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An Exploration into Emotional Tracking to Determine Consumer Emotional Responses: What do Consumers Think?

Alexandria Black, Marshall University
Elizabeth C. Alexander, Marshall University

Application of the Semantic Organization Model to the Assessment of Social Media Communication: Assessing the Accuracy and Relevance of On-line Reviews

James M. Hunt, Temple University
Richard A. Lancioni, Temple University
Wooyang Kim, Minnesota State University

Cause-Related Marketing: The Effect of Checkout Charity Requests on Consumer Donation Behavior

Minerva Lacal Pardo, Puig USA
Brian R. Kinard, University of North Carolina Wilmington

Effects of Comparative Processing and Mere Measurement on Choice of a Brand with Negative Attributes

Steven E. Koppitsch, Bowling Green State University

Evaluating the Impact of Cause-Marketing on Job Seekers – An Extended Abstract

Michael C. Peasley, University of Memphis
Parker J. Woodroof, University of Central Arkansas

How Health Claims on Product Packaging Influence Consumer Perceptions and Purchase Decisions

Elaine M. Notarantonio, Bryant University
Charles J. Quigley Jr, Bryant University
Taylor Vanasse, Bryant University

Pluralist Masculinity: New Sexuals in Male Marketing

Merlyn A. Griffiths, University of North Carolina
Sarah Lefebvre, University of Central Florida
Laurel A. Cook, West Virginia University
Channelle D. James, University of North Carolina

Point Redemption Matters: A Response to Murthi, Steffes, and Rasheed (2011)

Jonathan P. Leavell, Charlotte Metro FCU

Targeting Vulnerable Consumers: The Marketing of Indoor Tanning to Young Adults

Suzanne B. Benet, Grand Valley State University
Frederic B. Kraft, Grand Valley State University