A collection of published articles from members of the Department of Health Promotion and Physical Education at Kennesaw State University.

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Submissions from 2021


Substance use and deaths by suicide: A latent class analysis of the National Violent Death Reporting System, Rachel Culbreth, Monica H. Swahn, Melissa Osborne, Kyle Brandenberger, and Krishna Kota


The impact of alcohol taxation changes on unrecorded alcohol consumption: A review and recommendations, Jürgen Rehm, Maria Neufeld, Robin Room, Bundit Sornpaisarn, Mindaugas Štelemėkas, Monica H. Swahn, and Dirk W. Lachenmeier


The Intersection of Alcohol Use, Gender Based Violence and HIV: Empirical Findings among Disadvantaged Service-Seeking Youth in Kampala, Uganda, Monica H. Swahn, Rachel Culbreth, Katherine E. Masyn, Laura F. Salazar, Jennifer Wagman, and Rogers Kasirye

Submissions from 2020


Participation of Female Emerging Adults in a Theory- and Evidence-Based Behavioral Weight Loss Program, Ping H. Johnson and James J. Annesi


Firefighter overexertion: A continuing problem found in an analysis of non-fatal injury among career firefighters, Aurora B. Le, Todd D. Smith, Lily A. McNulty, Mari Amanda Dyal, and David M. Dejoy

Effect of experiential competency-based interprofessional education on pre-professional undergraduate students: A pilot study, Kandice Johnson Porter, Monica Nandan, Lynn Varagona, and Mary Beth Maguire


Safety specific transformational leadership, safety motivation and personal protective equipment use among firefighters, Todd D. Smith, David M. DeJoy, and Mari Amanda Dyal


Stress, burnout and diminished safety behaviors: An argument for Total Worker Health® approaches in the fire service, Todd D. Smith, Charmaine Mullins-Jaime, Mari Amanda Dyal, and David M. DeJoy


There’s no such thing as a free TB diagnosis: Catastrophic TB costs in Urban Uganda, Rebecca L. Walcott, Justin B. Ingels, Phaedra S. Corso, Sarah Zalwango, Christopher C. Whalen, and Juliet N. Sekandi


Cost-effectiveness of couples’ voluntary HIV counselling and testing in six African countries: a modelling study guided by an HIV prevention cascade framework, Kristin M. Wall, Mubiana Inambao, William Kilembe, Etienne Karita, Elwyn Chomba, Bellington Vwalika, Joseph Mulenga, Rachel Parker, Tyronza Sharkey, Amanda Tichacek, Eric Hunter, Robert Yohnka, Gordon Streeb, Phaedra S. Corso, and Susan Allen

Submissions from 2019


Become a Champion for Healthy, Active Schools, Charity L. Bryan, Sandra K. Sims, Donna L. Dunaway, and Donna J. Hester

The Influence of Sport-Field Properties on Muscle-Recruitment Patterns and Metabolic Response, Michael E. Hales and John D. Johnson II


Cost-effectiveness of HIV Prevention Interventions in Sub-Saharan Africa: ASystematic Review, Supriya Sarkar, Phaedra Corso, Shideh Ebrahim-Zadeh, Patricia Kim, Sana Charania, and Kristin Wall

Submissions from 2017


Impact of Work Pressure, Work Stress and Work-Family Conflict on Firefighter Burnout, Todd D. Smith, David M. DeJoy, Mari-Amanda Dyal, and Gaojian Huang

Submissions from 2015


Experiential Learning in Kinesiology: A Student Perspective, Mary de Groot, Kisha Alexander, Brian Culp, and NiCole Keith


Acute Exercise and Oxidative Stress: CrossFit™ vs. Treadmill Bout, Brian Kliszczewicz, Quindry C. John, Blessing L. Daniel, and Oliver D. Gretchen

Submissions from 2013

Impact of Coaches' Communication Skills on Athletes' Performance, Jin Wang and Jimmy Calloway

Submissions from 2012


Autism Knowledge Among Pre-Service Teachers Specialized in Children Birth Through Age Five: Implication for Health Education, Ping Johnson, Kandice Johnson Porter, and Ian McPherson

Submissions from 2011


Evaluating Common Weight Training Concepts Associated With Developing Muscular Strength: Truths or Myths?, Michael E. Hales


