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The standard method for speed control is the cruise control system built into most modern vehicles. These systems employ a PID controller which actuates the accelerator thus, in turn, maintains the desired vehicle speed. The main drawback of such a system is that typically the cruise control will only engage above 25 mph. The goal of this paper is to describe a system which we used to control vehicle speed from a stop to any desired speed using an Arduino microcontroller and a CAN BUS shield, from where autonomous features can be built upon. With this system, we were able to implement a proportional gain controller which maintains the speed at within ±1 mph with a 1s rise time.

Formatted_CAN.xlsx (92362 kB)
Formatted CAN Data

des_vs_cur_speed_v2.xlsx (117 kB)
Desired Speed vs Current Speed

sparkfun_vehicle_control_MEGA.ino (6 kB)
Arduino Code