Volume 4, Number 1 (2015) Volume 4 Number 1: Winter 2015

Hard to Believe

It is hard to believe that the Atlantic Marketing Journal is now in its fourth year of publication. While the initial growth pains of a new academic publication are not quite over, the end is in sight. Fortunately, both the number and quality of submissions continues to increase. This is a very good thing for the editor of a journal to see. It is heartening that authors are trusting us with the labor of their academic lives. We will continue to provide an outlet for high quality, peer reviewed, scholarship, with a special understanding of the limitations which academics face in terms of resources from all but the largest and best known colleges and universities.



Negotiating Stances Used with Minority Suppliers: A Research Note
Alicia D. Cooper Ph.D. and Rodney L. Stump Ph.D.