This journal ceased publication in 2019. If you are interested in the new MAPW journal, The Headlight Review, please visit their new journal site.

The Crambo


1. A game in which a player gives a word or line of verse to which each of the other players must find a rhyme

2. A literary journal for graduate students

The Crambo is a graduate-student run publication at Kennesaw State University in Georgia. We publish graduate students' works in fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, plays, screenplays, short graphic fiction, cartoons, and visual art. Currently enrolled graduate students from any university are encouraged to submit original and unpublished work.

The journal will accept submissions until November 7, 2018. Our staff carefully reviews submitted work with the final decision made by the editors. Issue 2 will be published Spring 2019.

Note: The Crambo is unique in that it is produced and features work exclusively by graduate students. Because of this, The Crambo can only accept submissions from email addresses affiliated with a university. The institutional email is how we help ensure this standard is kept.

Current Volume: Volume 2 (2019)

Letter from the Editors

Every grad student, no matter the size of their school, where they reside, or what program they are in, went willingly into the overwhelming chaos of grad school. We are all joined together in this hard world, giving up our time and our sanity, in order to pursue something we love. The work we do is difficult, but it is fulfilling. We thrive on it. Passion is our driving force—the thing that wakes us up in the morning and propels us through our grad school journey.

That common passion is what inspired us to create The Crambo, a literary journal created by graduate students exclusively featuring graduate student work. Who better to strike cords in your hearts than the individuals out there every day putting their all into something they love? As we combed through the stacks of work that was submitted we searched for a fire, a passion. Passion that matched our own and made us feel all the things we didn’t even realize we wanted to feel.

In this issue, we have a story about a life left behind, a poem that speaks to the heart of anger, artwork that connects us to Mother Earth, and an essay that brings us to a wedding potentially hosted by the Mafia. These, along with all of the pieces we accepted, are waiting in this volume to inspire you. Benjamin Disraeli said that “Man is only great when he acts from passion.” We think this collection of works exemplifies his thought. When you read these pieces, we hope this passion is what you feel too.


Ashley and Brody, Editors-in-Chief

Full Issue



Ode to Memphis Blues
Lauren S. Cottle


Manifesto For Immigration
Mary T. Duerksen


Unpacking Halcyon
Andrew Kulak


Abby N. Lewis


The Spare Bedroom
Valerie Smith


Diana Prokopiev


Nina M. Siso



Another Life
Jillian D. Bailey


Zachary Daniel Kaplan-Moss

Creative Non-fiction


My Own Private Godfather
Richard Stuecker

Photo Essay


Madre Tierra
Christine Sloan Stoddard


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Brody Smithwick
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