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A Comparison of Intrauterine Growth Chart’s Classification of Preterm Infants

A conserved role for ETS genes in paired appendage and urogenital development

A data-driven framework for the advancement of disabled persons’

A Design Study on Modular Transportation for Instructional Durston Mill

A diagnostic direction for workplace health promotion.

A Mathematical Model for the Effect of Domestic Animals on the Basic Reproduction Number of Human African Trypanosomiasis (Sleeping Sickness)

A Spatial Analysis of Factors Influencing Beer Locations

A Study on Social Media's Influence Upon the Evolution of Slang

Absorbing epithelium of the midgut as the model to study toxicity mechanisms of the heavy metal cadmium.

Active Learning— The Key to Students’ Academic Success Within Science and Mathematics Courses?

Age Does Not Attenuate Maximal Strength and Acceleration Adaptations To Unilateral Resistance Training

AirBnB: Facing Late Entrant Disadvantage in China

An Investigation of Cognitive Load of General Chemistry Students Using a Virtual Modeling Activity

An Optimized Route for Q100's Bert and Kristin to Visit all Jersey Mike's Subs in Atlanta for Charity

Analysis of novel heart defects in akirin mutants

Analysis of Productivity for A.L. Burruss Institute projects

“And the point is?” An Analysis of Intact Projectile Points from a Middle Woodland Period Site

Animal Detection Using R-CNN

Aroma Profiling of Hops Using GC-MS and SPME

Attentional threat bias and evoked response potentials

"Between the Lines and Out of the Box: Critical Literacy"

Biological Control by Plant-Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria

Blurred Lines: Mission vs. Money

Building and Sustaining the Feminist Future: Planned Giving

Call It Love or Call It Reason: The Rhetoric of Phil Ochs

Cell Quantification using Microfluidcs

CFD Simulation of Pebble Bed Reactor for Various Gases

Characterization of Candida auris a novel drug resistant fungal pathogen

Characterization of CRISPR- mediated Gene Regulation in Myxococcus xanthus

Characterization of the molecular defects of 9p deletion syndrome using CRISPR Technology

Childhood Emotional Abuse and Alcohol Use in Young Adults

Comparison of BMI and Weight-for-Age as a Growth Assessment of Preterm Infants

Comparison of photosynthetic rates for two evergreen, temperate species of different growth forms (tree versus herb)

Comparison of Predicted and Measured Resting Metabolic Rate Methods Among CrossFit-Trained Athletes.

Compliant Translational Double Exact Dwell Mechanism

Computational Study of Protonated Nitrogen Dimer and Interpretation of Infrared Spectra

Connectivity Analysis of Regions of Interest Between Regional Accents

Content of Diphenhydramine in Various Over-the-Counter Medications Using Ultraviolet/Visible Spectrometry

“Corn and Tomatoes” – An Edible History Project Examining Their Historical Role in Southern Foodways

Criminal Activity in America's Sanctuary Cities

Cross Cultural Perspectives of the Display of Human Remains

Cultural competency towards the Middle Eastern population as seen through the lens of Middle Easterns

Cyberbullying Victimization and Pyschological State

Design of Binary Composite Materials Containing Nanostructured TiO2 and Plasmonic Nanoparticles on Cotton Fabric: Photocatalytic Applications

Design of CF@AgNPs Composite Materials by in-situ Synthesis of AgNPs on Cotton Fabric: SERS Detection

Design of Graphene@Sand Composites for Water Purification

Design of Silicone Based Composite Materials Consisting of Zinc Oxide Nanorods and Gold Nanoparticles: Photocatalytic Activity

Designer cell-penetrating peptides for the treatment of cervical cancer

Detection of Chitinase and β-1, 3 Glucanase Genes Against Aspergillus flavus in Transformed Peanuts

Determination of the Cognitive Load of Modeling Tasks in Organic Chemistry

Determination of the Cognitive Load of Serine Protease 3-Dimensional Models

Determining the interaction of Pex5 with kinases and the phosphorylation status of peroxisome proteins.

Development and Application of TAT-CaM in Crypthecodinium cohnii

Development of a WiFi-Enabled Radiation Detector

Dialectal Differences in Literature

Differential Analysis of Individual Centruroides vittatus Venom

Digold bis(amidine) complexes upon insertion into NH···N' hydrogen bonds: Synthesis, structures, and molecular dynamics in solution

Discovering Ierapetra: Arthritis in Roman Crete

Disney's Bollywood Battle

Distributed and connected dosimeter

Diversity in Video Games: The Personal Experience of Gamers

Does Neurogenin Control the Expression of cnd-1 in Caenorhabditis elegans?

Does Neurogenin regulate vab-1 during neurogenesis?

Does ngn-1 regulate the expression of daf-18 in the context of AIY axonal outgrowth?

Dungeons and Dragons: Social Needs met through Gaming?

