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3D Modeling and Scanning of Archaeological Artifacts

Diana Salamaga

A Close Examination of Self-Care Among College Students

Adrianna Jackson

A Look into the History of Racial Diversity in the Congregation of the Cathedral of Christ the King

Devlin McElrone

A pilot study investigating adopted children’s cultural identity from adopting parents’ perspective

Alyssa McVeigh

A simulation of the dangerous spread of COVID-19 without isolation.

Kory Illenye

A Special Slab-Wall Connection in Post-Tensioned Concrete

Mohammad Jonaidi

A Technological Analysis of Ancient Maya Shell Beads from Pacbitun, Belize

Kimberly A. Kiddoo, Kennesaw State University

Activated Carbon Pore Expansion using Acidic Hydrothermal Method

Max Thompson

Amazon: A Maze Through China - An International Marketing Case Study

Hanane Goubil

Amazon: Out of its Prime in China

Ryan Hunter

An Archival Study of the Walnut Grove Plantation and the Young Family

Jennifer Billingsley

An Examination of Stress Levels and Management among Undergraduates Music Students

Jeavanie Desarmes

Analysis and Characterization of Microplastics in Water Treatment Plants


Assessment of Bacterial Communities in Soils with Different Levels of Lead (Pb)

Thomas C. McElroy, Kennesaw State University

Atomistic Simulation of Desalination

Ian David Durr

Attitudes Toward Immigrants and Immigration Issues

Attitudes Towards Recreational Drug Use: A Study of Kennesaw State University Students

Matthew Fenner
Jack Arbuckle
Daron Pracharn
Aaron Murray
Katerina Joseph
Arely Cruz
Sierra Wynn
Coby Shepherd

Bacteriophages Infecting Enterobacter cloacae to Reduce Bloater Damage in Fermented Cucumbers

Bio-Inspired Monolithically Designed Compliant Swimming Robots

Joshua Hooper, Kennesaw State University

Blade Optimization for Ground Level Low Speed Wind Turbines

Ryan Foster

Brazil’s Education Policicies

Nneka Amah

Breaking the code for nuclear domains: the case of b-bodies

Miranda Adams

Building biology: Using an artificial ribbon fin system to understand locomotion of a gymnotiform swimmer, Apteronotus albifrons​

Dante Orlando, Kennesaw State University
Olivia H. Hawkins, Kennesaw State University
Victor Ortega-Jimenez, Kennesaw State University
Chris Sanford, Kennesaw State University

Chair Rise Kinetics and Correlates of Performance in Young and Older Males

Tyler Smith

Cobb County: A Tapestry of Diversity

Tim Willson

Complimenting a Chlamydomonas reinhardtii Mutation Using Cell Penetrating Peptides

Matthew McKenzie

Creation of Spheroplasts to Introduce Cargo into Dinoflagellates via Cell Penetrating Peptides

Max Warner

Crystallography of Inhibitor Vertebrate Lysozyme (IVY)

Jenny Wong

Cyclase-associated actin regulator capulet influences structural muscle proteins clearance in the Drosophila model of muscle atrophy

Aaron Aghai

Design of a Compliant Based Biomimetic Planar Locomotive Mechanism

Dillon Loupe, Kennesaw State University

Design and Development of a Robotic Compliant Knee Joint

Ciaphus Rouse, Kennesaw State University

Design and Test of Novel Vehicle-to-Everything Packet for Sensor Arrays in Under Roadway Deployment

Marquis Brown

Detecting Primitive Jamming Attacks using Machine Learning in Vehicle-to-Everything Networks​

Hakeem Wilson

Detection and Identification of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi and Surrounding Microbiome in Two Riparian Tree Species

Lindsey Gard
Sarah Andrews, Kennesaw State University

Development of an antibiotic treatment for Pseudomonas aeruginosa utilizing metal complexes

Preston Eldridge

Development of Passively Adaptive Wire Actuated Monolithic and Distributed Compliance Gripper Positioned by Robot Manipulator

Rafael Barreto Gutierrez, Kennesaw State University

Do Students’ Beliefs about Gender Relate to their Performance in a Gender Course?

Steven Peek, Kennesaw State University
Jennifer Willard, Kennesaw State University

Does cortisol respond to a social perturbation in captive bonobos?

