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Theses/Dissertations from 1999

The Rhetorical Construction of History: A Historian's Journey in Professional Writing, Catherine A. Armstrong

Hudson City Rain: Collected Fiction, Mauro Bisiacchi

Flight: A Story Cycle, Traci Leigh Blanchard

Layers of Literacy: A Theoretical Journey, Melanie Blenis

Something to Cry About: A Writing Portfolio, Lauri Michelle Bohanan

Words Grow Like Ivy: Lessons from a Writer to a Writer, Jeanine A. Burns

The Development of a Writer's Gestalt: Lessons from a Writer to a Writer, Dianne McClintock Callahan

Professional Writing Functions of a Telecommunications Company Public Relations Department, Joy Dean Conn

Roads of the Past: The Autobiographical Route to Writing, Eric Durocher

Dead Asleep: A Full Length Screenplay, Wallace E. Edson

The Personal Travel Essay: Reflections and a Collection of Travel Essays, Margaret Gramoglia

The Balancing Act: Pedagogy of PRAXIS, Patsy Hamby

Teaching to Write and Writing to Teach: A Teacher's Circular Journey through Literacy, Bernadette Lambert

Honoring Truth in Writing, Dorinda Eller Paige

Reading Narratives and Reflexive Understanding, George M. Seaman

Discourse of Authority: Forays into the Dynamics of Authority, Power and the Construction of Knowledge through Writing, Karl A. Soetebier

Rising above Expectations: Personal Development through Education, Joyce Scott Tippens

Shapeshifting: Collecting and Connecting. The Experience and Application of Professional Writing, Mary Walker

Beyond the Classroom Experience: Integrating Education and Career, Yvonne Beard Wichman

A Day in the Life of a Reasonable Man: A Novel, Neil Wilkinson