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A Comparative Study of Indian Americans’ and Indian Immigrants’ Perspectives on Colorism on the Basis of Beauty and Attraction

Mary Thomas

A Journey of Success: Italy’s Welcoming of Jeep into the FIAT Family

Madison Griffin

A Reevaluation of the Phylogeography of the Chattahoochee Slimy Salamander (Plethodon chattahoochee) Using Next-Generation Genomic Data

Jadin Cross

A Review of Grey and Academic Literature on Program Evaluations for Public, Private, and Nonprofit Sector Agency Use

Eliza Galvez

A Study of COVID Tweet: Text Mining and Sentiment Analysis.

Tiffany Agiri

A Synchronic Comparison of Linear Enamel Hypoplasia from Byzantine Crete

Morgan Bendzinski, Kennesaw State University

A Systematic Review: The Effects of Exercise Training on Lung Function and Quality of Life in Asthmatic Pediatric Patients

Mia Mantooth
Haley Hufstetler
Brittany Graffagnino
Taylor Clark

Accidental Overdoses: Insights to Aid in Prevention

Annabel Nganga

Addition of Avian and Equine Tests Used for Microbial Source Tracking at KSU

Mara Long

Age-Related Differences in Absolute and Relative Maximal Strength at Different Velocities

Michael Cooper

Age-Related Reduction in High-Velocity Power and Myofiber Morphology and Composition

Ben Dalton

Anthropogenic Effects on European Starling Nestlings Growth and Cholesterol

Courtney Linkous

Anti-Vaxxers: Parents Fighting Science

Katie West, Kennesaw State University

Are there Predictors of a Running Back’s Success?

Joshua Price

Best Practices in Volunteer Management for Cherokee Family Violence Center

Andi Edwards

Bias in Police Shootings: Is It Just An Opinion?

Phuong Ho

Bioinformatics of ngn-1 Transcription Factors

Claire Simms
John Marangakis, Kennesaw State University

Celebrity Worship and the Modern Fan

Dorothy Corbett

Cervical Cancer: Are there ways to reduce the risks?

Madelyn Dorn, Kennesaw State University

Children Coping with Domestic Violence

Sammie Fairbanks

Children Coping with Domestic Violence

Sammie Fairbanks

College Students and Mental Health Services

Naomi Katz, Kennesaw State University

Community Level Physiological Profiling of the Longleaf Pine Savannah Microbiome

Gavin Treadaway

Comparison of microplastic extraction methodologies for drinking water sludge

Krystl Wood, Kennesaw State University

Conserved Regions Mediate Interactions between Canonical NOX Domains

Akua Acheampong

COTA Collaborations: Towards Interdisciplinary Projects in the College of the Arts

Sarah Joseph

Death by Police: When “Protecting and Serving” Goes Wrong

Hesper Mallis

Depression prevention by mutual empathy training: Using virtual reality gamification as a tool

Songqiao Yu

Detecting Bacterial Species from Next Generation Sequencing Data Derived from Ancient Human Skeletal Samples

Ariel Owens, Kennesaw State University
Daisy McGrath, Kennesaw State University
Tsai-Tien Tseng, Kennesaw State University

Determining Malignancy: Can Mammogram Results Help Predict the Diagnosis of Breast Tumors?

Taylor Behrens

Do environmental toxins predict violent crimes?

Tyler Stahl

Do Urbanization and Weather Shape the Timing of Breeding in European Starlings?

Emma Maltos

Does NeuroD Influence Formation of a Neurodevelopmental Circuit?

