Dissertations, Theses and Capstone Projects

Dissertations, Theses and Capstone Projects


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Theses/Dissertations from 2008

Benches: A Memoir, Teresa Price Bagwell

First Impressions: Editing Pacific Municipal Consultant's Statement of Qualifications, Sharrissa Beckford

Style and Usage Guide, Lindsay Blackstone

The Healing Art: Writing to Cope with Anxiety and Panic Disorders, Callie C. Brown

A Stranger in a Not So Strange Land, Lina R. Bustos


An Examination of the Removal of Federal Meat and Poultry Inspection, Moynul Chowdhury

Wings of the White Dove, Krystle Coombs

Dipped, Cydnie Daniel

My Soul's Journey to Peace, Tahnee Eubanks

Creative Writing Portfolio: The Priest, the Cop, and the Convict and Creative Nonfiction Selections, Sarah Goldberg


Job Satisfaction at the Marietta Police Department: A Comparative Analysis, William J. Grogan


Private Sectors in Afghanistan, Alean Haider

Style Guide and Writing Handbook for a Public Relations Organization, Lauren Highfill

Groundstories, Christi Jones Hobgood

Collection of Travel Articles, Wanda Freeman Hullender

Developing a Case Statement for the Atlanta Audubon Society, Joann Jordan

Paying the Price: Twelve Generations Fight for America's Freedom, Robert G. Knowles Jr.

Ghostwriting: Mystery Solved, Haylie C. L. Kramer

Bringing Order out of Chaos: Developing an Online Learning Center for Chattahoochee Technical College, Kathleen Kvinge

OxyMoron, Michael Lipoma

A Writer's Chrysalis, Martha Kramer Lyons


Public-Private Partnership in Local Administration: An Exploratory Study of the City of Sandy Springs, Manavi Manavi


Throwing Money in the Trash: Can the City of Atlanta Restructure and Expand its Existing Recycling Program in Order to Make it a Revenue Stream and Reduce the amount of Waste being deposited in area Landfills?, Jennifer Norfleet


Does Carpooling To/From Work Reduce Stress?, Missy Peterson

Creating the Theta Stream, Edward G. Reeves

Rescue Me -- Solitude & Blind Faith -- Pilot, Elizabeth E. Seaver

Feminagerie: A Collection of Women's Voices, Julie Senger

Before the Crow, Melissa LeJeune Stiers


Start-Up of a Giving Circle: A Case Study, Deborah Z. Strotz and Sarah M. Bigelow

Seeking Tiresias, Sarah R. Sturdivant

NCSC Handbook: Tips and Tricks for Coordinating the National Collegiate Sales Competition, Bethany Lynn Swafford

Creating a Web Presence for Reinhardt College's School of Mathematics and Sciences, Lauren Holt Thomas

Manual of the Ashram Management Committee, Teresa Valentine

The Search for Funding to Find Homes for Special-Needs Cats: A Grant Proposal for a Non-Profit Organization, Kathleen Walker