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Robert Keyser

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Kaela Bellamy is a fourth-year undergraduate student majoring in Industrial and Systems Engineering.

Dr. Robert S. Keyser is an Associate Professor of Industrial Engineering in the Southern Polytechnic College of Engineering and Engineering Technology (SPCEET).

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This IRB-approved descriptive study provides an overview of the concerns associated with receiving a COVID-19 vaccination within the Kennesaw State University community, an R2 university with over 41,000 students, and uses a survey to provide insight into how students, faculty, staff, and administrators are responding to the vaccinations for COVID-19, both available and unavailable, and their preferences. Our research findings indicate that: 1) Most of the population at Kennesaw State University intends to receive the vaccine, regardless of their concerns; 2) The majority of the participants who are either employed or provided an education by Kennesaw State University plan to get their vaccination for COVID-19 at one of the campus locations; 3) If given a choice, 32.17% preferred the Moderna vaccine, while 26.96% opted for Pfizer, and 37.39% of respondents preferred not to answer; and 4) The KSU community’s primary concerns with receiving either vaccine are the associated direct side effects as well as their unknown long-term effects.