Ellie Dobson
Julia Aguirre

Educational Effects on Self Care in Pediatric Type 1 Diabetes: A Systematic Review

Donita Culda
Kaleigh Gerasimek
Hannah Shuman
Paris White

Effective Communication in Healthcare

Gabriela Reilly

Effects Of Neem Oil On Growth And Development Of Aspergillus flavus in peanuts

Onachukwu Nwolisa

Efficacy of volatile organic compounds as treatment for bats affected with white-nose syndrome

Whitney Jones

Elucidation of the Combination Bands and Anharmonic Features in the Vibrational Spectra of C2O4H- and C2O4D- with Driven Classical Trajectories

Dalton Boutwell, Kennesaw State University
Martina Kaledin, Kennesaw State University

Energy saving on Edges: State-of-the-art and future directions

Kousalya Banka

Eradicating Zebra Mussels: What Works?

Elijah Davies

Examining the Relationship between African-Americans and their Physicians

Genesis Weever, Kennesaw State University

Exercise interventions for adults with Alzheimer’s disease: a literature review

Rachel Sellers
Orasio Torres
Enrique Gaytan

Exploring Telemedicine and Self-Management Practices of Transitioning Adults with Sickle Cell Disease

Jacqueline Easter

Exploring the Microbiome of Korean Industrial Kimchi Fermentation Products

Cynney Walters, Kennesaw State University
Daisy McGrath, Kennesaw State University
Tsai-Tien Tseng, Kennesaw State University

Family and Caregiving Stains as Related to Pediatric Leukemia

Samantha Evans
Hannah Montondo
Eileen Vilceus

Food Deserts: Hungry for Answers

Lawren Cumberbatch

Fracture Toughness and Ductile-Brittle Behavior of 3D Printed Polymers

Christian Cook

Glide Another Day: Characterization of Wild Isolates of Predatory Myxobacteria

Daniella Krakue, Kennesaw State University
Juan Vasquez, Kennesaw State University
Simone Dakare, Kennesaw State University

Health Equity and Immigrant Populations: A Literature Review

Tram Nguyen


Anne Chance
Nashay Lowe
Eliza Galvez

I. Using Social Media to Promote Awareness of HIV and AIDS in Children: Education and Community Resources

Savannah Barnett

Identification and Comparison of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi and Soil Microbiomes Between American Chestnuts and Surrounding Hardwoods

Geoffrey Eger
Sarah Andrews

Impact of COVID-19 on Health Disparities in the United States - A Preliminary Study

Alina Panjwani

Initial Assessment of Potential Relationships Between Plant Communities and the Soil Microbiome in Closed Forest and Longleaf Pine Restoration Sites.

Sean Davis
Ian Kennedy, Kennesaw State University

Investigating the Effects of Wording on Perceptions of Online Dog Adoption Advertisements

Sarah Barker

Laryngeal vocals in old world locals: air sacs usage in bonobos

Chelsea Trenbeath

Lifting Flow over a Cylinder as a Lift System

Kyle Mello

Marijuana Arrests in Toronto Canada: A Look into the Canadian Criminal Justice System

Steven Tully

Market Research: How to Keep and Gain Customers

Chris McCall

Method Development of Standard Dilution Analysis

Ethan Wagner, Kennesaw State University
Scott Richardson, Kennesaw State University

Model Calculations of H/D Isotope Substitution in Hydrogen Oxalate Anion Using the Normal Mode Analysis

Dominick Pierre-Jacques, Kennesaw State University
Olivia Cochran, Kennesaw State University
Dayana Salazar, Kennesaw State University
Martina Kaledin, Kennesaw State University

Molecular Detection of Aspergillus flavus in Georgia peanut, variety Tifguard.

Carolle Zolome

Narrative Ambiguity in Brahms Op. 38: An Argument for Multi-Movement Analysis

Joseph Grunkemeyer

On the Front Lines of Fire: How do we save their lives?

Cathrine Jatta

Opioid Abuse: Are Doctors Creating the Problem?