Effect of MRI Strength and Propofol Sedation on Pediatric Core Temperature Change, Diane L. Isaacson, Daniel J. Yanosky, Richard A. Jones, Nancy Dennehy, Philip Spandorfer, and Amy L. Baxter

The Challenges and Strategies of Foreign Coaches Working with Chinese Olympic Teams, Jin Wang and Jimmy Calloway

Coaching Psychology - Every High School Coach Should Know, Jin Wang, Guibao Yang, and Michael Sabatelle

Submissions from 2010


Improving the Deadlift: Understanding Biomechanical Constraints and Physiological Adaptations to Resistance Exercise, Michael Hales


Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Attitudes and Use among Health Educators in the United States, Ping Hu Johnson, Jennifer L. Priestley, Kandice Johnson Porter, and Jane Petrillo


Culturally-Adapted and Audio-Technology Assisted HIV/AIDS Awareness and Education Program in Rural Nigeria: A Cohort Study, Ighovwerha Ofotokun, Jose Nilo G. Binongo, Eli S. Rosenberg, Michael Kane, Rick Ifland, Jeffrey L. Lennox, and Kirk A. Easley

Submissions from 2009


Kinematic Analysis of the Powerlifting Style Squat and the Conventional Deadlift During Competition: Is There a Cross-Over Effect Between Lifts?, Michael E. Hales, Benjamin F. Johnson, and Jeff T. Johnson


Priority Health Behaviors among South African Undergraduate Students, Ping Hu Johnson, Kandice Johnson Porter, and Jane Petrillo


Use of a Body Proportionality Index for Growth Assessment of Preterm Infants, Irene E. Olsen, M. Louise Lawson, Jareen Meinzen-Derr, Amy L. Sapsford, Kurt R. Schibler, Edward F. Donovan, and Ardythe L. Morrow

Secondary Students' Perceptions of Enjoyment in Physical Education: An American and English Perspective, Peter E. St. Pierre and Mark Smith

Reaction-Time Training for Elite Athletes: A Winning Formula for Champions., Jin Wang

Submissions from 2008

Transdanubian Folk Dance: A Returning Dance Form, Amy Howton


Increasing Walking in College Students Using a Pedometer Intervention: Differences According to Body Mass Index, Amy Howton and Erica M. Jackson

Finding Common Ground: Developing Effective Sexuality Education in Georgia, Kandice M. Johnson, Jane Petrillo, and Ping Johnson


A Survey of Complementary and Alternative Medicine Knowledge among Health Educators in the United States, Ping Johnson, Jennifer L. Priestley, and Roy D. Johnson

Geocoaching: Treasure Hunting for Fitness, Susan Whitlock and John David Johnson

Validation of a Personal Fluid Loss Monitor, P. Jason Wickwire, Phillip A. Bishop, James M. Green, Mark T. Richardson, Richard G. Lomax, E. Jones, Catalina Casaru, and Matthew Curtner-Smith

Submissions from 2007

Beijing, 2008: Georgians and the Games, Ping Johnson, Darlene A. Kluka, Darlene A. Bill, Salmar Burger, and Jinxia Dong


Coaches' Winning Psychological Strategies for Champions, Jin Wang and Bernie Goldfine

Kinematic Characteristics of the Center of Mass During the Takeoff Phase of the Long Jump, Yong Wang and Jin Wang

Submissions from 2006

Soccer Made Easy: From Fundamental Skills to Championship Play, Jin Wang

Submissions from 2005

Domain 3: Physical Preparation and Conditioning, Jin Wang and Dirk McJunkin

Submissions from 2004

Athletes' Perceptions on Coaches' Behaviors and Competitive Situations at Collegiate Level, Jin Wang, Li Chen, and Jian Chang Ji

Submissions from 2003


Choking Under Pressure in Competition and Psychological Intervention Approaches, Bernie Goldfine, Jin Wang, and Douglas Callahan

Cultivating Interest and Teaching Soccer Fundamentals to Elementary Students, Jin Wang and Douglas Callahan

Submissions from 2002


Adolescent Dietary Practices: A Consumer Health Perspective, Jane A. Petrillo and Pamela F. Meyers