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The new development of technology and global innovation has changed the world economic view and perspective. This redefine that every country has its own stability and effect on digital economy and technology depending on its investments and readiness of available human resources. Many African country are trying to boost and push up their economic development in order to get in middle economy. However, youth always gets more challenge in adopting and using technology or digital platform hence they found in a paralysed and muted situation. In this competitive era and globalized world, every country needs and want smart people who can run and utilize well digital devices for its global economic competition and development. This research paper has used qualitative and document analysis method in collecting data. Furthermore, the result of this paper demonstrate that more than 70% of African youth have been paralysed by digital devices because they always use digital devices in searching and sharing bad news, such as, gossiping, terrorism, internet hacking, playing games and unnecessary discussions while failing to use it in searching important things like market, new innovation and creativity. Hence the opportunity of digital economy has remained paralyzed and growing slowly. The main objective of this study is to demonstrate the role and contribution of youth on the development of sustainable digital economy.