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Illiteracy has affected women in Sierra Leone, by limiting their abilities to participate in governmental, domestic, and economic activities. As a result of the limited opportunities, women are faced with various challenges that impact their social livelihood. For example, women are deprived from making decisions in their homes because of low educational status. Sierra Leone has an adult literacy rate of 43.21%. The male literacy rate is 51.65% and the female literacy rate is 34.85%, creating a huge gap between both sexes (UNESCO, 2018). The impacts of illiteracy also affect youngsters, as early marriage takes the trend, and literacy programs become abandoned. This study examines the repercussions of illiteracy in the hamlet of Charlotte within Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone. This study highlights the magnitude of the problem, the consequences of the problem, and make recommendations base on suggestions from the participants on how this problem can be resolved.