A collection of published articles from members of the Department of Elementary and Early Childhood Education at Kennesaw State University.

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Submissions from 2010


Distilling Wisdom from Practice: Finding Meaning in PDS Stories, Rick A. Breault


Student Teaching Abroad Inter-Group Outcomes: A Comparative, Country-Specific Analysis, Binbin Jiang, Debra J. Coffey, Robert A. Devillar, and Sandra Bryan

Submissions from 2008

Mighty Molecule Models, Tom Brown, Gregory T. Rushton, and Marie Bencomo

Submissions from 2007


Education and Hispanics in Hypergrowth Areas: The Georgia Question in American Schooling, Robert A. DeVillar and Binbin Jiang


Teaching and Learning within and across Cultures: Educator Requirements across the United States, Michael J. Morrier, Miles A. Irving, Evelyn Dandy, Grigory Dmitriyev, and Ikechukwu C. Ukeje


A Longitudinal Study of Elementary Pre-service Teachers' Mathematics Beliefs and Content Knowledge, Susan Swars, Lynn C. Hart, Stephanie Z. Smith, Marvin E. Smith, and Tammy Tolar

Submissions from 2004


How African American Mothers Assist Their Early Adolescent Daughters with Reading Tasks, Alice M. Scales and Alice F. Snyder

Submissions from 2003


The Literacy Action Plan: A Blueprint for Literacy Success, Linda B. Akanbi

Feeling Prepared: Preservice and Inservice Teachers' Perceptions of Competency to Teach Language Arts, Kathleen A. J. Mohr, George Hess, Binyao Zheng, and Robin Morrow


Guide to New Resources, G. Pritchy Smith, Celina V. Echols, Edwidge Bryant, Loretta Howell, and Ming Fang He

What I Want to Be When I Grow Up: A Qualitative Study of American and Japanese Children's Occupational Aspirations, Satomi Izumi Taylor, L. Weiping Wang, Anita VanBrackle, and Toshiko Kaneda

Submissions from 2002

Readings in Diagnosis and Instruction in Literacy, George Hess


Changes in the Heart: The Role of Service, Vicki McLain, Anita VanBrackle, and Anna Marie Fenton


Part IV: Guide to New Resources, G. Pritchy Smith, Celina V. Echols, Fran Davis Perkins, Edwidge Bryant, and Loretta Howell


Part V: Guide to New Resources, G. Pritchy Smith, Celina V. Echols, Fran Davis Perkins, Edwidge Bryant, and Loretta Howell

Submissions from 2000

Constructing Early Childhood Science, David Jerner Martin

One Hundred Twenty-three Student Teachers: Common Fears and Possible Interventions, Anita S. VanBrackle, Toni Bellon, Jonelle Poole, Lewis VanBrackle, and R. Michael

Submissions from 1999

Developing Beliefs about Literacy Instruction: A Cross-Case Analysis of Preservice Teachers in Traditional and Field Based Settings, Wayne M. Limek, Olga G. Nelson, Mary Beth Sampson, Catherine C. Zeek, Kathleen A. J. Mohr, and Linda Hughes

Submissions from 1997


Examining Human Development Themes through the Electronic Media and Children's Literature, Linda B. Akanbi


If At First You Don't Succeed, Ganbare, Ganbare, Ganbare, Satomi Izumi Taylor, Vivian G. Morris, Rebecca Wasson, Marc Lichtman, and Anita S. VanBrackle

Submissions from 1996


Using Journal Writing to Teach, Maudine Jefferson and Linda B. Akanbi


Three in One: Collaborative Teaching at the College Level, Kimberly S. Loomis, Anita S. VanBrackle, and Toni Bellon

Elementary Science Methods: A Constructivist Approach, David Jerner Martin

Submissions from 1995

The Stress of Change from Student to Student Teacher: An Analysis of Future Student Teachers' Stress Profiles, Anita S. VanBrackle and Lewis VanBrackle

Submissions from 1994


Concept Mapping as an Aid to Lesson Planning: A Longitudinal Study, David J. Martin