The purpose of this paper is to determine whether gender differences exist in online product search and purchase behaviors. A survey of 116 undergraduate college students with questions regarding the types of products researched and purchased over the Internet, the type of information they looked for when researching the products, reasons for not purchasing products online, and reasons for returning products purchased over the Internet. While both male and female college students use the Internet to research and purchase products, the findings indicate that they differ significantly in the types of products they research and purchase online, the kinds of information they sought when researching products over the Internet, and their reasons for not purchasing a product online. Generation Y is an important consumer group that will heavily influence the future success of online retailers. The majority of college students are members of Generation Y and heavy users of the internet in general. Internet usage for this group has been examined for academic and educational purposes, but information regarding online shopping behaviors has been limited. In addition, gender differences have been observed as an influence on online shopping behavior, but there is a lack of clarity regarding gender differences in online shopping behaviors among Generation Y college students who have many opportunities to access the internet and spend a lot of time online.

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