We investigated the clothing shopping behaviors of male college students. This study is significant because there is limited published research on the shopping behavior of male college students in the area of two correlative product involvement and store type and yet, there is a large increase in market share of male apparel products. Male college students (n=285) were surveyed via questionnaire. MANOVA and ANOVA were used to analyze the data. This research revealed that male college students are highly concerned about their physical appearance and clothing. The findings of this study demonstrate that male college students have unique shopping behaviors determined by the levels of the product involvement. The high level of the product involvement strongly influences their interests in brand commitment, shopping orientations, information sources, product attributes, and retail formats such as department stores, specialty stores, discount stores, catalog or mailing order, and internet.

Relevance to Marketing Educators, Researchers and/or Practitioners – This research paper discusses apparel shopping behaviors of the male college students. The information is useful for marketing educators, retailers, researchers, and practitioners because it will assist them in developing accurate future market strategies and to improve current ones to meet the needs of the male college students segment.



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