Effects of Essential Oils as Antifungal agents against Aspergillus flavus and Aspergillus parasiticus and detection of Aflatoxin B1

Effects of Hemocytes and Hemocyte Signaling on Longevity in Drosophila

Effects of Violent Entertainment Imagery on U.S. Society

Efficient Plant Arrangements

Eliminating drug use: A Comparative analysis of the efficacy of substance abuse intervention programs

Energy Consumption at Kennesaw State University and Potential Conservation Strategies

Evaluating Volatile Organic Compounds for Contact-Independent Antagonism of Pseudogymnoascus destructans

Evaluation of Leadership Styles and Teachers' Self-Efficacy Among a Cohort of Chemistry and Physics Teachers

Exploring relationships between cell phone use behaviors, peer relational expectations, entrapment, and personality

Exploring the antibiotic diversity of the soil resistome

Expression of Telomerase mRNA in Nile Tilapia Tissues

Factors that Affect Veteran Employment and Reintegration

First-year Student Comprehension of Graphic Textbooks

Food for Thought

Fragment-Based Drug Discovery via Thermal Shift Assay

Gender Differences are Disappearing: Attitudes on Sex Trafficking Tactics and Rape Victimization

Gender Differences in STEM Courses at KSU

Generation of new antibiotic selections for prokaryotic CRISPR gene editing

Geography of Birders: Spatial Connections Through the Lens of Birdwatching

"Girls Are Such a Drag": A Sociolinguistic Analysis of Misogynistic Lyrics in Pop Punk Music

Has Urbanization Had an Effect on the Spawning Season of Campostoma oligolepis, Largescale Stonerollers?

Health Behaviors in College Students

Hematogenous Osteomyelitis in Juveniles: An Examination of Pathophysiology and Variation in Occurrence in the Archaeological Record and Contemporarily

His-tag purification of a DNA-binding protein in Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Historic Preservation in North Georgia: Effectiveness in Financial and Visitor Sustainability


How Advertisers Can Use Social Media to Release More Dopamine to Improve the Affect on the Consumer Purchase Decision

How Giulia Niccolai has changed Italian contemporary literature

How Students Feel Their Academic Performance is impacted by Their Housing Situation

Identifying cadmium-resistant, probiotic bacteria for potential protection against cadmium toxicity in Drosophila melanogaster

Il Silenzio

Improved Regional Sports Scheduling using SAS Optgraph

Indus Civilization in High School World History Textbooks

Influence of Chinese Privet on Riparian Soil Decomposition

Innovation Of Design: Early Ceramic Vessel Traditions In The Southeast

Inquiry on the accuracy of grades on representing acquired knowledge

Investigating Predictors of Hypoglycemia

Investigation of Cell Damage in Porcine Heart Tissue Irradiated by a 808-nm Wavelength Laser Source

Is it Stereotypical?: The Language and Tone Presented by the Female Characters in "The Office"

Is Test Anxiety Associated with Emotion Regulation Deficits?

Kinetic characterization of cellular entry, trafficking and cargo release by a novel TAT-derived cell-penetrating peptide

Kinetic characterization of novel protein-protein interactions in Helicobacter pylori flagellar assembly

Learning While Flying – A Simulation Based Case Study

Listening Sessions: A Bridge to Trust and Change

Many Faiths, One Beginning: Universality in Norse, Maya, Greek and Celtic Faiths

Measuring LGBTQ+ and non-LGBTQ+ Levels of Escapism Through Media

Microbial Voltage-gated Ion Channels



Mitochondrial targeting of protein cargos exogenously delivered via a novel cell-penetrating peptide adaptor system

Multiple Criteria Evaluation of the Proposed Bus Rapid Transit System

Namaste in the USA: The Growing Pains Yoga faces in American Culture

National Football League's Protests and its Effects on NFL Viewers

New bis(amidine) ligands for highly luminescent copperI complex array

New Cerberus-type N-Heterocyclic Carbenes: Synthesis and coordination

New developments in the chemistry of polyNHCs: Synthesis and coordination

Nitrogen Cycling in Seagrass Systems: Do Macroalgae alter Sediment Conditions?

Nonprofit Who? Using Storytelling as an Online Marketing Strategy

Observer Error Associated with Craniometric and Macromorphoscopic Trait Analyses


Preparation and Comparative Analysis of DNA Competence Among Enteric Bacteria

Quantification of Human-, Dog-, and Total Animal-associated Bacteroides in Cobb County Creeks

[Re]Defining Chandigarh

Real-time Analysis of Cellular Trafficking of APE1 in Cancer Cells

Reducing the Risk: Effects of Different Educational Interventions on College Students’ Knowledge of HIV/AIDS


Relationships Between Sprint Acceleration And Broad Jump Kinetics In NFL Draft Prospects

Religion as a coping mechanism for survivors of violence

Responsible Disclosure Best Practices

"Secure the Bag":Collaborations

Self-Reported Willingness to Let Friends Falsely Take the Blame

Shh/Gremlin/Fgf regulatory network genes are expressed during both fin and urogenital development in paddlefish

Silently Struggling in a New World: Exploring English Language Learners with Language Disabilities

