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Jacob Segura is a recent graduate of Kennesaw State University. He received two bachelor's degrees in English and theatre & performance studies, as well as a minor in linguistics. This publication is the culmination of Jacob's research interests, as it bridges the gap between theatre, rhetoric, and linguistics. Jacob hopes to continue to conduct similar research projects as he faces life after college.

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This essay is a retroactive examination of a personal narrative titled Bleed Green, a story that characterizes my experience working for the supermarket Publix. I performed Bleed Green in front of an audience at the KSU Tellers' Spring 2021 Showcase. This essay serves both to analyze the rhetorical methods of my story and to precede the script of the performance, which accompanies this essay. In the essay, I contextualize the story through the lens of three widely underutilized concepts from various disciplines: framing, foregrounding and backgrounding, and representation and agency. Storytellers often critically analyze their works, particularly with the gift of hindsight, and I offer that the methods through which these works can be analyzed are far more diverse than some might consider. There is significant potential for storytellers to view their stories with an interdisciplinary lens, and my hope for this article is that it will expand the existing knowledge of such analytical methods for future storytellers.