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Eber Crocket is the owner of Boone & Crocket Trapper Supply (B&C). He feels like the environmental forces that are impacting his business are like a trap slowing closing on him. He is considering ideas to improve his store’s profitability.

Demand for furs as fashion goods is a multi-million dollar industry. Twenty percent of this demand is met by wild fur which is harvested by trappers. Trapping suppliers serve as the middleman between small individual trappers and auction houses. These auction houses collect the raw fur pelts from trappers and trapping stores and hold them until one of their auctions. Members of the international fashion community are the principle buyers of wild fur. These firms are involved in the tanning, finishing and design work needed to turn a fur pelt into a finished garment. The fur industry is impacted by many environmental forces. Among them, sociocultural, regulatory and economic forces are key.

Boone & Crocket Trapping Supply is small family-owned business located in central Minnesota It offers a wide selection of trapping-related goods and services. The majority of B&Cs profits come from the sale of traps, baits and other goods. The remaining profit comes from fur handing and auction fur sales.

Your friend Eber wants your perspective on some of the new product and service ideas he is considering to make B&C more profitable. His ideas are to produce trapping baits, expand the condition of furs B&C buys, differentiate the store’s product line, enter the nuisance animal control business, or become involved in trapper’s education.



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