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Technology is radically transforming the music industry through the use of big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. This paper presents a pilot study that examines the impact of data-driven approaches in creating, predicting, and marketing music. A machine learning algorithm is used to determine the optimal characteristics of the most popular songs and is used as the basis for creating the next song. Next, an AI technique was used to generate the inspiration of the instrumentation and lyrics of the song. Finally, a listener survey is used to determine the trend which included the mood, preference and context for the song. The song is then released on Spotify. The success of the song is determined by comparing the number of streams to two songs released the previous without the use of data. The results show that creating and marketing a song using AI models, Spotify listener data analysis, and listener questionnaires strongly positively impact a song’s streaming success. While this is a pilot study, the findings of this study can be used more extensively to determine success of music videos and releases and serve as a guidance to artists with more quantitative insights


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