A collection of published articles from members of the Department of English at Kennesaw State University.

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Submissions from 2007

New Directions in Teaching Memoir: A Studio Workshop Approach, Dawn Latta Kirby and Dan Kirby

The Journal of Joyce Carol Oates: 1973-1982, Joyce Carol Oates and Greg Johnson

Etowah It Comes from a Place, Thomas M. Pynn

My Father's Dogs, H. William Rice

Stalking Glory, H. William Rice

The Cambridge Introduction to Harriet Beecher Stowe, Sarah Robbins

Dream Driving, Don Russ


Swallowfly, Hugh Sheehy

The Invisibles, Hugh Sheehy

Billion-Dollar Kiss: The Kiss That Saved Dawson's Creek, and Other Adventures in TV Writing, Jeffrey Stepakoff


Qualitative Research on What Leads to Success in Professional Writing, Margaret Walters, Susan Hunter, and Elizabeth Giddens

A Georgia Georgic, Ralph T. Wilson

Submissions from 2006


Ethics in Conflict: Making the Case for a Critical Pedagogy, Michael C. Barnes and Michael Keleher


Bias and the Teachable Moment: Revisiting a Teacher Narrative, Darren Crovitz

Maria Edgeworth and the Irish 'Thin Places', Laura Dabundo

A History of My Tattoo: A Poem, Jim Elledge


Trouble No More, Anthony Grooms

Writing Monster/Writing Mentor: Reading and Learning from Students' Stories of Writing, Carol P. Harrell


Fictions of the New Millennium: An Interview with Joyce Carol Oates, Greg Johnson

Joyce Carol Oates: Conversations, Greg Johnson


Achieving Balance in Graduate Programs: Negotiating Best Practices, Dawn Latta Kirby

The Gift of Time, Deborah Kramb, Carol P. Harrell, George Seaman, and Dede Yow


Developing eLearning Policies at the Department Level, Laura McGrath


Minor Sources in Caxton's Roman War, Ralph Norris

Managing Literacy, Mothering America: Women's Narratives on Reading and Writing in the Nineteenth Century, Sarah Robbins

Setting Teachers' Writing Groups in Context, Sarah Robbins, George Seaman, Dede Yow, and Kathleen Blake Yancey

"Seeing" Community: Visual Culture in College Composition, Sarah Robbins and Linda Stewart

Reading to Write; "Reading" the Classroom to Re-vise Learning, Sarah Robbins, Linda Stewart, and Renee Kaplan

Reading Across Writing Groups, Linda Stewart, Renee Kaplan, and Deborah Kramb

Revisiting a Community of Practice in Action, Kathleen Blake Yancey, Sarah Robbins, Dede Yow, and George Seaman

Submissions from 1997

Guy Fawkes, Dr. Slop And The Actions Of Providence, Martha F. Bowden

Civil Rights Heroes, Hollywood Lies, Anthony Grooms