Tiffany Ly, Kennesaw State University

Duval County Gun Violence Incidents 2014 -2020

Meghan Meier

Education in Australia/ New Zealand Vs United States

Lauryn Calloway

Education in India Research Paper

Sapna Patel

Effectiveness of bacteriophages against bloater-causing bacteria Enterobacter cloacae in a model food system

Ashley Reed, Kennesaw State University
Dzhuliya Ignatova, Kennesaw State University
Sandra Kopic, Kennesaw State University
Unique Sardeneta, Kennesaw State University


Anna G. Conroy, Kennesaw State University

Effects of Essential Oils on Shelter Dog Behavior

Madison Pattillo

Empire, Autochthony, and Identity in Fifth-Century Athens

Eulerian walk and DNA sequence assembly

yifan zhu

Evaluating Regional Agricultural Wastes as Substrates for the Mycelial Growth and Fruiting Body Yield of Pleurotus ostreatus

Daniel Rhiner

EV’s Leading in China, Ford is a Few Cars Behind

Jacob Murfin
Katie McCombs, Kennesaw State University
Tyler Lehman, Kennesaw State University
Hayden Harrison, Kennesaw State University
David Whitehead, Kennesaw State University
Chris Sterling, Kennesaw State University
Brianna Vangordon, Kennesaw State University

Examining effects of the DNA regulator Lrp on quorum sensing gene expression in Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Bradley Lumsden

Exploring Introductions to Biological Anthropology Before College Using Textbook Content Analysis

“Fake News”, Political Polarization, and the Undermining of News Credibility

Katie Coe
Nicholas Rousseau, Kennesaw State University
Madelyn Dorn, Kennesaw State University


Ben Dalton

Finding similar stocks by detecting cliques in market graphs

Sudhashree Sayenju

From Delhi to Mumbai, Apple Seeks a Bigger Slice of The Pie

Taylor Greer, Kennesaw State University
Brent Cassidy, Kennesaw State University
Mike Williams, Kennesaw State University
Nick Hill, Kennesaw State University
Chandler Burger, Kennesaw State University
Adam Pedraza, Kennesaw State University
Steven Wehde, Kennesaw State University
Caleb Fortney, Kennesaw State University

From Displaced to Our Place: Using an Educational Narrative to Build Community in a Displaced Community

Morgan Frederick

Fruits of Forced Desire: A Marxist Reading of Christina Rossetti’s “Goblin Market”

James Greer

Geographic Study of Latinx Immigrant-Owned Markets in Cobb County, Georgia

Brittney Brown

Gestational Diabetes: What About Your Exercise?

andreana henry

Get Your Game On: Betting Strategies for the NFL Betting Lines

Jonathan Bishop

Golden Scrutiny | Compositional Subtlety

Devon Sams

GroupMe or GroupCheat? Student Perceptions and Reactions to Violations of Academic Integrity

Andrew Manocchio, Kennesaw State University
Ronit Barman, Kennesaw State University
Chase Redd, Kennesaw State University
Jennifer Willard, Kennesaw State University

Haves versus Have Nots: Analyzing Swift Creek Ceramic Distribution within the Middle Woodland Etowah River Valley

Isabella Rosinko, Kennesaw State University
Morgan Bendzinski, Kennesaw State University

Heka Deck: Magic in Ancient Egypt & How It Has Influenced Modern Mysticism Today

Nikki Raitz

Hispanic Demographics in Cobb County

Cole Thompson

Hispanic Demographics in Cobb County, GA

Cole Thompson

How can Apple be more Fruitful in India

Isabella Bertolani, Kennesaw State University
Amani Elchaar, Kennesaw State University
Kamari Davis, Kennesaw State University
Lawrence Ofili, Kennesaw State University
Michal Kardacz, Kennesaw State University
Nakia Abdul, Kennesaw State University
Pamela Diaz, Kennesaw State University
Zack McPherson, Kennesaw State University

How Theatre Produced By Autistic People Dismantles the Medical Model of Disability

Ira Eidle

Identification of phenotypic defects in the zinc finger transcription factor ztf-29

Trae Dunn

IKEA in India

Isabella Vranesevich
Ayesha Babar
Megan Cooney
Garrett Evans
Caroline Syed
Riley Proshek
Sergio Infante


Geena Lawrence
Alexis Harvey
Jordan Hunter
Ayisha Mohammed
Will Nolan
Laura Stallings
Chavis Jones

