Online movie ratings are often used in studies of Internet word-of-mouth, but the cross-platform consistency of such ratings has not been well established. Mean user ratings were obtained for 500 movies using the rating systems in place on Netflix and IMDb. Mean volume was 1,480,931 (SD = 2,636,388) and 104,746 (SD = 193,532) on the Netflix and IMDb sites, respectively, suggesting the movies were visible, but also variable in visibility. Volume was moderately correlated (r = .724, p ≤ .001). Mean user ratings on the Netflix and IMDB sites averaged 3.57 (SD = .37) and 3.84 (SD = .34). Mean ratings were moderately consistent (r = .600, p ≤ .001). Mean DVD ratings on the Amazon platform were also considered and showed only modest correlations of .153 (p ≤ 001) and .167 (p ≤ 001) with ratings on Netflix and IMDB, respectively.



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