Silicone Wristbands as a Passive Personal Detection Device and the Creation of Calibration Curves using SAS

Similarity of Research Papers Based on Vector Space Model

Slim-Modular-Flexible-Electric Bus

Social Network Analysis is USA Supreme court rulings

Specific Histidines Play A Role in pH Sensing

srw-85 expression is controlled by the basic-helix-loop-helix transcription factor cnd-1/NeuroD1

Student Perceptions of GMOs

Support for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage

Survey and Analysis of Georgia's Most Contaminated Environmental Sites

Sustaining the Future: Creating an Endowment Fund for Our Nonprofit Management Program

Synthesis of alpha-Alkynyl- and Aziridinyl-phosphonates from alpha-Phosphonovinyl Triflates

Tactile versus Electrical Sensory Input to Stimulate the Zebrafish (Danio rerio) Escape Response

Take Home Control Laboratory Equipment Design

The Art and Production of Maya Eccentrics

The Development Inhibitor and its Playmates

The DNA Regulator Lrp is involved with the Pseudomonas quinolone signal (PQS) quorum sensing network

The double burden phenomenon: A much needed status check

The Effect of Media Labeling Resistance Through Levels of Education on Nuclear Energy Environmental Conflicts

The Effect of Surface Runoff on the Water Quality of a Creek located on the campus of Kennesaw State University

The Effects of Deception and Stress on Participants and Researchers

The Effects of Personality on the Stress Response

The Globalization of Korean Pop Music: An Analysis of the Cultural and Social Effects

The Great Wall of AirBnB China

The Hangry Behavior of Myxobacteria: Transcriptome Analyses of Starving Cells

The Impact of Communitas and Liminality on Team Identification: What Should a New College Football Team’s Game Include to Attract More Students?

The Intergroup Sensitivity Effect Among Racial Groups

The intersection of mental health literacy and mental health stigma: A literature review

The Jungle of e-Commerce: Why Amazon is Failing in China

The Lateralized Readiness Potentials and the Psychological Refractory Period

The People of the Cumberland Plateau: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

The relationship between adversarial sexual beliefs and sexual assault perpetration

The relationship between alcohol consumption and the menstrual cycle in women

The Relationship Between Attitudes on Institutional Responses and Sex Trafficking Awareness and Myth Acceptance

The Relationship between College Students and their Pets

The Relationship between Motion Offset and Neural Inhibition with respect to EEG

The relationship between sexual assault beliefs and understanding of consent

The relationship between understanding of consent, misogynist attitudes, and perpetration of sexual violence

The role of EphR/ephrin signaling in a food-seeking sensorimotor neural circuit

The role of the Rbf1 tumor suppressor in the differentiation and maintenance of Drosophila muscles.

The Spatial Relationship between Water Quality and Roads/Traffic in Northern Georgia, USA

The Transcription Factor ztf-29 is Required for C. elegans Nervous System Development

The Use of Participant-Confederates in Examining Behavior Among the Falsely Accused: A Pilot Study

Thermal Stabilities of Foodborne Pathogen Salmonella enterica serovar Thompson and Bacteriophage ΦEnt

To Be or Not to Be Effective: Negotiating NAGPRA Law in the Southeastern United States

To Believe or Not To Believe? A Linguistic Analysis of Twitter Users' Responses to Sexual Assault Allegations Against Prominent Male Figures

Toto: A Game of Thrones Taking Place in the U.S.

Toward the development of a new tris-NHC. Coordination to coinage metals

Tracing Misogyny in American Culture

Translanguaging in content classes: A study of a trilingual preschooler.

Uncovering the Truth Behind Chemical Weapons in the Syrian War

Understanding the Regulation and Activity of Hyaluronidase Produced by Aeromonads

Understanding Voltage-gated Sodium Channel Auxiliary Subunits via Bioinformatics

Using Fear Potentiated Startle Rate to Examine African American Women with Childhood Trauma Exposure: Are They at Higher Risk for Post-Traumatic Stress Diagnosis?

Using Geospatial Data to Determine a Least Cost Path Analysis of a Public Transport System for Atlanta

Using Ion Competition to Evaluate the Collapse of Vermiculite Interlayers

Vodafone: Digitizing India’s Cash to Code with MPesa

Volunteer Management: An Event Planning Manual

Volunteers Across the Generations, They are Not all the Same

War over Water. The Battle That Has Been Simmering for Decades.

Watch Me Give: A Look at Narcissism as a Moderator to Donating to a Non-Profit

What is the Relationship between Neurogenin and Ephrin during Neuronal Development?

What’s Not to “Like”? University Police Departments’ Facebook Outreach

Where We Get Our Information: Gender Representation in Archaeology Textbooks

Wireless Geiger Counter Development and Verification of Radiation Principles

Worker safety in energy production in America: A comparative analysis of fuel sources and accompanying occupational risk

Year of India Study Abroad Seminar: The Attitudes Towards Mental Illnesses and Accessibility to Mental Health Services in Rural and Urban India