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There exist a link between the youth and education-employment-entrepreneurship. This link expresses an age-long interaction and futuristic tendencies. It is such that the education of the youth determines their employability. Youth unemployment has however pervaded the make-up of the Nigerian society as such youth have resorted to entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship or entrepreneurship education has gained general empathy as the solution to tackling unemployment. In the event of Sustainable Development Goal 8 which aims at promoting sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all men and women regardless of their capabilities and incapabilities, how can the pointers of education, unemployment and entrepreneurship be used to produce a lasting framework that would lead to the achievement of this goal by 2030? This paper employs qualitative research methods in collecting data and analysis and concludes that achieving SDG goal 8 given these pointers requires a holistic approach.