Abstract: Opinion polls consistently show large majorities of Americans supporting efforts to protect and improve the planet’s ability to sustain life. However, when it comes to environmentally preferable products, firms attract relatively small shares compared with conventional products. The present study examined the effect intentions (Verbal Commitment – VC) , emotions (Affect – Aff) and two moderators (Perceived Consumer Effectiveness – a PCE and Faith in Others – FIO) have on purchase (Actual Commitment – AC) of environmentally preferable products. Support was found for a direct influence of intentions aided by emotions – affect (Aff) – on AC, purchasing of environmentally preferable products. PCE was also found to be a favorable moderator on actual commitment (AC), buying environmentally preferable purchases and FIO positively influenced Aff and PCE, as in a cheerleader effect. The former finding regarding PCE is consistent with other studies, while the latter finding with respect to FIO represents a possible new dimension for FIO, which previously was thought to have a negative “free-rider” or “let-others-do-it” effect on actual commitment to purchase environmentally preferable products.

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