Nguyen Tran

Oral Minimal Model for Gestational Diabetes

Sarah Peters

Parkinson Symptom Simulation in Virtual Reality for Empathy in Medical Education

Songqiao Yu

Phosphites as a source of Organophosphates on Prebiotic Earth

Fatma Aldihri

Plant-Based vs. Animal-Based Diet and Their Association with Metabolic Function

Gwyneth Johnson
Mara Bryan, Kennesaw State University
Andreana Henry, Kennesaw State University
Grace Alexander, Kennesaw State University

PulMon-C: A Real-time Monitoring Framework of Pulmonary Function

Md Saiful Islam, Kennesaw State University
Maria Valero, Kennesaw State University
Shahriar Hossain, Kennesaw State University

Quantification of Organic Matter Retention and Transport in Streams

Maitri Patel, Kennesaw State University
Adelaide Obo, Kennesaw State University
Natahlia Robinson, Kennesaw State University

r-LSTM: Time Series Forecasting for COVID-19 Confirmed Cases with LSTM-based Framework

Mohammad Masum

Risk for Postoperative Delirium Related to Comorbidities in Older Adult Cardiac Patients: Systematic Review

Christina Briggs, Kennesaw State University
Jade Preston, Kennesaw State University
Mahdi Mofazali, Kennesaw State University
Carolina Gomez, Kennesaw State University

Role of Ce EFN-4 in gustatory sensory ASE neuron

Barrett Upton

Secure Mobile Application Development with Data Leak Analysis Plugin

ABM KAMRUL ISLAM RIAD, Kennesaw State University

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Katherine Sullivan

Social support affected caregiver strain and quality of care of older adults with end-stage dementia. A systematic review.

Dao Nguyen
Hien Ho
Tyesha Mapp

Soil bacteria: Metabolic diversity in a Wildlife Management Area

Nicholas Green, Kennesaw State University

Solid State Synthesis of Chiral Magnetic Alloys

Connor Quick

Source Localization of Electroencephalogram (EEG) Waves with Convolutional Neural Network

Terence Onyewuenyi

Sources and Aftermaths of Pipeline Related Leaks and Spills

Justin Smith

Stepping Back in Time: Dance in 45 Plays for 45 Presidents

Antwanera Braxton

Sterilizing Masks with UVC Light

Christopher Focht

The contribution of the body, pectoral fins, and the ribbon fin to turning maneuvers of a gymnotiform swimmer

Olivia Hawkins

The Demonization of the Other: How Casper van Senden Influenced Shakespeare’s Othello

Ella Hite

The Effects of Provisional Rate on Offspring Growth in European Starlings

Shelby Edge
Sarah Guindre-Parker

The Evolutionary Origins of Autism Associated Genes and Their Role in Great Ape Socio-communication

Azeeza Abdulrauf, Kennesaw State University
Martin Hudson, Kennesaw State University
Susan M.E. Smith, Kennesaw State University
Jared P. Taglialatela, Kennesaw State University

The Impact of Reinforcer Preference and Variation on Response Rates in Preschool-Aged Children

Jason M. Aldridge

The relationship between climate and nesting patterns in Two-Lined Salamanders spanning the Northeast to Southeast United States

Jasmyne Blake-Sinclair

Towards a Framework of Dynamic Affective Virtual Environment Gaming (DaveG) System for Autism Spectrum Disorder Detection

Estephanos Mekbib
Christopher Baxter, Kennesaw State University
Chao Mei, Kennesaw State University
Yi (Joy) Li, Kennesaw State University

Towards the identification of the soil fungal microbiome community associated with Longleaf Pine

Joshua Inneh
Grace Krueger
Ian Thomasson
Fletcher Moon, Kennesaw State University
Geoffrey Eger, Kennesaw State University

Understanding the impact of racism in healthcare and how it is affecting African American Women

Magdalene Boadu

Urban Food Policy, Planning, and Security: A Location Analysis and Potential Impacts of Creating Community Gardens in DeKalb County, GA

Artis Trice

Who is Next? Evaluating Factors that May Contribute to Heart Failure

Davon Broadwater

Why are all of our idols trash: Separating the art from the artist

sormeh sanaseri

Why Does an Ex-Offender Reoffend?

Jacob Rybak