Immigration and Food Security: Assessing Levels of Food Security Among Cabo Verdean Immigrant Households and Their Use of Public Food Assistance Programs

Alexandria Seigler

Impact of Human Presence and Visual Access on Barking Behavior in Shelter Dogs

Emily W. Dowling
Jessie A. Catchpole
Christina M. Walthers
Madison J. Pattillo

Implications of Visual Social Access on the Welfare and Behavior of Shelter Dogs

Christina M. Walthers
Madison J. Pattillo
Jessie A. Catchpole
Lauren E. Faulkner
Lauren N. Mitchell
Allison L. Martin

In Silico Identification of a Streptococcus Phage from an Unpasteurized Dairy Product

In Silico Isolation of a Novel Phage for Food Safety Applications against Pathogenic E. coli

Daisy McGrath, Kennesaw State University

Individual variation in behavioral plasticity in African starlings

Jasmine Little


Hala Alfalih

Inhibition of Glutathione Peroxidase

Tosin Masha
Carol Chrestensen
Daniela Tapu
Meleye Mel
Madison Jaames

Investigating Cathode Dissolution by Homogenous Sol-Gel Coating on Manganese Dioxide Nanofibers to Extend Battery Performance

Milan Haddad

Involuntary Celibate: Creating a Coding System for Incels Online

Zachary Hinds

Kill Zones and Their Use During the American Civil War: An Archaeological Review of The Battle of Pickett’s Mill

Jeremy Wolfe

KSU SNA Period Party Project: Advocating for Women’s Health in the Homeless Population of Kennesaw State University

Alice Barry

KSU Student Anxiety around Mass Shootings

Patrick Kielly, KSU
Angel Jaimes, KSU
Chris Gold, KSU
Madison Wilcox, KSU
Zach Peagler, KSU
Camari Stanley, KSU
Bailey St. Germain, KSU
Philip Williams-jones, KSU
Nick Cotter, KSU

La situación de la Mujer en el Mundo Hispano

Monica Harris, Kennesaw State University
Samantha Matthews, Kennesaw State University
Jacob Boylan, Kennesaw State University
Malachi Aldridge, Kennesaw State University

Learning Environment Containerization of Machine Learning for Cybersecurity

Hao Zhang

Long Distance Li-Fi

Adeyemi Fagbemi

LoRa Wake-up Radio Relay with BeagleBone Black

Andrew Hopkins

Make Your Wishes Known: Understanding the Challenges and Barriers for Providing Effective Ethics Consults to Low-Income African American Men

Ruth Nwefo

Mobike: Backpedaling Out of India

Brant Schwendel, Kennesaw State University
Madison Tumey, Kennesaw State University
Madison Godwin, Kennesaw State University
Lauren Lance, Kennesaw State University
Rachel Pastoric, Kennesaw State University
Ashley Reese, Kennesaw State University
Caroline Phillips, Kennesaw State University

Mobike’s Bike-Share Battle in India

Amber Cranston, Kennesaw State University
Sam Kroll, Kennesaw State University
Evan Coulter, Kennesaw State University
Austin Tudor, Kennesaw State University
Savannah Rubio, Kennesaw State University
Miguel Pereira, Kennesaw State University

Mobike’s Bike-Share Battle in India

Amber Cranston, Kennesaw State University
Sam Kroll, Kennesaw State University
Evan Coulter, Kennesaw State University
Austin Tudor, Kennesaw State University
Eric Jacobs, Kennesaw State University
Miguel Pereira, Kennesaw State University
Savannah Rubio, Kennesaw State University

Mobile Sensor-Based Fall Detection Framework

Md Saiful Islam, Kennesaw State University
Hossain Shahriar, Kennesaw State University
Sweta Sneha, Kennesaw State University

Modeling of Compliant Mechanisms in MATLAB Simscape

Paul Pena

Modifying Yeast: Delivering the Goods

More Than A Tree: The Effects of Clarinet Production on Tanzanian Economy

Motion Detection on a Frequency Jumping RFID Signal ​ Using Machine Learning

Trevor Stanca

Native American Representation in Film

Matthew Mccadden

Native American Representation in Film

Matthew Mccadden

Native Americans: Invisible Mirrors & Cracked Windows

Ashley Sadler

Novel Vehicle-to-Everything Rollover Antenna

Aya Alazzawi

Once Upon an American Dream: What the American Dream Means to Different People

Oxygen environment-dependent modulation of growth factor response in cancerous cells

