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According to the 2009 African Governance Report (AGR II), by the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), many democracies in Africa are suffering from an authoritarian hangover. Many African countries adopted the system of democracy because it enjoys global endorsement as the best form of government and panacea for underdevelopment. But it is a truism that development in Africa remains impeded. This is because many African leaders are ignorant and negligent of the philosophical principles upon which democracy is formed. This paper seeks to discuss, within an African framework, the link between democracy and development. The clamour for democracy all over the globe is not accidental. Those who go about agitating for democracy are convinced that no society desirous of development can ignore democracy. The democratic experience of developed nations lends credence to the truth of this claim. There is a close link between democracy and development. This is not to say that a country cannot develop without democracy, but where both exist, the outcomes are better.



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