A collection of published articles from members of the Department of Inclusive Education at Kennesaw State University.

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Submissions from 2021


Culturally and Linguistically Relevant Content Area Instruction for Diverse Students with Learning Disabilities, Shaqwana Freeman-Green, Melissa Driver, Peishi Wang, Jessica Kamuru, and Dia Jackson

Submissions from 2019


Using visual and textual metaphors to explore teachers’ professional roles and identities, Harriet J. Bessette and Nita A. Paris

Submissions from 2016


Using Content Acquisition Podcasts to Increase Student Knowledge and to Reduce Perceived Cognitive Lead, Michael J. Kennedy, Shanna Eisner Hirsch, Sarah E. Dillon, and Melissa K. Driver

Submissions from 2011

Best Practice Strategies for English Language Learners in Elementary Schools, Karen Kuhel, Debra J. Coffey, and G. McAlpine


A Synthesis of Read-Aloud Interventions on Early Reading Outcomes Among Preschool Through Third Graders at Risk for Reading Difficulties, Elizabeth Swanson, Sharon Vaughn, Jeanne Wanzek, Yaacov Petscher, Jennifer Heckert, Christie Cavanaugh, Guliz Kraft, and Kathryn Tackett

Submissions from 2009


Fourth and Fifth Grade Departmentalization: A Transition to Middle School, Tak C. Chan, Daniel Terry, and Harriet J. Bessette


Working for and with Latino/Latina Immigrant Newcomers in the English Language Arts Classroom, Bernadette Musetti, Spencer Salas, and Theresa Perez

Submissions from 2006


Including Ethics in the Study of Educational Leadership, Charles Bowen, Harriet Bessette, and T. C. Chan

Submissions from 2000

Pre-Session Assessment of Preferences for Students with Profound Multiple Disabilities, David L. Gast, Heidi A. Jacobs, Kent R. Logan, Amy Streu Murray, Anne Holloway, and Libby Long


Professional Development in Early Intervention: Creating Effective Inservice Training Opportunities, Michael D. Malone, Elizabeth Straka, and Kent R. Logan

Submissions from 1994


Using Portfolio Reflections to Re-Form Instructional Programs and Build Curriculum, Sarah Robbins, Nancy Brandt, Susan Goering, Jeanette Nassif, and Kathleen Wascha

Submissions from 1993

"In My Dreams": A Second Look at Inclusion and Programming, Glenn A. Vergason and M. L. Anderegg

Submissions from 1991

Beyond the Regular Education Initiative and the Resource Room Controversy, Glenn A. Vergason and M. L. Anderegg