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Theses/Dissertations from 2006

Theory of Project Management: Guiding Principles for Effective Project Management: Putting the Logical before the Physical, Lori Alvin

Remediation, Genre, and Blogs: A Reexamination of Blogs as Genre, Mark David Anthony

Pop Rhetoric: A Thesis in Four Movements, Richard Todd Campbell

Second Thoughts, Noelle Crisafulli Gregg

The Used Gifts Project: A Writer's Journey to Share Tales along the Road of Organ Donation and Transplantation, Jan Heidrich-Rice

Writing Portfolio, Mark Holmberg

Letters from a Southern Sunset: Travels in Argentina, Jonae M. Jackson

Whose Internet?: Understanding Audience in Intercultural Web Design, Ida Loudermilk

Making Connections: Composition/Rhetoric and Literature Intertwine in the Classroom, Pamela S. Nehlig

30 Women Turning 30, Colette Petersen

The Colors in Between: Culturally Layered Individuals in 21st Century America, Rashida Powell

Bite Me, Elizabeth Raby

From Spanish to English: A Cultural, Linguistic, and Literary Odyssey, Natalia Schust

Georgia Musings: A Collection of Writings, D. Lea Stone

Jimmy Bullee and Other Stories, Sussan K. Sutphen

Small Moments, Big Milestones: Becoming an Effective Writer through Teaching, Victoria Walker

The Write Decision, Connie Hulsey Watjen

A Journal Publishing Practicum for the KSU Press, Emily Wehby

Burn Your Roses, Rhyea White

Writing a Picture of the Past: Expressing Life on Life's Terms, Bobbie J. Whorton

Talking to Myself: A Writer's Journey toward Writing for an Audience of More Than One, Crystal T. Wright

Theses/Dissertations from 2005

The Courage to Market, Heather Alice Blasingame Ayer

The Darker Side of White: Stories Inspired by The Beatles's White Album, Chrysta Lea Baker

Stella Barkley, Kendall Baumann

The Chronicles of a Speechwriter, Melva Bell

The Business of Writing History: Case Studies in Organizational History, Leslie A. Cook

Mount Hope, Christopher Dowd

Valeria and Her Lovers, Marc Fitten

The Ghosts Are Mine, Patricia Fulton

Zip Codes: Stories and Essays, Patti Ghezzi

In the Knob, Jennifer L. Gibbs

Coo: An Original Full-Length Screenplay, Phillip Maury Harrold

Claiming a Professional Writing Space: The Writing Journal of Nellie Arnott, Margie G. Chastain Hendrix

The Queen's Court, Margaret F. Highsmith

College Dreams: A Short Story Cycle, Shannon Lenora Jones

Going beyond Discipline Plans and High Expectations: Improving the Preparation of Teach for America Corps Members, Debra Kennedy

The Tinsel Tower, Barbara Kornblit

Cool Million, Walter Lawrence

The Long and Short of It: The Business of Freelance Feature Writing, Jennifer Maciejewski

Creatively Applied Writing, Jessica C. Nasca

Just My Imagination, Paula M. Ogletree

Consider the Lilies, Dawn Lanier Ortiz

Discovering 21st Century Composition Studies, Jeannie C. Parker

The Babylonian Talmud: A Unique Text of Argument and Narrative, Pamela H. Reynolds