Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) at Kennesaw State University
Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Synthesize knowledge from nursing, related sciences, and humanities in the implementation of advanced nursing roles and specialties to improve healthcare outcomes in all healthcare settings or systems.
  2. Integrate social, economic, organizational, ethical, legal, and cultural influences in planning, delivering, managing, and evaluating potential and actual healthcare problems of individuals, families, and diverse populations.
  3. Employ strategies for evidence-based practice in the leadership, education, or administration of healthcare settings or system.
  4. Apply collaborative, interprofessional communication skills to improve care delivery systems, safety, quality outcomes, and patient self-care, and to expedite coordination of services across all healthcare settings or systems.
  5. Employ informatics and healthcare technologies in the delivery, integration, and coordination of healthcare education, administration, or practice for individuals, for families, and diverse populations.
  6. Employ leadership and advocacy skills in the implementation of ethical and collaborative policies to improve quality and safety outcomes for individuals, families, and diverse populations in a variety of healthcare settings and systems.
  7. Participate in the creation and translation of research and evidence-based knowledge in all healthcare settings to improve care, quality, and safety for patients, families, and diverse populations, as well as for self and the healthcare team.