Chris Alcott

Perceived Susceptibility to Illness in Ethnic Minority Men

Alleyna Raylyn Alleyne, Kennesaw State University
Audrey Campbell, Kennesaw State University
Jessica Sprayberry, Kennesaw State University
Brittney Washington, Kennesaw State University

Perceptions of Pet Relinquishment

Physical properties of polar magnetic oxide HoCrWO6

Physical properties of polar magnetic oxides HoFeWO6

Preventative Actions Students Take in Understanding Their Future Health Behaviors

Brooke V. Bentley
Ana Lodhi, Kennesaw State University
Courtney Faro, Kennesaw State University
Ryan Allen, Kennesaw State University
Sefina Haque, Kennesaw State University
Destiny Dixon, Kennesaw State University

Probing structure and energetics of proton-bound complexes N2…HCO+ and N2H+…OC using computational chemistry methods

Antonio Barrios, Kennesaw State University
Dalton Boutwell, Kennesaw State University
Onyi Okere, Kennesaw State University
Monique Olocha, Kennesaw State University
Oluwaseun Omodemi, Kennesaw State University
Alexander Toledo, Kennesaw State University
Antonio Barrios, Kennesaw State University

Product Purchasing Networks for Overlapping Community Detection

Christina Stradwick

Promoting bilingualism and biculturalism in culturally and linguistically diverse families in South Korea

Jooeun Kim

Promoting Exercise and Physical Activity among High-Risk Vulnerable Populations

Research on Mexico ECE

Cristina Lopez

Restoring History: Mixed-Use Hotel & Retail Center

William Chase Sisk

S-layer Increases Predation Ability Of Myxococcus Xanthus

Sartre, Nietzsche, and Prufrock's Existential Becoming

Luan Joubert

Securing Global Positioning Systems in a Blockchain using Vehicle-to-Everything Communications

Malik Purefoy

Security and Privacy Analysis of Wearable Health Device

ABM KAMRUL ISLAM RIAD, Kennesaw State University

Sex Differences in Plantar Flexor Strength and Contractile Properties after Isometric and Dynamic Fatigue

Phuong Ha
Benjamin E. Dalton
Michaela G. Alesi
Tyler M. Smith
Trisha A. VanDusseldorp
Yuri Feito
Anna G. Conroy
Garrett M. Hester

Simulation of a Cosmic Ray Muon Detector

Christian Perez

Solid-state Redox Synthesis of Layered birnessite-type Manganese Dioxide (δ-MnO2) as Aqueous Supercapacitor Electrodes

Armando Rodriguez Campos

Solving the Radial Time-Dependent Schrödinger Equation for a New Class of Coulomb Potentials

Nick Hancock

Spam Email Detection: Comparison Between Naïve Bayes and Neural Network

Zhuolin Li, Kennesaw State University

Student Loan Debt Impacts on Choosing a Field of Study

Lance McGonigle

Synthesis of tert-Butyl(5-(2-iodoethyl)-2-methoxyphenoxy)dimethylsilane; a Side Chain Precursor that is Required for the Total Synthesis of the Hancock Alkaloid, Galipeine

Ahnaf Ahmed, Kennesaw State University
Zane Bertoli, Kennesaw State University
Christopher W. Alexander, Kennesaw State University

Taste of Community: A Local Look at Latinx Cuisine

Temperature Changes seen in Lower Extremities after CPN Local Anesthetic Block

Lora Asberry

The Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Crisis: Overcoming Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) by Myxobacterial Predation

Basirat Olorunlambe

The Artistry of Leadership

Ty Lawrence

The Association Between Caffeine and Insulin Sensitivity in Non-Diabetic Young Women

Raine Morris

The Influence of Mechanical Properties Associated with Exercise Equipment Padding on Maximizing Performance and Minimizing Potential Soft-Tissue Injury when Performing High-Intensity Weight Lifting Exercises

Robert Hewston

The Latinx ESL Crisis in Cobb County

The Material Wealth of Slaves in the South

India Daniel

The Model Holistic: The Application of the Adaptive Cycle to Rust-Belt Cities

Marysia LaRosa

The Musical Application of Historical Literature

Yazmeen Mayes

The Quest for 31

Trent Geisler

The Relationship Between Adiponectin and Dietary Iron in Non-Diabetic Young Women

