This paper explores the growing global bridal industry and the different trends, traditions, and aspects of specific countries' bridal industries. It outlines western and eastern traditions and how globalization contributes to their spread. A deeper focus is dedicated to the United States' bridal industry and the issues brick-and-mortar bridal boutiques face as more brides have started shopping at online bridal stores. The relationship between brick-and-mortar and online bridal stores is explored based on various propositions about the bridal industry's emerging challenges. These propositions include trust issues in the retail environment, convenience, selection of bridal gowns in different retail formats, incorporating a social experience into both brick-and-mortar and online bridal stores, and the spread of cultural traditions. Each proposition is evaluated according to each retail format's reaction. This conceptual paper addresses the gaps in bridal research, provides managerial implications and addresses the challenges faced by brick-and-mortar and online retailers specific to the bridal context.



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