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African countries are limited in unifying themselves due to the boundaries and various requirements which hinder their free and perfect mobility, manifested in visa requirement, multi-currencies, different leadership, insecurity, unemployment, poor resource utilisation and poor production. Leadership, perfect mobility and industrialisation are the major sectors to Africa’s unification and prosperity. There is always the thinking that perhaps the means used by the imperialists to exploit Africa’s minerals and partitioning, that in return led to Europe’s industrialisation, could be the very means to Africa’s unification, industrialisation and becoming a first world continent. The effort to find a possible means of providing sustainable development and unification in Africa informed the decision to write this article. It is about the history, uses, effects, benefits and description of the railway system. Today, Africa is facing a lot of political leadership problems and corruption mainly because the resources which were abundantly endowed to Africa were plundered through the railway development. Partitioning of Africa was also another tool deployed to make it impossible for Africans to relate and defend what belonged to them. This article intends to show how the railway is Africa’s greatest tool to radical development and unification.