The Doctorate (EdD) in Educational Leadership is a post-master’s professional degree program for qualified candidates who wish to pursue the terminal degree in Educational Leadership. The program is designed to further develop experienced leaders in the areas of school improvement, strategic planning and institutional development, and other areas of critical need for the twenty-first century. The EdD program is designed to build candidates’ critical understanding and expert use of transformational and distributed leadership skills as a means to develop integrated professionals who are both globally-minded thought leaders and successful educational leaders, prepared to actively and knowledgeably engage within institutional contexts of constant challenge and innovation. Candidates critically review and robustly construct knowledge in educational policy, data analysis, educational planning in conjunction with educational theory, through discourse-rich coursework and field-centered projects. The knowledge and application of research in general and in the specific form of a dissertation is an integral component of the doctoral program experience. Candidates are prepared to lead change and develop organizations to effectively succeed in a global educational context.

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