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Assessing High Schools Students’ Perceptions of Sales as an Area to Study in College, and as a Career to Pursue after College

Scott A. Inks, Kennesaw State University
Ramon A. Avila, Ball State University
Marquetta A. Horner, Ball State University

Customer Rage and the Salesperson: A Call for Research and a Suggested Approach

C. David Shepherd Ph.D., Georgia Southern University

Inside Sales Force and Gender: Mediating effects of intrinsic motivation on sales controls and performance

Anne K. Gottfried, University of Southern Mississippi
Scott C. Ambrose, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Richard E. Plank, University of South Florida

Leveraging Human Analytics for Strategic Partnerships and Sales Performance

Dana E. Harrison, East Tennessee State University
Kelly R. Hall, Stetson University

Personal Selling and the Internet: Is the Trusted Advisor Role Obsolete?

Stephen C. Carlson, Piedmont College

Should We Treat All Boundary Spanners Equally?: Examining Gender and Marital Status Differences Among Isolation and Role Conflict

Diane R. Edmondson, Middle Tennessee State University
Lucy Matthews, Middle Tennessee State University
Stefanie Boyer, Bryant University
Cheryl Ward, Middle Tennessee State University

The Impact of Social Media and Related Technologies on the Sales Process: A Qualitative Analysis from the Buyer’s Perspective

Judi Billup, Salisbury University
Ryan Matthews, Kennesaw State University
Shawn Wilson, VP Beaulieu West
James Nathan Smith, Nova Southeastern University