What is The Crambo?

Crambo is a rhyming game. The Crambo is a literary journal produced by graduate students in the Kennesaw State University Master's of Professional Writing program. It is the only literary journal produced by graduate students using only graduate student work.

How do you play the game?

The first player says a word or verse for the others to rhyme. (And when the others think of one, in they chime!)

What genres do you accept?

We publish graduate student work in poetry, short fiction, creative nonfiction, screenplays, cartoons, short graphic fiction, and visual art.

Since you are named after a rhyming game, do you focus on poetry?

No! While the game might be all about rhyming, the journal is all about getting the best work by graduate students in any of our accepted genres. In fact, we would love to see more submissions from all of our different genres.

How do I submit to The Crambo?

For detailed submission guidelines, check out our Submissions page.

May I be a reviewer?

Reviewers for The Crambo are made up of graduate students across Kennesaw State University's graduate programs. If you are a KSU graduate student and would like to be a reviewer, send us an email to TheCrambo (at) kennesaw.edu.

Does The Crambo have a theme for accepted works?

The only theme is creativity. Because we are new, we are still establishing a voice. Help us get started by sharing yours.

I'm a recent graduate, but not a graduate student. May I submit?

We request that only currently enrolled graduate students submit work.

I'm a graduate student, but I'm not in any creative writing program. May I submit?

Yes. We welcome work from any graduate student.

I'm a KSU graduate student. May I submit?

Yes. Just make sure you keep your name off the submission.

I'm a graduate student, but my co-creator isn't. May we submit?

No. In order to keep our unique reputation as a literary magazine created by graduate students using graduate student work, we ask that all authors and artists be part of a current graduate program.

How do I prove I'm a graduate student?

Follow the submission button and fill out the form. When it asks for your email address, use your school-issued address. This will help us ensure you are a graduate student.

How can I spread the good word of The Crambo?

Follow us on social media! If your work has been accepted, share the link and tag us. We're on Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest, and Twitter. And don't forget to encourage all of your friends to submit!

What is the Master of Art in Professional Writing (MAPW) program?

The MAPW is a graduate program that focus on all aspects of professional writing: creative writing, applied writing, and composition and rhetoric. For more information, visit our website.