About This Journal

The Kennesaw Journal of Undergraduate Research (KJUR) is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal dedicated to promoting scholarship among undergraduates at Kennesaw State University. The journal seeks to develop a spirit of inquiry among undergraduate students by providing them an avenue for dissemination and exchange of knowledge.

The current individuals involved in the publication of the journal include the Editors-in-Chief Dr. Amy Buddie and Christina Holm, editorial assistant interns that can be found at https://research.kennesaw.edu/our/about/student-assistants.php, and graduate students and university faculty as reviewers. As the journal publishes only authors within the student body here at KSU, the intern selection is also pulled solely from this university. We accept applications for new interns at the start of every semester.

KJUR published its first issue in 2011 with manuscripts in Psychology and English. Since then, the journal has published manuscripts in many other disciplines, including Art History, Education, Engineering, Political Science, Environmental Science, and more.

Currently, the journal is published bi-annually with a special issue added in occasionally. We accept any and all undergraduate paper submissions year-round for publication consideration.