Submission Guidelines & Policies

The Crambo is accepting submissions!

The Crambo welcomes submissions of poetry, short fiction, creative nonfiction, screenplays, cartoons, short graphic fiction, and visual art.

Graduate students from any university are welcome to submit. All work must be original, previously unpublished, and in English.

We do not accept simultaneous submissions. It is the author's responsibility to retract their submission if their work is accepted by another publication.

Please feel free to submit as many pieces as you wish. However, we do ask that you create separate submissions for different genres (poetry, fiction, art, etc.).

The submission process:

  1. Read and accept Article Submission Agreement.
  2. Provide a cover letter.
  3. Upload your submission.

Submission deadline: November 7, 2018

See More Specific Guidelines

  • General
  • Fiction
  • Poetry
  • Screenplay/Play
  • Creative Nonfiction
  • Cartoons/Short Graphic Fiction
  • Art/Photography/Mixed Media
  • General

    What's the response time?

    Please expect to wait for up to two months for a reply.

    Do you have any creative suggestions?

    The Crambo has the right to accept or reject submissions based on the needs of the literary journal. Before submitting your work, note that The Crambo is a graduate student literary journal that exclusively features graduate student work.

    Since we are developing our editorial voice, we are seeking not only the best graduate student work, but work that will influence the future of The Crambo. Please send anything--be it refreshing, experimental, familiar, or adventurous.

    Will I get paid?

    The Crambo offers opportunities for publication, but we do not offer payment for accepted works.

    Will I retain copyright?

    All future rights to material published in The Crambo are retained by the authors and artists.

    The author or creator of the content may use all or part of their submission in future works. Any subsequent publication should note that work was first published in The Crambo.

    Kennesaw State University retains the non-exclusive right to digitally archive and make your work accessible via Digital Commons.

    What do I send?

    Please submit written manuscripts in a Word (.docx) file.

    Please submit art, comics, or short graphic fiction in JPG or PDF format.

    Do you need my name?

    We’d like to review submissions blind, but please don’t send us your work if you are not a current graduate student. Include relevant identity details in the submission form, but do not put your name on the submission itself.

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    Engage the imagination

    Sometimes long, never dull.

    Times New Roman. Double spaced. 12 point font. Nothing fancy, please.

    We accept short and flash fiction of up to about 6000 words, but we may respond to shorter work sooner.

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    Speak to sensation

    The game of Crambo may rhyme, but not all poetry does.

    We allow submission of up to three poems. Poems should be no more than two pages. And they don’t have to rhyme. Promise.

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    Action and visualization

    Description, dialogue, action, CUT!

    We ask that you format your submission to industry standards. We won’t accept feature film excerpts unless they can stand alone.

    Screenplays may range from eight to fifteen pages.

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    Creative Nonfiction

    Real relation

    It happened the way I say it happened.

    Times New Roman, 12 point font, double spaced--you know the drill.

    We accept submissions of up to about 6000 words, but we may respond to shorter work sooner.

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    Cartoons/Short Graphic Fiction

    Sketch and Illustration

    Bam! Pow!

    We accept cartoons (like the funny section of a newspaper) and comics (like Superman). Please submit up to three cartoons or one comic book issue (18-22 pages).

    Please submit comic books as combined PDF files. We will not sit and click through twenty PNGs.

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    Art/Photography/Mixed Media

    Vivid Creation

    Beauty of the canvas, the landscape, the screen. See what I mean?

    Photographs, illustrations, paintings, sculpture, or pottery will appear alongside other genres. You may send up to three pieces of original work.

    Please submit images of original artwork in the form of a JPG.

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