Volume 1, Number 2 (2012) Summer 2012

Editor's Notes

Welcome to Volume One, Issue Two of the Atlantic Marketing Journal.

This issue is finally out, even though it presented the Editorial Staff with plenty of problems along the way. We have learned a lot. The dream of a peer reviewed academic journal to serve a broad community of marketing academics and practitioners has come to fruition.

Thank you to the authors who have submitted to the journal. They could have submitted their manuscripts to journals of longer standing and more widely known reputation. The Editors appreciate that authors are willing to support the journal with the product of their hard work.

Thank you to the reviewers. Without reviewers, a peer reviewed journal could not exist.

Thank you to the Associate Editors of the journal and the Executive Director of the Atlantic Marketing Association. Without your work and support this inaugural issue would not have been possible.

We are looking to the future: A growing reputation, growing quality of published articles, and the provision of a sound academic publishing outlet. We hope to fill a niche. Not every academician is blessed with the support of various kinds that it normally takes to gain publication in the very highest ranked and rated journals within an academic discipline. We hope to provide a home for sound scholarship of various sorts: Empirical, pedagogical, theoretical and practical, while maintaining the standards which are implied and assured by peer review.

Walter R. Kendall, Editor in Chief
Tarleton State University



Social Media and Negative Word of Mouth: Strategies for Handing Unexpecting Comments
Jane B. Thomas, Cara O. Peters, Emelia G. Howell, and Keith Robbins