Aims & Purpose

Maya America/Revista Maya America publishes academic essays, political commentary, personal reflections, and creative works such as literature and art. Topics that relate to Indigenous Peoples of the Americas are welcome. Sub-fields include history, anthropology, public policy, education, literature, human rights, law and legal matters, advocacy, and opinion. We welcome a mix of points of view, updates of previous research or research in progress, and creative literary works that carry a message.

Names can encourage dynamic discussion as well as designate purpose and potentialities. “Maya America” refers to the historic and the present-day geographic region where people of Maya decent live, while “Maya American” reflects a term of self-identification used by many in the new generations born or raised beyond traditional homelands. The journal features essays and literature about past, contemporary, and emerging experiences and challenges in the Americas. As borders are spanned geographically, socially, and psychologically. Maya America opens spaces for thoughtfulness and discussion, and in addition proposes collaboration and change.

Upcoming issues include "International Adoptees from Guatemala" "Education Dynamics" "Turismo en las Tierras de los Mayas" and "Cambio climático en la Frontera sur de México y norte de Centroamérica"

Authors are welcome regardless of ethnicity or background.