ACIST 2022 Call for Papers

25th - 26th August 2022 at Malawi University of Science & Technology, Malawi

The idea of Digital African is a reference to an African who has become a digital citizen because of integration of digital technology to support all aspects of his or her socio-economic life. Currently, there are a significant number of Africans who have attained various levels of digital citizenship. At the same time, there are also a significant number of Africans who are not yet digital citizens. Even among those who are digital citizens, many are not conscious of this citizenship because they have taken it for granted. For this reason, many Africans are quite oblivious to the key issues in digital citizenship even though knowledge of these issues in this age contributes significantly to African progress.

The key digital citizenship issues include access, communication, literacy, security and safety, ethics, education, government, rights and responsibilities, law, health, infrastructure, financial inclusion, and commerce. The more Africans understand, think, and apply these key issues, the more they increase their digital citizenship level. And as many of us are becoming Digital Africans, we acquire knowledge and skills which are critical in this age to make significant contributions to African progress.

However, the efforts required to make many more digital Africans is huge because there are many socio-economic obstacles in our way. Thankfully, many efforts are being made in this direction including the efforts of Information Systems & Technology scholars in Africa. The 2022 (8th) edition of ACIST seeks to invite scholars to share ideas, based on research, about the making of The Digital African from many different theoretical, philosophical, policy and practical perspectives.

We invite you to participate in ACIST 2022 by submitting completed papers, research-in-progress papers or posters, position papers, panel discussion topics, and exhibition posters on topics which include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Digital Innovation
  • Smart Technologies and Development
  • Sustainable (Green) ICTs
  • ICT and Organisational Structuring
  • Smart Devices and Mobile Ecosystems
  • Internet and IS Development
  • Smart Networks and Collaborations
  • Information Systems Strategy
  • Digital Society, Knowledge and Identity
  • ICT Curriculum and Education
  • Philosophy & Methods in IS Research
  • ICT and Social Inclusion/Exclusion
  • Digital Platforms and Smartness
  • Ubiquitous Computing
  • Big Data and Business Intelligence
  • Cloud and Smart Computing
  • Smart Cities & Wireless Communications
  • Smart Government and Smart Business
  • Smart Collaborations & Crowdsourcing
  • ICT in the Oil and Gas Industry
  • Information and Computer Security
  • Decision Support Systems
  • Human Behaviour and ICT
  • ICT-Enabled Services

Paper submissions will be subjected to double-blind reviews by at least two Programme Committee members. Accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings with ISSN 2467-8988; and will be considered for further review and publication in the African Journal of Information Systems.

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