In today’s society, the global marketplace has become more relevant to all businesses to help ensure sustainability (Hummel, 2012). In marketing, students pursuing a career in sales can find significant opportunities; however, there are unique skills needed when selling internationally (Salesforce, 2021). Prior research has highlighted lost revenue due to internationally incompetent employees (Daniel, Xie, & Kedia, 2014). A content analysis of 139 Sales Education Foundation universities was completed to determine the extent to which international sales education is currently being incorporated in sales curriculum. Results indicate that only 6.5% include some international sales element as part of their program. Because of this, one innovative way to overcome this lack of international sales education is to incorporate an international role play in Professional Selling courses. An explanation of the innovation, as well as potential challenges and benefits, are explored. A sample scenario, grading rubric, and reflection prompts are provided. Information on how this could be adapted to other marketing courses is described.



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