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Maya America and Yax Te’ Books team up for this special edition of the journal in order to present a new trilingual book of stories, traditions and testimonies recorded in the department of Chimaltenango, Guatemala. The book, edited by Hana Muzika Kahn and Jonathan Holmquist, is in Kaqchikel, Spanish and English, presented in three columns on each page, so that the reader can read and compare the languages. It is presented in this edition of the Maya America Journal, and can also be downloaded at no cost from the Yax Te’ website: https://yaxtebooks.info/ A print version will be available shortly. The format of this book is designed to reflect a community where both Kaqchikel and Spanish languages and cultures are active, to preserve local customs, traditions and community memories in writing, and to promote literacy. English translations were added in at the request of community members, in order to reinforce English language classes and to share the materials with a wider English-speaking public.

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