Publication Date

October 2021


Mobile banking has become a prevalent part of everyday banking, and almost all banks have adopted its use. This form of self-service has seen wide adoption because of its ease of use, performance, reliability, and enjoyment of use. These attributes of technology-based self-service options help both customers and businesses determine the value of the service. The proposed customer value model aims to conceptually represent how companies and customers perceive the value of a product or service and pinpoint gaps between these values. This paper presents the customer value model in the context of mobile banking. This new context is part of the service industry and allows for the introduction of two new service gaps; the service recovery gap and the word of mouth gap. Mobile banking has become increasingly relevant over the past couple of decades. This updated model allows marketers to understand better value from the customer's perspective and the company pertaining to mobile banking and a new era of the service industry.



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