō/ n. A literary journal for graduate students

The Crambo is a graduate-student-run publication at Kennesaw State University in Kennesaw, Georgia. We publish graduate students' fiction, creative, nonfiction, poetry, drama, photography, and art. All graduate students from any university are encouraged to submit original work

The journal accepts submissions until November 22, 2017 . Our staff carefully reviews submitted work, with the final decisions made by the editors. The online edition will be published Spring 2018 .

Note: Your work will be automatically rejected if you use an email address that is not affiliated with an institution. This is a journal for graduate students, by graduate students.

The Journal of Public and Professional Sociology

ISSN 2154-8935

Mel Fein and Linda Treiber, co-editors, JPPS |

The Journal of Public and Professional Sociology is the official journal of the Georgia Sociological Association. JPPS publishes refereed works of research and theory focusing on both public and professional sociology.

For more information, see our Aims and Scope page.

Publisher Information

DigitalCommons@Kennesaw State University
Kennesaw State University
1000 Chastain Road
Kennesaw GA 30144

The Kennesaw Journal of Undergraduate Research (Office of Undergraduate Research)

ISSN 2474-4921

The Kennesaw Journal of Undergraduate Research (KJUR) is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal dedicated to promoting scholarship among undergraduates at Kennesaw State University. The journal seeks to develop a spirit of inquiry among undergraduate students by providing them an avenue for dissemination and exchange of knowledge.

The Kennesaw Tower Undergraduate Foreign Language Research Journal

ISSN 2475-2223

Benvenuti / Bienvenidos / Bienvenue / Welcome / Willkommen / 欢迎

Welcome to The Kennesaw Tower, the annual undergraduate foreign language research journal at Kennesaw State University. We are based in the Department of Foreign Languages, a dynamic place in which over a dozen languages are taught regularly.

Who we publish and why?

Our mission is to publish quality, scholarly work of advanced undergraduate students in Chinese, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. We read submissions in a double-blind format. Access to our current issue and archived issues is free of charge.

Click here for Submission Information

For questions and comments please contact:

Dr. Jaime Cruz-Ortiz Editor-in-Chief
375 Cobb Ave. NW, MD 1804, Kennesaw, GA 30144-5591

The Siegel Institute Journal of Applied Ethics

ISSN 2573-4202

The Siegel Institute Journal of Applied Ethics.

See the Aims and Scope for a complete coverage of the journal.

The Southeastern Librarian

ISSN 0038-3686

The Southeastern Librarian (SELn) is the official publication of the Southeastern Library Association (SELA). The quarterly publication seeks to publish articles, announcements, and news of professional interest to the library community in the southeast.

The publication also represents a significant means for addressing the Association's research objective. Two newsletter-style issues serve as a vehicle for conducting Association business, and two issues include juried articles.

The SELA homepage has current issues and information on how to submit work.

Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities (URCA) Travel Fund (Office of Undergraduate Research)

The Office of Undergraduate Research will sponsor a limited number of Undergraduate Research & Creative Activities (URCA) travel funds during the academic year. The URCA funds are designed to enhance undergraduate involvement and experiences by supporting only travel expenses to present at conferences.

In order to provide as many opportunities for undergraduate researchers as possible, URCA funds will be limited to a maximum of $700.00 per student per academic year.

The undergraduates will be required to present their research at the annual Symposium of Student Scholars. Students who have completed a presentation or exhibition at an off-campus venue as a result of this program will be designated as an Undergraduate Research Scholar and presented with an Undergraduate Research Honor Cord prior to graduation.

Upon the completion of the project(s), recipients are required to send a final report to The Office of Undergraduate Research that includes abstract(s) of the project results and a list of the presentations/ publications/ exhibitions from the work completed.

Application Due Dates

  • First Friday of July, 7/7/17 at 11:59pm
  • First Friday of October, 10/6/17 at 11:59pm
  • First Friday of December, 12/1/17 at 11:59pm
  • First Friday of February, 2/2/18 at 11:59pm
  • First Friday of April, 4/6/18 at 11:59pm
  • Amount

    Up to $700 per student.


    The review committee (composed of one faculty member per college) evaluates each application according to a rubric. These are the criteria by which your application will be evaluated. Not all funding requests are accepted; therefore, we strongly recommend that you refer to the rubric when completing your application: Evaluation Rubric

    If you have questions about how much detail you should include in each section, check out our sample application here.

    Selection is competitive. The selection committee will not consider late or incomplete applications for any reason. You will be notified within two weeks of the deadline. All travel paperwork must be submitted within four weeks of the travel. For travel to conferences, students must be accepted to present at a conference and must provide documentation of their acceptance in their application.

    All KSU-supported research projects are administered in accordance with established University fiscal procedures and research policies. These include all travel regulations, policies relating to the protection of human subjects, and policies related to intellectual property rights. All publications and presentations must acknowledge the assistance of Kennesaw State University.

    The faculty member and students are expected to obtain Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval prior to collecting any data if the project includes research involving human or animal participants.


    • Faculty mentors must be under contract at Kennesaw.
    • Funds may only be used for travel.
    • Students who are not funded the first time they submit are strongly urged to apply again the following round if they can address the review committee's concerns.

      Requirements for travel funds:
    • Students must be enrolled at KSU during the time period of the travel or have graduated the previous semester
    • The travel must be completed between July 1, 2017 and June 30, 2018
    • Travel must involve a presentation rather than travel for educational purposes only.
    • Individual students may receive only $700 maximum per academic year.
    • Funded students must complete all travel-related paperwork no later than four weeks after their trip (or four weeks after receiving notification of funding if their travel occurred prior to the URCA deadline). Students who do not complete the paperwork in this timeframe will forfeit the funding.
    • Students who travel in the months of May and June must submit their paperwork more quickly to meet University deadlines regarding funding; paperwork is due no later than one week after the trip or the funding will be forfeited.

      Requirements for supplies/materials funding:
    • Students applying for supplies/materials must be currently enrolled students.
    • Requests for materials that could be obtained in another manner (e.g., a book available at the library, software available for free at KSU) will not be funded.
    • There is a plan for completing the research while the student is still an undergraduate

    Selection and Application Process

    Electronic Proposal Submission Guidelines:

    Applications must be submitted in the form below. The form consists of two sections: Faculty Section and Student Section. The faculty section should be clearly written by the faculty mentor; the student section should be clearly written by the student. Student sections that appear to have been written by the faculty mentor will not be considered.

    Click here to view a sample application.

    Click here to view the evaluation rubric.

    It will be the responsibility of the individual submitting the proposal to ascertain that the proposal materials are complete when submitted (all requested information is included; no materials missing). The funding committee will not consider late or incomplete applications.

    Time to Submit Your Application?