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A Sentiment Analysis of Air Passengers of Top Ten U.S. Based Airlines

Meral Anitsal, Tennessee Tech University
Ismet Anitsal, Tennessee Tech University
Selin Anitsal, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Apple and Consumer Collectivism: A Look at the Nature of Brand Cults

Victor J. Massad, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania
Andrew Carr, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania

Brand Personality and The Distribution Trap

Kenneth D. Hall, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania
Thomas Tanner, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania
Alan Dubinsky, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

Can a Marketing Strategy Help End the ‘Gender Gap’ in English Language and Literature Scholarly Book Publishing?

Nicole Benevento, Fordham University
Albert N. Greco, Fordham University
Toniann Pasqueralle, Fordham University
Clara Rodriguez, Fordham University
Francesca Russo, Fordham University
Alana M. Spendley, Fordham University
Kelly Sullivan Dennis, Fordham University
Yiming Sun, Fordham University
Robert M. Wharton, Fordham University

Evolutionary Motives and Consumer Food Choice in Romantic Relationships

Rob Richerson, Salisbury University

How Do Individuals Process Neutral (Mixed) Online Consumer Reviews?

Junsang Lim, Virginia State University
Seungjae Lee, Keimyung College University