A collection of published articles from members of the Department of Social Work and Human Services at Kennesaw State University.

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Submissions from 2016


An Examination of Community Practice Social Workers as Social Intrapreneurs or Social Entrepreneurs, Monica Nandan, Gokul Mandayam, Carol S. Collard, and Rebekah Tchouta


Interprofessional Practice in Healthcare: Experiences of a Faculty Learning Community, Vanessa Robinson-Dooley and Quienton Nichols


Welcoming America: A Movement to Embrace Newcomers, Darlene Rodriguez

Submissions from 2011

The Structure of Empathy in Social Work Practice, Steve H. King

Connecting Core Competencies: A Workbook for Social Work Students, Quienton I. Nichols


A Recent Look at the Factors Influencing Workforce Retention of Public Child Welfare, Sharon E. Williams, Quienton I. Nichols, Takeisha Wilson, and Alan Kirk

Submissions from 2010


Reinventing the Stress Concept, David Clint Johnson and Lisa B. Johnson


Kin Adopting Kin: In the Best Interest of the Children?, Scott D. Ryan, James Hinterlong, Rebecca L. Hegar, and Lisa B. Johnson

Submissions from 2009

The Development of a Substance Abuse Curriculum in a Master's of Social Work Program, Matthew J. Corrigan, M. Louise Bill, and Judith Slater

Submissions from 2008


Supportive Housing: Implications for its Efficacy as Intervention with Special Needs Low-income African Americans, Carol S. Collard and Rufus Larkin


Romanian Adoptees and Pre-adoptive Care: A Strengths Perspective, Sue Pearlmutter, Scott D. Ryan, Lisa B. Johnson, and Victor Groza

Submissions from 2007


The Development and Preliminary Validation of the Adolescent Domain Screening Inventory: A Substance Use Prevention Tool, Matthew J. Corrigan, Barry Loneck, and Lynn Videka


Swallowfly, Hugh Sheehy

Submissions from 2006


Cognitive Impairment and Substance Abuse: Implications for Treatment Planning, Hunter Downing Alessi, Mary Ballard, Alan Kirk, and Nicholas Montalbano


Children's Mental Health in Child Welfare: A Child-Focused Curriculum for Child Welfare Workers and Social Work Students, Sally Mathiesen, Scottye Cash, Lisa B. Johnson, Thomas E. Smith, and Pamela Graham

Submissions from 2004

Social Service Needs and Case Management Implications for Individuals Accessing a Faith-Based Suburban Homeless Shelter, Richard L. Sowell, Annette Bairan, Timothy A. Akers, and Carol Holtz

Submissions from 2003


Homeless Children: Needs and Services, Anne Hicks-Coolick, Patricia Burnside-Eaton, and Ardith Peters


Trauma Related Critical Incident Debriefing for Adolescents, Alan B. Kirk and Liddell L. Madden

Submissions from 2000


Senior Service Centers: A Comparison of Affiliated and Nonaffiliated Participants, Alan B. Kirk and Hunter Downing Alessi

Submissions from 1995

Cornerstones of Georgia History: Documents That Formed the State, Thomas Scott