In this paper, by utilizing Self-Determination Theory (SDT), we discuss possible antecedents for Person-Supervisor (PS) fit, which is important in decreasing turnover intentions of salespeople. Specifically, this is the first paper to discuss autonomy, relatedness and competence as social antecedent variables that are influential in predicting the PS fit, which is the congruence of values and goals of salespeople and sales managers, that ultimately decreases turnover intentions of salespeople. Survey results show that autonomy and relatedness are both positively related to salespeople’s perception of PS fit, and have indirect effects on turnover intention through PS fit. Accordingly, by enhancing relatedness, through building close and caring relationships with their salespeople, and autonomy, through letting salespeople voice their opinion and self-govern, sales managers can enhance salespeople’s perceived fit with them, which in return decreases salespeople’s turnover intentions.



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