Dissertations, Theses and Capstone Projects

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Theses/Dissertations from 2001

Humor Me, Jeff Alexander

Falling Awake: A Writing Portfolio, Jessica Parlapiano Arledge

Writers Write and Sometimes They Teach, Eleanor J. Blount

A Technical Writer's Journey into the World of Information Management, Jennifer R. Bowers

When Leo Turned Left, Patricia Burrows Cardona

Inspirations for Life: A Writing Portfolio, Jerome Clark

A Practicum, Susan M. Cochran

A Writing Portfolio, Camilla Cruikshank

Lucky Man: A Full-Length Screenplay, Peter DiFazio

Storyteller, Matthew S. Hamburg

From Theory to Practice: The Process of My Professionalization, Kathryn E. Holmes

Creating a Personal Writing Space, Dana Lambert Jenkins

From a Distance: Making Connections via the MAPW Program, Mary Elizabeth Johnson

Shades of Gray: A Collection of Short Fiction, Lucinda A. Lombardo

Digital Storytelling for Children: Exploring the Possibilities, Krystina S. Madej

The Firelands: A Collection of Prose, Dennis C. Martin

Why Write?, Michele A. Medved

A Writing Portfolio, Cathy Murphy

Making the Most of the Medium: The Value of Video Production in Education, H. Perry Rentz

Misconception, Adam Lee Russell

A Writing Teacher Writes, W. Scott Smoot

Language and Literacy: Teaching Elementary Students to Write, Rozlyn Tennielle Truss

Both Sides: A Writing Portfolio, Mary Ellen Vogel

Creativity in Corporate Writing, Stephanie D. Waldroup

Finding One's Place through Writing, Leslie M. Walker

The Importance of Family in My Professional Writing, April Sheffield Wallace

Spherical Angles: The Practical Pursuit of Stylistic Freedom, Kristie K. White

Putting the Pieces Together and Discovering a Story, Gina Woods