Calah Coleman

The Relationship of Delivery Method, Birth Weight and Race on Infant Mortality

Anjie Adeyemo

The role of cnd-1 in mitochondrial biogenesis during Caenorhabditis elegans nervous system development

Tessa Jordan
Detavius Veal

The Role of Proneural Transcription Factor ngn-1/neurogenin during Caenorhabditis elegans Embryonic Development

Michaela Diane Crego

The Rome Courier's Crusade Against Cotton: The Use of Media in the Confederate Cotton Crisis

Camilla Stegall, Kennesaw State University

The Urban Network: An Ecosystemic Framework for the Enhancement of Atlanta

Caleb Lawrence

Theoretical Study on the Isomerization and Detection of N2H+…OC Complex in Interstellar Clouds

Dalton Boutwell, Kennesaw State University
Martina Kaledin, Kennesaw State University

Topic clustering of COVID-19 open research dataset(CORD-19) using graph clustering approach

Srivatsa Mallapragada, Kennesaw State University

Towards the identification of the soil microbiome community associated with Longleaf Pine

Tori Quillen
Brian Sassi
Joshua Inneh
Geoffrey Eger
Sarah Andrews
Lindsey Gard
Sara Grimm
Grace Krueger
Ian Thomasson
Chelsea Nix

Trajectory Control of Planar Closed Chain Fully Compliant Mechanism

Martin Garcia, Kennesaw State University

TransFORDming China with Electric Vehicles: An International Marketing Case Study

Jasmine Washington, Kennesaw State University
Koran Baraka, Kennesaw State University

Two Models for Assessment of Body Composition during Pregnancy and Their Associations with Insulin Resistance

Ami Eho
Calah Coleman

Understanding Map Reading With Eye Motion Tracking

Luke Freiler

Understanding Molecular Mechanisms Controlling Muscle Type Specificity

Geoffrey Andrews

Understanding Systems Usability and User Experience for Faculty Accessing Concept Inventories

Emily Onofrey, Kennesaw State University

Unsung Muslim-American Women Heroes

Natasha N. Dossani, Kennesaw State University
Haley Ward, Kennesaw State University

Using Comprehensive Finite Element Analysis to Simulate A Special Connection in Post-Tensioned Concrete

Joshuah Leljedal

Using NeuroIS Tools to Understand How Individual Characteristics Relate to Cognitive Behaviors of Students

Tae Jones, Kennesaw State University

Validating a Microbiopsy Sampling Technique for Morphological Analysis of Human Muscles

Melody Jabbari

What About Africa?: an Analysis of What School Curriculum Teaches U.S. Students About Africa

What's This GroupMe Thing? Instructor Perceptions and Experiences

Naomi Katz, Kennesaw State University
Mary Jones, Kennesaw State University
Jennifer Willard, Kennesaw State University

Wireless Access: A Barrier to Entry?

Wireless Power Receiver with Tripler Circuit, Boost Converter and Supercapacitor

Bradley Clayton

Women's Sexual Health in Georgia: Teenage Pregnancy, Sex Education, and the New Fetal Heartbeat Law

Laura Brockmann, Kennesaw State University
Callie Bernstein, Kennesaw State University
Kiara Graves, Kennesaw State University

Wrongful Convictions and False Confessions: An Analysis of Exoneration Cases

Alex Goldstein, Kennesaw State University
Dana Bowen, Kennesaw State University
Amber Goden, Kennesaw State University
Jennifer Willard, Kennesaw State University

Zara in China: Fashionably Fast

Katherine Cameron, Kennesaw State University
Sammy Al-moukadem, Kennesaw State University
Mark Boutilier, Kennesaw State University
Mark Hamilton, Kennesaw State University
Allison Jeffcoat, Kennesaw State University
Matt Lee, Kennesaw State University
Mai Martina, Kennesaw State University
Marie Price, Kennesaw State University

Zara: Facing Fast Fashion Challenges in China. An International Marketing Case Study

Daniela Schaich Graniel
Alexxus Finnell
Caitlin Hopkins
Candace Salters
Elimay Baez
Larissa Hernandez
Madison McIntyre
Raven Lee