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BlockChain technology has grown exponentially over the last several decades. Early on, cryptocurrency presented a substitute for hard currency as a way to purchase goods and services. Recently, cryptocurrency has entered the video game world. How cryptocurrency, which has value outside of a video game, may impact the virtual reality world, is an open question. Presence, or the state of being in an environment, will be affected by the ability to escape within video games as cryptocurrencies are used. As video games often provide a place to escape the real world, bringing the real world into the game may have negative impacts. On the other hand, cryptocurrency brings with it another dimension. Video games are more and more realistic and including currency that has value in and outside of the game increases the realistic nature of the game. The way in which the inclusion of cryptocurrencies is marketed will have an important effect on the trajectory it takes. The blurred lines between reality and virtual will only continue to grow, and the effect on video games remain unclear.



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